Concerning Rise in Independent Thinking Attributed to School Shutdowns

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U.S.—A concerning rise in test scores, independent thinking, and intelligence has been attributed to public schools being shut down across the nation.

A recent study found that every day public schools have remained closed has been another day that students have become happier, better adjusted, and more likely to think for themselves. Public school teachers in particular are worried by this study, as it puts their jobs of indoctrinating our kids to think exactly like them in jeopardy.

“This is really troubling,” said seventh-grade teacher Amy Balder. “We must reopen the schools immediately before this spike in independent thought gets any worse. Students are just going to go believe anything out there willy-nilly and not just whatever I tell them. I mean, what if they discover that they can just go online and research subjects for themselves? We have a real disaster on our hands here.”

“But still, I think our schools should remain closed for at least another year or two. Can’t be too careful. Yes, I’m a brave warrior for our kids, but I am also really worried that something might happen to me.”

A Pandemic of Surveillance

Technocrats running the Great Panic of 2020 are taking every advantage to drive toward Technocracy and scientific dictatorship. Surveillance is a key component because monitoring provides the input for social engineering programs. ⁃ Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

Pandemic maps are all the rage, these days, but the latest one from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a little different; instead of viral hotspots, it displays a plague of official snoopiness, arranged by location and sortable by technology. While it documents intrusions that predate the current crisis, the Atlas of Surveillance is all too relevant to the age of coronavirus. Concerns about curtailing contagion help to normalize detailed scrutiny of people’s lives and drive us toward a pervasive surveillance state.

“The Atlas of Surveillance database, containing several thousand data points on over 3,000 city and local police departments and sheriffs’ offices nationwide, allows citizens, journalists, and academics to review details about the technologies police are deploying, and provides a resource to check what devices and systems have been purchased locally,” EFF announced on July 13.

Users can click on the map to see what surveillance technologies are used in specified localities. If you want to see what’s going on in your area, the map is searchable by the name of a city, county, or state. The map can also be filtered according to technologies such as body-worn cameras, drones, and automated license plate readers.

The nearest entry to me is in Prescott Valley, Arizona, where the police department is among the hundreds that have partnered with Ring, the Amazon-owned doorbell-camera company.

The Ring partnerships don’t give police live feeds, but they can request video recordings regarding a specific time and area. While participation by Ring customers is voluntary, the partnerships are “a clever workaround for the development of a wholly new surveillance network, without the kind of scrutiny that would happen if it was coming from the police or government,” warns Andrew Guthrie Ferguson, a professor at the University of the District of Columbia’s David A. Clarke School of Law and author of The Rise of Big Data Policing.

Researchers find few crimes solved by the voluntary surveillance partnerships, but the home-security marketing of the Ring arrangement nudges the culture toward an easier acceptance of a panopticon that operates outside of the full range of civil liberties protections.

Also easing America’s slide toward a full surveillance state is fear of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health officials who, just months ago, fretted about overcoming privacy concerns with regard to contact-tracing schemes have turned to governments’ usual solution: threatening harsh penalties for noncompliance.

“Travelers from certain states landing at New York airports starting Tuesday could face a $2,000 fine for failing to fill out a form that state officials will use to track travelers and ensure they’re following quarantine restrictions,” AP reported this week.

Mandatory tracking forms for travelers to New York follow on Rockland County’s earlier efforts to compel cooperation with contact tracers.

“Commissioner of Health Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert urged residents to comply with the Department of Health’s contact tracing efforts and threatened those who do not comply with subpoenas and $2,000 per day fines,” the county announced on July 1.

We can hope that health-related snooping into people’s movements and activities will come to an end when the pandemic passes, but these things have a way of getting embedded in the culture as people become accustomed to them. In the name of controlling infection, many private companies are now closely monitoring employees, including their proximity to one another in the workplace….

