US Strikes $2 Billion Deal To Buy COVID-19 Vaccine From Pfizer

In the latest deal involving a (clearly anxious) government and a (clearly greedy) pharmaceutical giant peddling an as-yet-unfinished remedy or vaccine, the US Department of Health and Human Services and the DoD have announced a deal with Pfizer to buy 100 million doses of a vaccine candidate – once it has been tested and approved and all that.

We received the latest update from German biotech firm BioNTech and US-based Pfizer, who are jointly developing a vaccine, earlier this week. They released the results of an early-stage trial purporting to establish that the vaccine is safe for human consumption. The virus remains on track to begin anticipated Phase 2B/3 safety and efficacy trial later in July. The US government has pledged $1.95 billion for an initial order of 100 million doses of the vaccine.

The deal also includes an option for the government to purchase an additional 500 million doses, contingent on the drug being granted regulatory approval.

The US government said it aims to make the vaccine free to all Americans….

For a total of $1.2T if it’s “granted regulatory approval”, as if there’s some kind of regulatory process involved here.   And as if it will be “free to all americans” (i.e. taxpayers).    The irony is thick.

Even if the virus arose naturally (a runny-nosed bat having sex with an HIV infected pangolin maybe) the emerging business model here is hard to miss.   It would take an investment of maybe a few $100K to develop the next pandemic, a more precise approach than the standard human petri-dish vaccine method (see below).  I’m sure the pharmacorps caught onto this years ago.   Perfect anonymity, legal immunity for vaccine injury and with a captured clientele to boot.

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