“Corrections” Officers Gouge Teen’s Eyes, Break His Fingers in Sadistic Act of Retaliation

Milwaukee, WI — In 2018, Kuan Barnett, then 19, was arrested and sentenced to 7 years behind bars after being found guilty of armed robbery. Barnett should’ve served out his sentence and faced his accountability for his crimes and that, as they say, should have been that. Instead of simply serving out his sentence, however, Barnett will now likely receive a very large chunk of money, courtesy of the taxpayers of Wisconsin, because two officers couldn’t restrain themselves from viciously beating him.

Barnett’s attorneys, Ben Elson and People’s Law Firm of Chicago, and Robin Shellow of Milwaukee, announced a lawsuit this week against two former officers who were convicted of brutally attacking him in his cell, along with four other officers who refused to step in and stop the attack.

Barnett was beaten and tortured, according to the lawsuit, because he had allegedly made the poor decision to spit water out of his isolation cell at two guards. The beating was apparently retaliation for the spitting, which officers referred to as an “assault.”…


It’s tempting to blame the officers and walk away, but clearly the social degradation of this society is being orchestrated from the top.   “Atrocity inducing” situations are often deliberately created and utilized in war theatres such as iraq, but the same social control psyops are in extensive use at home as well, and the ecstatic lobotomy of male genital mutilation pours even more gasoline onto the fire (see last link).   Who benefits?

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