Social engineering: Easter church services canceled due to COVID-19

You don’t have to be a bible-beater to see how quickly the “plandemic” is achieving virtually all the long term goals our elite luciferian overlords have pursued for decades.   Christianity is high on their hit-list because it includes a modality which allows one to avoid manipulable religious institutions via a direct emotional connection to whatever is going on “out there.”  Distributed, individual access to something as motivational as a divine awareness is anathema to social centralization and control.   The abolitionist movement and the civil rights and anti-war movements of the ’60s demonstrated the disruptive potential of grassroots Christianity.   This is why the alienating religion of atheism is heavily promoted by the “science-based” establishment.     Of course the luciferian oligarchs are well aware of paranormal phenomena.

Most other religions would consider avoidance of their human institutions and other socioeconomic baggage as heretical and even criminal.   In any case, the IRS’s politically biased enforcement of the 501-C3 non-profit status of churches had already eliminated the most of the threat of their decentralized self-organizational potential, but closing them on the day of celebration of Christ’s resurrection is quite an achievement.

(note: if you have no experience with the paranormal, don’t worry about it.   just admit that no one knows everything worth knowing and please refrain from forcing skinner-boxed reductionism on your brothers and sisters and children.   That way leads to hell on earth)

Barring a miracle, most U.S. churches will be closed for in-person Easter services this year because of the coronavirus crisis.

While Easter service has long been a springtime celebration that brings together the Christian faithful to rejoice in their belief in the resurrection of Christ, and to mingle in their Easter finery, church leaders and believers have scrambled to maintain these traditions without bringing large numbers of people together.

Most, at least so far, have heeded the call of health officials despite President Donald Trump’s suggestion that Easter could be when Americans return to normal life and leave their self-imposed quarantine….

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