CHAZ Riots Reignite, 150 People Loot Seattle Businesses As Trump Threatens MAJOR Tactical Deployment

CHAZ Riots Reignite, 150 People Loot Seattle Businesses As Trump Threatens MAJOR Tactical Deployment. The group is forming in the same place where the CHAZ took place last month, Cal Anderson park.

Only this time the far left mob is rioting about town smashing windows, setting fires, and looting businesses. I

n all of this one has to wonder where the police are? Well the Democrats of Seattle have blocked Police from using crowd control equipment against the riots so mostly nothing is getting done.

At the same time Democrats are literally joining in with a council woman in Seattle and the Mayor of Portland literally joining the far left.

Trump is now seeing his poll numbers climb and its obvious to anyone. Americans want to vote for law and order and only Trump seems interested in delivering. Republicans may be in a close 2nd but Trump has a very heavy hand against antifa and far leftists.

Fluoride on Trial: CDC’s “Greatest Public Health Achievement” Exposed

As Coronavirus fears have gripped the world for months, a litany of scientific scandals, inconsistencies and frauds have drawn the public’s attention to an underbelly of our agenda-driven scientific community.

From the flimsy Imperial Model that kicked off lockdowns in the U.S. and UK, to the Lancet’s hydroxychloroquine study retraction, corporate science is being scrutinized like never before, and with excellent reason.

And while the medical establishment community has experienced one egg on its face after another, and corporate media grasps at straws to report on whatever can amp up ratings and fear to “11,” you probably missed a BIG story.

On June 8, a lawsuit demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ban fluoride chemicals from U.S. water supplies went to trial in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco.

The case, Food & Water Watch, Inc. et al v. EPA, is the first in which plaintiffs have succeeded in going to trial after EPA denied their petition for regulating the substance under the Toxic Substances Control Act section 21.

Three groups brought the case against the EPA to court: Fluoride Action Network, Food and Water Watch, and Moms Against Fluoridation. The plaintiffs are requesting a prohibition on fluoride in U.S. water supplies under the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, which warrants the EPA to stop the usage of a chemical to protect public safety.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers community water fluoridation one of the ten greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.  A self-proclaimed achievement, blindly backed by the medical community, lacking long-term scientific studies to prove it’s actually true.

Those who’ve challenged this view in the past, whether from academia or the general public, have been quickly labeled quacks, conspiracy theorists and other PR industry terms. But gradually, over time and experience, attempts to distract away from inconvenient truths surrounding the fluoridation of public drinking water supply have failed.

A landmark shift in the dogmatic science of water fluoridation occurred in 2019. The highly respected Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics published a studyAssociation Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada. 

Funded by the Canadian government and the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Science, the study examined the association between fluoride exposure during pregnancy and the IQ scores of the children at ages 3 and 4 years of age. It concluded

“…maternal exposure to higher levels of fluoride during pregnancy was associated with lower IQ scores in children aged 3 to 4 years. These findings indicate the possible need to reduce fluoride intake during pregnancy.”

Plaintiffs in the current EPA lawsuit called expert witness Dr. Bruce Lanphear, a professor of health sciences at Simon Fraser University in Canada, and author of the JAMA Pediatrics IQ study. He testified that higher exposure to fluoride during pregnancy “was associated with diminished IQ scores in children at 3 to 4 years of age.”

Lanphear testified that he was not being compensated for his work in the legal case, but that he believed it was part of his public service duty to participate in it. “We’ve allowed children with rapidly growing brains to be exposed to toxins,” Lanphear told the court.

JAMA Pediatrics Editor-In-Chief Dimitri Christakis stated during an episode of Editors Summary podcast, “For me, before there were ‘anti-vaxers’ there were sort of ‘anti-fluoriders.‘”

He shared that while he was going through residency, the traditional teaching he received was that “fluoride is completely safe. All these people that are trying to take it out of the water are nuts.” He commented about the recent study’s findings saying they were “sizable” and “on par’ with the IQ drops seen in children exposed to lead.  When Christakis was asked what he would recommend as a pediatrician if a pregnant mother came into his office he replied “I would advise them to drink bottled water.

