Road Rage at Bloodstained Men Protest

Do you think he’s in denial?


"I HOPE YOU DO PUT THIS ON FACEBOOK! YOU'RE SICK! YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" An infuriated motorist jumped out of his vehicle at a stoplight during yesterday's Jacksonville, NC Circumcision Crisis Protest. If he had an open mind, he could learn more about the genital mutilation of American men at BloodstainedMen.comvideo by Brett JohnsonTo fully appreciate the damage caused by circumcision, one must first understand how the natural, intact penis should look and function. The photos on the next page show the way that Nature/God intended the human penis to look and function.Pages after that reveal the damage suffered by survey respondents and others who have submitted photo evidence of their damage.A D V I S O R YThe following pages contain explicit photos of adult male genitalia in the flaccid or erect state.If you're easily offended by such photos, you are hereby warned not to proceed further.To compare photos of the natural, unmutilated penis with the Gallery of photos submitted by respondents, please click "Next".

Posted by Bloodstained Men & Their Friends on Monday, April 2, 2018

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