Mr. President, Stop Listening to the DC Swamp Politicians, Deep State Bureaucrats & Ivy League Eggheads

by Wayne Allyn Root

Mr. President, I’m one of your biggest supporters. Few have worked harder or longer to elect, support and re-elect you. Every day I praise you to my large and growing audience following me on national radio and TV, and reading my nationally-syndicated newspaper columns. My audience loves and supports you. We have your back!

Do you know who doesn’t have your back? The Ivy League eggheads; DC Swamp-dwelling politicians and bureaucrats; and Deep State doctors surrounding you. No one elected President Fauci. No one elected Dr. Birx, Surgeon General Adams, or hapless Fed Chief Powell as President either. And for good reason. They care only about being loved by the media, using big government to solve every problem, and never saying anything for which they might be blamed.

But, they’re not my President…YOU ARE!

The academics and deep-staters just pass the buck. They have scared Americans to death with worthless, flawed worst-case computer models that never work in the real world. Thank goodness, the buck stops with you.

As anyone with common sense can see, the doctors and bureaucrats are giving you bad advice. The sad truth is they don’t care if their advice destroys this economy, country, and the great American middle class. Most are big government-loving, liberal Democrats who don’t understand the US economy, or appreciate the brave business owners of America.

I have simple advice…


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