Studies on fluoride’s effect on the brain include 65 IQ studies, 156 human studies286 animal studies36 cell studies and 40 review studies. Those who have questioned water fluoridation are regularly labelled anti-science, accused of ‘cherry-picking’ scientific studies to fit a narrative. A comparison below of agencies who oversee regulation and promotion of water fluoridation vs the grassroots organization Fluoride Action Network paints a different picture.

The trial has seen three days of testimony and is slated to restart Monday. Plaintiffs’ witnesses include four decorated and well-respected academics who have been used in the past by the EPA as go-to experts on the neurotoxicity of lead and mercury.

In the trial’s opening statements, plaintiffs lawyer Michael Connett said it ”will be undisputed in this case that babies who are bottle-fed with fluoridated water receive the highest doses of fluoride of any age group.” At the time of “their greatest vulnerability, we are exposing infants, often from the poorest, most disadvantaged communities, to a very high burden of fluoride,” Connett said.

Day two saw five hours of testimony by Philippe Grandjean, MD, ScD, an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health and head of the Environmental Medicine Research Unit at the University of Southern Denmark. Dr. Grandjean found “no reasonable doubt that developmental neurotoxicity” was “a serious human health risk associated with elevated fluoride exposure.” That exposure, he said, is “occurring at the levels added to drinking water in fluoridated areas.”

Reporting on the trial, writes:

Dr. Kris Thayer, director of the EPA’s Chemical and Pollutant Assessment Division, testified by video Wednesday that while there are limitations to the data collected in studies of the impact of fluoride exposure on animals, the animal studies support the conclusion that fluoride causes neurotoxic effects in humans. Thayer, who previously worked at the National Toxicology Program, said the human brain is more vulnerable to toxic agents at infancy than adulthood because infants don’t have fully developed blood-brain barriers.

The court also watched the deposition video from Casey Hannan, director of the CDC’s Oral Health Division who confirmed that his agency agreed with the National Research Council’s 2006 findings that fluoride “interfere with the function of the brain and body by direct and indirect means…”

Another key piece of testimony came from Kathleen M. Thiessen, Ph.D., who was pivotal in creating the landmark 2006 National Research Council’s consensus study report ‘Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards‘. Dr. Thiessen admitted that sodium fluoride, the same version the EPA regulated as a pesticide, is being added to water supplies. She also conceded that the EPA has failed to assess the risk of fluoridation based on neurotoxicity.

From glyphosate to opioid painkillers. From talc to Risperdal. From vaccines to masks. Science is on trial in America and the public is taking notice. The outcome of the current fluoride trial has sweeping implications socially, culturally and scientifically too vast to cover in one article.

The trial is currently scheduled out through June 19. Follow The Fluoride Action Network’s Twitter page for live tweets during the trial proceedings. To listen or watch directly, use the links outlined by Fluoride Alert HERE.

June 29, 2000: The Senior Vice President of the EPA Headquarters Union discusses the dangers of fluoride in our drinking water:


CAQ: Fluoride: Commie Plot or Capitalist Ploy?

Cows crawled around the pasture on their bellies, inching along like giant snails. So crippled by bone disease they could not stand up, this was the only way they could graze. Some died kneeling, after giving birth to stunted calves. Others kept on crawling until, no longer able to chew because their teeth had crumbled down to the nerves, they began to starve. (1)

These were the cattle of the Mohawk Indians on the New York-Canadian St. Regis Reservation during the period 1960-75, when industrial pollution devastated the herd and along with it, the Mohawks’ way of life. Crops and trees withered, birds and bees fled from this remnant of land the Mohawk still call Akwesasne, “the land where the partridge drums.” Today, nets cast into the St. Lawrence River by Mohawk fishers bring up ulcerated fish with spinal deformities. Mohawk children, too, have shown signs of damage to bones and teeth. (2)

