Circumcision Plague Still Spreading in China

Preparing China to be the 4th reich.   This is one export from the USA that we will definitely come to regret.   For the uninitiated, it increases the rate of M->F HIV (and probably other STD) transmission, more than making up for any diminution in the rate of F->M.  And needless to say it does wonders for infant-mother bonding, happy childhoods and adult  parental bonding, empathy and family stability.    A social WMD.   It’s all about the transnational financial aristocracy preying on children for profit and social control, nothing more.

Chinese parents should take a hint from the American experience.

Circumcision will be popularized at universities in Beijing as a prevention of HIV/AIDS, the Beijing College Hospital Union said on Friday.

The union, which has more than 50 member hospitals in Beijing’s universities, will train doctors in universities to use a China-made male circumcision device as a way to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Led by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the union established a training center on Friday, which will invite surgeons at public hospitals to teach university doctors to use the device.

So far, BUPT hospital has conducted more than 5,000 circumcision surgeries mainly for teachers and students.

Wang Hong, surgeon at the hospital, said many college students have poor awareness of the importance of circumcision and only few doctors know that circumcision reduces the risk of HIV/AIDS infection.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, clinical trials have demonstrated that circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS by 50 to 60 percent. The procedure also reduces the chances of contracting herpes and human papillomavirus, two pathogens believed to cause cancer of the penis, by 30 percent.

The ShangRing, the domestic made device that will be used in circumcision at university hospitals, gained the prequalification by the World Health Organization in 2015. It consists of two concentric rings that clamp together and expose the natural foreskin of the penis in such a way that it can be removed surgically, but with minimal bleeding. The use of the ring also cuts the procedure time to about three to five minutes from about 30 minutes before.

According to the China CDC, the number of new HIV cases in people between 15 and 24 years old in China increased from about 8,300 in 2008 to nearly 17,000 in 2015. Homosexual men accounted for more than 58 percent of all the infections in that group in 2015.

“Sex education is really needed. China should start systematic sex education lectures at an early stage in primary schools,” said Duan Qingmei, a doctor at the hospital of Minzu University of China.

She said many college students are still reluctant to talk about reproductive health with doctors, even when they encounter problems. And a lot of them are learning wrong information on the internet.

According to Wang from BUPT hospital, the center will also invite experts to deliver lectures on male reproductive health among the students and raise their awareness on the connection between reproductive health and sexual transmitted diseases.

Jul 27, 2013: It’s not at all rare in China. In first-tier cities, at least seven years ago when my son was born and my wife and I were pondering this in Beijing, I talked about the issue at length with a pediatrician who told me that in major cities the rate had by that time reached 50 percent, and was continuing to climb. It’s much rarer in rural areas. Many men actually get the operation later in life, and I know many women in China who’ve told me they have a real preference for the circumcised penises and are kind of grossed out by the non-.  I’d say from my limited sauna/gym locker/close Chinese male friend sample size that it’s not quite at 50 percent but not far off in cities.

… What we have learned from the programs of research on the developmental origins of violence, NICHD 1966-1980, are the following:

1. The single most important cause of violent behavior, the developmental depression that precedes it, and the later drug/alcohol abuse that is used to treat the emotional pain that underlies the rage of uncontrolled violence is the failure of physical affectional bonding in the maternal-infant relationship; the paternal-child relationship and the failure of adolescent sexual affectional bonding. In short, it is the failure of physical love in human relationships that begins with the failure of that physical love when the infant is not permitted to bond with the body of its mother which then begins the infant’s journey of depression, rage, hatred and violence for not being loved. Thus, the peril of infant and child day care centers which impedes, if not prevents, the affectional bonding between mother and her infant/child and, thus, all later affectional bonds.

2. Experimental studies of isolation-reared infant monkeys documented that maternal-infant separation constitutes a specific form of somatosensory affectional deprivation (SAD) that involves the somesthetic (touch) and vestibular-cerebellar (movement) sensory systems and results in a variety of abnormalities of brain development that includes structural, neurochemical and neuroelectrical abnormalities. It is these brain abnormalities that mediate the depression, chronic stimulus seeking behaviors, including self-mutilation, and pathologic violence against other animals that are invariably observed consequent to maternal-social deprivation or isolation rearing.

3. Building upon the insights from these experimental animal studies, I conducted cross-cultural studies on 49 primitive cultures distributed throughout the world and was able to predict with 100% accuracy the peaceful and violent nature of these 49 primitive cultures from two predictor variables: a) the degree of physical affectional bonding in the maternal-infant relationship; and b) whether premarital adolescent sex was permitted or punished. There were 29 peaceful and 20 violent cultures in this study sample. There is no other theory or data base that I am aware of that can provide such a prediction of peaceful or violent behaviors and that can relate such findings to specific sensory processes and brain mechanisms of the individual.

4. It is the neuronal systems of the brain which mediate pleasure that regulate and control depression, violence and drug/alcohol abuse and addiction. This control and regulation is provided through the mechanisms of reciprocal inhibition. When the neuronal pleasure circuits of the brain are damaged by SAD-DNS (Somatosensory Affectional Deprivation/Denervation Supersensitivity) then they cannot perform their normative role of regulation and inhibition of those neuronal circuits that mediate depression and violent behaviors.

5. Depressive and Violent Behaviors cannot be understood nor prevented until we understand the neurobiological and neuropsychological role of physical pleasure that must be integrated into those higher brain structures that mediate consciousness and those transcendental states of human spirituality that we call love. Non-integrated pleasure leads to sexual violence and sado-masochism–a consequence of SAD-DNS….

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