Exasperating blind spot in Peter Schiff interview on the “fed’s” collapsing bubble

It’s not just him of course, very few commentators dare to mention the real business model involved here.   My guess is that he knows he could be in danger if he pointed out the glaringly obvious.   But seriously, if not now, when?

Disaster capitalism is by far the most profitable investment on a rate-of-return basis of anything out there.   The people and institutions who are in a position to practice it are the behemoths of the financial world.   I’m talking about goldman sachs, jp morgan, the rothschilds, rockefellers etc.   This is how JFK’s father made his fortune.   This satanic mafia (and I use that term advisedly) is so entrenched and entangled in the economic and political landscape as to be virtually invisible.   But if you know what to look for, you can see that the entire economy revolves around economic destruction.   There’s a black hole in the center of the galaxy of the economy, which causes it to function like a slave plantation: a large fraction of the output of the economic producers is funneled down the throat of the monster in the middle.

The following is based on my reading of “The Fruits of Graft” by Wayne Jett.   You can buy it at his web site https://classicalcapital.com/ if you don’t want to patronize amazon.

(note: I realize this isn’t Naomi Klein’s definition of disaster capitalism, but it seems to me to be part of a continuum)

In the broadest sense, DC is just the act of arranging to profit from someone else’s misfortune, such as placing a bet on the decline of the value of some underlying commodity or institution or mortgage backed security (or economy) without actually owning it.   A naked short, for instance.   Such an investment obviously creates an incentive to try to cause the underlying asset to crash.    Most people, acting as individuals, are not in a position to make that happen and must rely on their financial acumen to predict the future.   But there is strength in numbers, which is why financial organized crime is such a profitable enterprise.

The way it works in the stock market is that the captured SEC turns a blind eye to the practice of selling nonexistent shares on the open market.   You heard that right.   This is rationalized by claiming that it’s an incomplete transaction, the “investor” has to buy shares in the near future which essentially function as the shares that were already sold, so that the books balance in the end.   Pedestrian shorting investors must take out margin loans to buy shares up front before they can be sold, but entities with deep pockets can actually reverse the order of the transactions without a peep from the SEC, presumably because their “credit” is impeccable.

In any case, the stage is set: even in the absence of prearranged agreements (which are no doubt common), it’s a simple matter to monitor the market and detect large sigma declines which are characteristic of “bear raids” and pile on with them, creating a self-fulfilling feedback loop among  insiders, pedestrians and the actual investing public which can decimate the market value of a company overnight without any change in its actual business.   Such events can culminate in the raiders actually owning the majority of the company’s shares when they buy at the bottom (which they create), essentially transferring control of the company to them to decide its ultimate fate.    All perfectly legal, except for the corruption at the SEC, which seems to be insurmountable.    This is, after all, the agency that destroyed the records of the 9/11 puts.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/06/reprise-sec-government-destroyed-records-of-pre-911-put-options/ .

This business model was wrecking many productive american companies and jobs long before the same DC players arranged for the US industrial infrastructure to be shipped to china.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/11/corbett-china-and-the-new-world-order/

Unfortunately, some entities are so powerful (and criminal) that they cause destructive events in the “real” world with results that  go beyond mere profits.

The most obvious DC institution in the USA is the federal reserve itself, and predictably, it is the primary culprit in creating the dire situation that Schiff describes.   Nearly all the world’s central banks are privately owned corporations whose shareholders have this built-in incentive to pump and dump the economies which they supposedly shepherd.   Betrayal is their primary business model, and of course to the extent that organized crime needs an organizing philosophy or theology, it would have to be satanism.   This is not rocket science.

In any case, it seems the reserve currency status of the dollar gave it a resilience which necessitated the covid-19 virus and  subsequent lock down to destroy it.   They are killing the country in order to auction off the pieces to the highest bidder.

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