Never the Aggressor: Israel Is Convinced of Its Own Benevolence

Israel glorifies its military and portrays those who are sent by the state to commit acts of violence as heroes.

Remembering a Terrorist

“We are persecuted and murdered by the majority of ‘civilized’ peoples, or by savage and cruel peoples like the Arabs. Their intention toward us is not only to humiliate but also to destroy us physically.” These comments were written in the personal diary of Yosef Hecht, the founding commander of the Zionist terrorist organization, the Hagannah.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper recently featured a story about Hecht, a man who had a foundational role in the establishment of the Hagganah, the main Zionist terrorist militia in pre-1948 Palestine. The Haganah legacy is still very much alive in Israel and those who served in it, like my own father, are remembered with great admiration. This month marks the Haganah centenary, an event that will further glorify the Zionist militia which was responsible for unspeakable crimes against the people of Palestine. April 2020 marked the 50 year anniversary of the death of the organization’s first commander, Yosef Hecht, who led the Haganah from 1922 to 1931.

Haganah Israel

Haganah militia members walk in front of an Arab hotel bombed by Haganah in Jerusalem, Palestine May 6, 1948. Pringle | AP

The story in Haaretz begins with a quote from a letter received by Hecht’s daughter, now 98 years old, which reads, “On the centennial of the founding of the Haganah, its members and those who follow in their path bow their heads in remembrance of him, and cherish the memory of his security activity in creating the Jewish defense force and of his contribution to the rebirth of the independent State of Israel.” The word “rebirth” is strange in this context, and suggests that there was at some point an earlier “State of Israel.”

Two years after taking up his post as the Haganah’s national commander, Hecht was behind the first political assassination committed by the Zionists. It was the killing in 1924 of a Jewish man who opposed Zionism to a point where he was seen a serious threat to the Zionist project, Dr. Yaakov Yisrael De Haan.

A great deal has been written about Dr. De Haan. He was a Dutch Jew who came to Palestine in the early twentieth century and joined the Ultra Orthodox community in their struggle to stop the Zionist takeover of Palestine. He was a journalist and a lawyer and was in the midst of a campaign to get the British government to rescind the Balfour Declaration. He was also instrumental in bringing the anti-Zionist Jewish community in Jerusalem to collaborate with the anti-Zionist Palestinian struggle. It is very likely that the combination of these two efforts cost him his life.

On July 1, 1924, on the eve of his departure to London to pursue the anti-Zionist agenda, he was shot in the street by Zionist terrorists. The late Rabbi Amram Blau, who lived in Jerusalem and was a staunch anti-Zionist said, “Anything the Ultra Orthodox Jews had accomplished at the time was thanks to him.” Rabbi Amram also said that killing De-Haan was like killing the Ultra Orthodox community. De Haan’s ability to push the anti-Zionist agenda forward was unprecedented and when they killed him they killed the struggle.

The Zionist community in Palestine, then and now saw no wrong in the Hagganah assassinating him….

Of course there’s nothing unique about the echo-chamber effect in the Israeli military (and now the larger society).  The same phenomenon quickly takes hold in any group engaged in military-type operations or held under a spell of fear of imminent attack.   The owners of the world such as the rothschilds, who basically created the zionist movement to displace traditional jews and arabs in palestine, know full well how to create and cultivate such mindsets in subject populations to use them as tools of the empire’s operations.    Needless to say, the same applies in the USA.   It doesn’t matter how many innocents are murdered in US operations in the middle east, africa or latin america.   It’s all about bringing “civilization” to the “savages”.

The fear-based mindset is potently imprinted on male babies and children in the instrumented populations via the obscenity of male genital mutilation.   It’s not an accident that the most war-prone populations in the world practice this horror.   People who live in terror of imminent forcible amputation of their primary avenue to physical and emotional ecstasy are easy to herd.   This is why this issue deserves center stage in any movement to bring about peace in this world.   Yet all sides of the controlled opposition in this world refuse to recognize the human rights of our most vulnerable.

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