They Don’t Want You to Know the Truth Or Be Exposed To Differing Opinions

ZeroHedge and others are targets of big tech! Not only has our favorite site for financial news been banned from Twitter, but I recently noticed that when I went to click on its articles shared by others, I end up getting a special disclaimer that gives the vibe that it’s a virus site and is about to crash my computer! …, which is run by a 100% U.S.-born journalist, was identified as a Russian bot in 2016 by the Washington Post! …

After this, our income collapsed by 95%! Other alternative media companies, especially anyone who gave President Trump a fair or favorable review, were viciously attacked as being Russian or were simply attacked by Google by reducing their revenue potential.

If that wasn’t enough, Google began to blacklist sites to destroy our search results and bury us! …

This is a war, and to be honest, it’s one that we deserve to lose. I’m as guilty as anyone for using Google for search results, Twitter as a news aggregator in the morning, and I still go to CNBC to get stock quotes.

That ends now. I should have ended it years ago, but with the coronavirus, I now see the mainstream press and its elitist master are going for the final death blow to our liberty – a decapitation strike that has been very successful so far.

They’ve managed to get Americans to stay home, even from church on Easter Sunday. I’m not religious at all, but I was depressed last Sunday when realizing that the government had an enormously successful lockdown of Americans and there wasn’t even a single protest I could find to cover.

Where is the tea party? The Occupy Wall Street crowd? Bernie and Trump supporters? Ron Paul people?

F*CK! And then I look in the mirror and realize I didn’t protest, either.


If you’re interested in opening up your business, going for a walk on the beach, taking a hike, or visiting a park with your kids, print this out. It’s a permission slip that allows you to live your life and pursue your dreams.

Download it now and give it to any of these people who are following orders – let them be on the wrong side of history.

Mac Slavo

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