UN Official Suggests Lockdowns Should Continue

A top UN official says that coronavirus lockdowns should not be lifted “too hastily” in order to protect “vulnerable” people, despite the fact that some 36 million Americans have now been made vulnerable as a result of losing their jobs because of the lockdown.

“If an affected country comes out of lock-down too hastily, there is a danger that a second wave, costing many more lives, will be triggered sooner and more destructively than would otherwise be the case,” said the UN’s Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet.

“If the re-opening of societies is mishandled, all the huge sacrifices made during the initial #lockdown will have been for nothing,” she added. “Letting politics or economics drive the #COVID19 response at the expense of health and #HumanRights will cost lives.” …


I’m pretty sure the UN has a patent on human rights, derived from all the human rights “researchers” (i.e. torture experts) on the various UN committees.   They only want to help.   That is, help the genocidal scam artists who lord over us at the central banks, which puppet the UN.   The depopulation agenda could get messy without the professionals coordinating things at the planetary human rights factory.   So far so good, but the covid operation is the ultimate test.   If the infinitesimal minority (in dollar terms) 99% make trouble, a more serious virus might be in order.

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