In 1980, the Mohawks filed a $150 million lawsuit for damage to themselves and their property against the companies responsible for the pollution: the Reynolds Metals Co. and the Aluminum Co. of America (ALCOA). But five years of legal costs bankrupted the tribe and they settled for $650,000 in damages to their cows; (3) the court, however, left the door open for a future Mohawk suit for damage to their own health. After all, commented human rights lawyer Robert Pritchard, ” What judge wants to go down in history as being the judge who approved the annihilation of the Indians by fluoride emissions?” (4)

Many Akwesasnes

Fluoride emissions? Fluoride, as in toothpaste?

Well, yes. Fluoride was the pollutant primarily responsible for the Akwesasne devastation. (5)

For nearly 50 years, the U.S. government and media have been telling the public that fluoride is safe and beneficial — it is supposed to reduce cavities, especially in children. Manufacturers add it to toothpaste, municipalities put it in the public’s drinking water. The only people who question the safety of fluoride, says the government, are quacks and lunatics — particularly of the far-right-wing variety.

But fluoride has another side the government never mentions. It is a toxic industrial pollutant; one of the oldest and biggest of them all. For decades, U.S. industrial plants have rained heavy doses of waste fluoride on people, such as the Mohawks. The nation, however, has been successfully conditioned to think of fluoride solely as a benevolent substance and to dismiss as a crackpot, anyone who claims otherwise.

In recent years, because of rampant environmental damage, some of the worst fluoride pollution plants such as those at Akwesasne have been forced to reduce their emissions, but not terminate them. At Akwesasne, cows still live only half their normal lifespan. (6) Nationwide, fluoride remains one of industry’s largest pollutants. By the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) last estimate, at least 155,000 tons a year were being released into the air by U.S. industrial plants. (7) Emissions into water lakes, rivers, and ocean have been estimated to be as high as 500,000 tons a year. (8) (NOTE from FAN: Recent EPA data indicates that fluoride is currently the 6th most emitted Hazardous Air Pollutant in the US, although total air emissions are now considerably lower than 155,000 tons).

While people living near and/or working in heavy fluoride-emitting industrial plants have received the highest doses, the general population has not been spared either. Fluoride is not biodegradable; whatever comes around stays around, gradually accumulating in the environment, in the food chain, and in people’s bodies, where it settles in bones and teeth.

If this general increase in fluoride dose were proved harmful to humans, the impact on industry which pollutes both air and water would be major. The nation’s air is contaminated by fluoride emissions from the production of iron, steel, aluminum, copper, lead and zinc; phosphates (essential for the manufacture of all agricultural fertilizers); plastics; gasoline; brick, cement, glass, ceramics, and the multitudinous other products made from clay; electrical power generation and all other coal combustion; and uranium processing. (9) …

Second Thoughts about Fluoride

Scientific American January 2008 (PDF)

OMG: Aluminum contamination in baby formula

Paul Connett interview (TCR podcast march 2012)

Johnstone: A Headline That Perfectly Encapsulates Mainstream Liberalism

“JUST IN: Senate Passes $740 Billion Defense Bill With Provision To Remove Confederate Names Off Military Bases” reads a headline from the digital news site Mediaite, which could also serve as a perfect diagnosis for everything that is sick about mainstream liberal orthodoxy.

The Democrat-led House and Republican-led Senate have now both passed versions of this bill authorizing three-quarters of a trillion dollars for a single year of military spending, both by overwhelming bipartisan majorities, on the condition that the names of Confederate Civil War leaders be removed from military bases.

Unsurprisingly, Security Policy Reform Institute’s Stephen Semler found a direct relationship between how much a House Democrat has been paid by the war industry and how likely they were to have voted for the bloated military budget which also obstructs any attempts to scale down troop presence in Afghanistan.



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