When will this crisis end? by Kerth Barker

This present time crisis will end only when an increasing number of people realize that  this is NOT a natural virus outbreak, but a deliberate infection of innocent people who have been attacked with a bio-weapon, created in a top secret lab. This event, that is taking place at this time, has been planned for since long before Trump even thought about running for President. The secret society leaders who planned this event intended that it be used to greatly increase government rights while decreasing the rights of individuals. They will take as much power as they can, and stop only if, or when, an increasing number of people in the general population began to suspect that this is an ENGINEERED CRISIS, and they STOP BELIEVING that this crisis somehow all just happened by accident. Mother Nature is not our enemy. If a true Great Awakening takes place, suddenly people will stop getting sick. But as long as most people buy into the idea that this is a natural catastrophe, and not an WAR AGAINST FREEDOM planned for and implemented by Luciferian aristocrats, this crisis will go on and on.

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