California parents sue juvenile detention center for trying to turn their 16-year-old son into a “female” with fake estrogen injections

The parents of a young Hispanic boy who was admitted to a juvenile detention center in Los Angeles are suing the state for allegedly administering estrogen hormones to the child to make him less “aggressive.”

The lawsuit alleges that California state employees illegally pumped the boy with female hormone chemicals as part of a Mengele-style experiment to see if they could get him to behave more to their liking. And this was done without the knowledge or permission of the boy’s parents.

Drs. Danny Wang and David Oh, both of whom are employed by Juvenile Court Health Services, reportedly classified the boy as having Oppositional Defiance Disorder, or ODD, and proceeded to abuse him with Big Pharma medications that altered his sexual makeup.

Once this type of diagnosis is given, juvenile detention centers often take it upon themselves to drug up their underage inmates under the guise of quelling “aggression,” which they claim is linked to elevated levels of testosterone – as if high testosterone is somehow abnormal for a teenage boy, which it is not.

“Dosing male children with estrogen though is a new phenomenon, enabled by LGBT perversion enveloping all of society,” notes Shane Trejo, writing for Big League Politics.

According to the suit, the boy was administered estradiol, an estrogen drug that is typically used by older women to combat the negative effects of menopause. The boy was forced to take daily doses of Estradiol without his parents’ knowledge or permission, and his first dose of the female drug was given through three vaccine injections….

Estradiol isn’t even natural estrogen, it’s one component of it which is used with an entirely fake synthetic hormone (progestin) in “hormone replacement therapy” for postmenopausal women.   HRT has been linked to heart attacks, strokes and blood clots ( )   “Doctored” hormones were used so that the formulation could be patented.   Supposedly the “bioidentical” version doesn’t kill the patient.

Anyway, prescribing fake hormones for fake diseases is par for the course.

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