NY Times Worries Half of Americans Will Refuse to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

The New York Times has published an article by popular author Kevin Roose in which he expresses his concern that half of Americans would refuse to take a coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccine, if it ever gets produced since there has never been one for any coronavirus including SARS, is likely to take 12-24 months according to experts.

In his article entitled What if we get a Covid-19 vaccine and half the country refuses to take it?, Roose laments the popularity of an anti-vaxxer video called Plandemic, which despite being censored numerous times by every major social media network has still been seen by millions of people.

Roose says that the urgency with which a vaccine will need to be produced will allow anti-vaxxers to claim it’s unsafe.

“Any promising Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be fast-tracked through the testing and approval process,” he writes. “It may not go through years of clinical trials and careful studies of possible long-term side effects, the way other drugs do. That could create an opening for anti-vaccine activists to claim that it is untested and dangerous, and to spin reasonable concerns about the vaccine into widespread, unfounded fears about its safety.”

The involvement of Bill Gates in the distribution of any vaccine will also fuel a backlash, according to Roose.

“If that’s the case, anti-vaccine activists, who have been crusading against these groups for years, will have plenty of material stockpiled to try to discredit them. They are already taking aim at Mr. Gates with baseless conspiracy theories claiming that he created and is trying to profit from the virus. These theories will be amplified, and the attempts to discredit leading virus research efforts will intensify as the vaccine nears.”

Finally, he asserts that it would be “a good idea” to make the vaccine mandatory if Americans want to fly or send their kids to certain schools, but that this “would play into some of the worst fears of the anti-vaccine movement” and create “a tangle of legal roadblocks and damaging publicity campaigns.”


For the first time, we’d have a genuine placebo controlled test of vaccine safety which couldn’t be shredded at the CDC.  It would be the death knell of the whole scam.    Doctors would be hiding their medical diplomas in the drawer and pretending to be traditional healers.  They cannot allow this.

But even if vaccines weren’t contaminated with anything that will fit into a syringe, and even if they had a clue how to create immunity without causing autoimmunity, and even if they had the integrity and quality control and benevolence required of the trust they demand, why bother?   Adequate organic nutrition + vitamin D, C, A, zinc (and inhaled colloidal silver mist when needed) is pretty much everything you need to ward off any known respiratory infection, including ebola (see below).   Of course there’s no telling how nasty the next bioweapon will be, especially if it effectively targets the immune system itself, like HIV.   Someone should ask gates how the insiders are preparing.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2020/05/bill-gates-says-new-pandemic-coming/

If they want a modicum of credibility all they have to do is stop lying.  The ball is STILL in their court to try to prove that any vaccine is safe for everyone at the prescribed ages with any genetic makeup in conjunction with all the other vaccines and drugs (such as tylenol) and malnutrition (such as vitamin D deficiency) routinely imposed at the same time.   They won’t try because it’s not true, the VAERS database and the $billions paid out by the vaccine injury court prove it, and they know it.   But if they admit this patently obvious and legally established fact, the whole medical facade of respectability implodes, as it should have  decades ago with infant circumcision. 

American medicine is a walking talking conflict of interest.  And so all they can do is gaslight.   And the genocidal MSM carries their big lies as readily as all the others, even as the entire world population is being targeted.

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