Covid Timeline: Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making

From the moment of “COVID-19’s” naming—and particularly since the imposition of unprecedented restrictions on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”—some people have smelled a rat. And with each passing week, the smell becomes worse. A growing chorus of ordinary citizens and world-renowned medical and scientific experts is raising questions about matters ranging from the coronavirus’s origins to the rationale for continued lockdowns (see here, here and here).

The mainstream media have shown themselves only too ready to lob ad hominem attacks against any and all such non-conformists. However, one does not have to be insensitive to the illness and deaths associated with COVID-19 to recognize that powerful agendas are riding on the coattails of SARS-CoV-2. Citizens are waking up to the fact that the countries, officials and public figures who embrace draconian interventions such as immunity certificates, microchipping, forced vaccination and the removal of children from their homes also approve of making our sovereign rights—whether to earn a living, maintain bodily integrity, congregate to practice our spirituality, enjoy the arts or protect and educate our children—contingent upon our acceptance of these Big Brother measures and technologies.

To make it easier for the public to assess what is happening and what is at stake, Children’s Health Defense has put together the following timeline of selected events. We invite readers to consider how these events—some of them seemingly unrelated—and the network of partnerships and relationships that they illustrate have contributed to the unfolding set of circumstances in which we now find ourselves.

Notes/Explanatory Context

Gain-of-function research: COVID-19 has prompted renewed questioning about a long-debated branch of virology that, around 2012, scientists benignly rebranded as “gain-of-function” (GOF) research. GOF experiments seek to generate viruses “with properties that do not exist in nature” or, stated another way, “alter a pathogen to make it more transmissible or deadly.” One of the leading proponents of GOF work is Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC), a “legend in coronavirology” and “trailblazer of synthetic genomic manipulation techniques” who specializes in engineering lethal coronaviruses from “mail-order DNA.” Baric and other GOF enthusiasts argue that this type of viral tinkering is “critical to the development of broad-based vaccines and therapeutics,” but critics, such as Dr. Thomas Inglesby (director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security), dispute this putative benefit.

Big Data and Big Telecom: Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dafna Tachover (director of  CHD’s “Stop 5G and Wireless Harms Project”) wrote on May 8: “5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes. The 21st century’s ‘black gold’ is data.” They note that Bill Gates, along with a number of other players and companies, is helping set up a “microwave radiation-emitting spider web [that] will allow Big Data/Big Telecom and Big Brother to capture what happens inside and outside every person at every moment of life” using a sinister brain-machine interface and other technologies, many financed by Gates. In short, “While the lockdown is a cataclysm for the world economy, it is an opportunity for Gates” and his billionaire brotherhood, ably assisted by an unadmirable fleet of medical and scientist yes-men.

Timeline of selected events

London 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony – predictive programing for coronavirus?

Apparently there is a cosmic law that requires them to tell us about their plans for us. If we do not say, “NO!”, they feel we have consented, and they proceed with their plans. This is why I recommend you say, “I do not consent to…” or “No one has my permission to…” when you see or hear things that do not resonate with your sense of integrity, logic, justice, compassion. It works to say those things. You can aim it at sleep disturbances, body pains, mosquitoes, pandemics and even world wars.

The FBI bombing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney

FBI desperately trying to withhold the evidence

In late April 1990, the FBI was practicing blowing up cars in Ukiah, California, ground zero of a successful labor-environmentalist movement peacefully fighting the clear cutting of ancient and irreplaceable redwood forests in Northern California.

“A training exercise.”

A month later, after returning from Ukiah, California, a bomb went off in the car of activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney.

They survived and the FBI went to their hospital and arrested them…for blowing themselves up.

Later a jury gave them $4 million for damages against the FBI related to the case.

The full documentary: “Who Bombed Judi Bari?”

Notice how the news media played along with the scam from Day One.

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Moderna’s mRNA coronavirus vaccine caused serious injury in 15% of patients

(Natural News) The Moderna vaccine company that’s attempting to use the mRNA technology platform to rapidly create a coronavirus vaccine has been widely accused of a pump-and-dump stock scheme involving the pumping of company stocks with widely-touted press releases that claim positive outcomes for phase 1 vaccine trials.

But buried in Moderna’s own press release is an admission that Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine caused serious injuries in 15% of patients who were injected.

Importantly, the so-called “grade 3 systemic symptoms,” which require medical intervention, appeared after the second round of vaccine injections, underscoring the suspicion that the first vaccine injection sets up the body for an injurious (or even deadly) reaction upon a second exposure to a pathogen.

High-dose subjects suffered “serious adverse events”

The injuries were reported at the 250 ug (microgram) dose levels, and Modern removed those participants from any consideration of antibody reporting, restricting their antibody claims to those who received lower doses.

250 ug is a very tiny dose, just 1/4th of 1/1000th of a gram. Many vaccines inject subjects with similar doses.

“Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a ‘serious adverse event’ within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab,” commented Children’s Health Defense:

Moderna did not release its clinical trial study or raw data, but its press release, which was freighted with inconsistencies, acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as “Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention.”

… A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth”.

Moderna skipped animal trials and years of human trials in mad rush to market

Moderna says in its press release that it’s rushing to a phase 3 trial in early July, skipping the normal 1-3 years that it would usually take to determine vaccine safety in phase 1 and phase 2 trials. The fact that the Moderna vaccine caused a 15% rate of serious adverse events during the phase 1 trial hasn’t stopped the vaccine company from exposing others to its risky, experimental vaccine. If anything, the company is doubling down on testing it in more people, albeit at lower doses that it hopes won’t produce the same level of potentially injurious side effects.

CHD further warns:

These outcomes are particularly disappointing because the most hazardous hurdle for the inoculation is still ahead: challenging participants with wild COVID infection. Past attempts at developing COVID vaccines have always faltered at this stage as both humans and animals achieved robust antibody response then sickened and died when exposed to the wild virus.

In other words, even if the mRNA vaccine produces antibodies, that’s nowhere close to achieving a “safe” vaccine. In previous vaccine trials involving animal subjects treated with SARS-CoV-1 pathogens, the animal subjects died when exposed to subsequent infections because the vaccine set up their bodies for a deadly cytokine storm — an “enhanced” immune reaction that leads to systemic inflammation and death.

CHD characterizes the Moderna vaccine trial results as a “catastrophe,” and the CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, previously admitted that mRNA injections into the body actually cause flu-like immune responses that are undesirable:

mRNA creates an immune response. Why? Because a virus is made of mRNA. Like the flu. So if we inject mRNA in a patient, what happens? Your body thinks you just got the flu. And it’s not very good for our drug, because you know all the symptoms of the flu. Not super nice… and the problem of going very high in dose, as you go around your body, you have a ton of side effects.  – Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, TEDxBeaconStreet conference, 2013.

Is it any wonder why Moderna executives are selling their own stock shares like mad, even as they claim to be ramping up a world-changing breakthrough that, if true, would earn stockholders a windfall of profits?…

Research Fraud Already Happening in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Guccifer 2.0’s Hidden Agenda

In December, I reported on digital forensics evidence relating to Guccifer 2.0 and highlighted several key points about the mysterious persona that Special Counsel Robert Mueller claims was a front for Russian intelligence to leak Democratic Party emails to WikiLeaks:

On the same day that Guccifer 2.0 was plastering Russian breadcrumbs on documents through a deliberate process, choosing to use Russian-themed end-points and fabricating evidence to claim credit for hacking the DNC, the operation attributed itself to WikiLeaks.

This article questions what Guccifer 2.0’s intentions were in relation to WikiLeaks in the context of what has been discovered by independent researchers during the past three years….

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