Australia Demands Independent Review Of COVID-19 Management And WHO’s Crisis-Response

The Australian government on today (19th April) called for an independent investigation into the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the WHO or World Health Organization’s handling of the crisis.

Marise Payne, the Australian Foreign Minister said the country would “insist” on a review that would probe, in part, China’s early response to the outbreak in Wuhan, the city where Covid-19 emerged late last year.

She added, “We need to know the sorts of details that an independent review would identify for us about the genesis of the virus, about the approaches to dealing with it (and) addressing the openness with which information was shared.”

The Australian foreign minister said the country shared similar concerns to the United States, whose President Donald Trump has accused the WHO of “mismanaging” the crisis and covering up the seriousness of China’s outbreak before it spread.
US President Mr Trump has also announced that Washington will halt payments to the UN body that amounted to US$400 (S$569) million last year.

Ms Payne added, “I’m not sure that you can have the health organization which has been responsible for disseminating much of the international communications material, and doing much of the early engagement and investigative work, also as the review mechanism. That strikes me as a bit poacher-and-gamekeeper.”

She believed the fallout from the pandemic was set to change the relationship between Australia and China “in some ways”, with her concern around Beijing’s transparency now “at a very high point”.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt backed the call for an independent review, saying Australia had achieved success in limiting the spread of the virus in part by going against WHO advice….!-australia-demands-for-independent-review-of-covid-19-management-and–who-s-crisis-response

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