Coronavirus Crime Wave on the Way

Meanwhile, as police drag off patriots in handcuffs for exercising their First Amendment rights, authorities have been flooding the streets with convicted criminals, less they catch Kung Flu in jail. The inevitable results are beginning to materialize.

From Tampa:

On March 19, a drug suspect with a lengthy rap sheet was released as part of Hillsborough County’s efforts to thin out the jail population amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. One day later, deputies say, he committed murder.

Joseph Edward Williams was in jail on a felony drug charge. He was among 100 criminals let loose because COVID-19. He can now add murder to the lengthy rap sheet. Those who released him can go down as accomplices.

Across the country, on the Left Coast,

The Los Angeles County Sheriff told FOX 11 that his decision to release over 4,000 nonviolent inmates from county jail has been effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19, however, he has concerns about a potential future surge of crime as a result of so many inmates being released.

Sherriff Alex Villanueva released 25% of the county inmate population.

Specifically, Villanueva worries about a potential surge in crime following the pandemic, with thousands of inmates now on LA’s streets.“What’s going to happen is some of them are not going to go back to court, they’re gonna go to warrants to speak, for failure to appear,” Villaneuva said. “People who are not in jail are losing their jobs, much less those that didn’t have a job, to begin with, and are out on the streets, we’re now adding to the mix, it’s uncharted territory that we’re headed into.”

True enough, the damage caused by hysterical overreaction to Wuhan coronavirus will continue to unfold for some time to come.

Now for the punch line. He let the criminals loose so as not to “jeopardize everyone’s safety.”

No doubt it is useful to free up the jail space in case any Monica Ussery types come to light.

On tips from R F, Mr. Freemarket, and Rapinhoe.

Who knows whether the “kung-flu” appellation is fair.   It’s certainly not fair to the chinese people as a group.   All establishments lay  claim to authority by hiding behind their respective herds, but in reality the chinese government is more a creature of wall street than Confucius.   Likewise, there’s good reason to believe the virus leaked from fort detrick.

Taking a larger view of the mass release of prisoners under the pretext of humanitarianism, the social engineering becomes pretty clear.   The majority were recruited into our crime and degradation university system (CDU) via washington’s multi-decade bipartisan consensus, fostered by official UN model legislation, of the need to wreck the lives of masses of non-violent drug  users, again on “humanitarian” grounds, while shipping in illegal drugs wholesale .   Now that these devastated people have been thus weaponized, releasing them on the street will serve to further destabilize american society beyond what has already been accomplished by wrecking our families , shipping our industrial infrastructure to china, wrecking the dollar  and oppressing our children in medical dragnets and “education” dungeons.

It seems the most accomplished practitioners of disaster capitalism are the humanitarian “liberal” elite, who pretend not to notice such cause-and-effect issues but are always on hand to mop up the resultant chaos  into their political herds.

BTW: A similar technique has been used in latin america and the middle east, again to undermine western societies .    The implication is clear: the secret government intends to overthrow the last vestiges of “democracy” and impose a high tech feudalism over which they can rule and harvest with impunity.

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