Flu Vaccines: What are the Facts?

Is the annual flu vaccine sales pitch (evident not just in the U.S. but around the world) working? Given predictions of a 50% increase in the global influenza vaccine market by 2023 (from $5 billion to $7.5 billion), it would seem so. On the other hand, recent estimates of influenza vaccine coverage in U.S. adults show that Americans are growing more, rather than less, skeptical. In 2017-2018, influenza vaccine coverage fell for every adult age group (and all but one racial/ethnic group), reaching the lowest level in eight flu seasons. While influenza researchers may be “hesitant to discuss problems with the vaccine ‘because they’re afraid of being tainted with the antivaccine brush,’” the bottom line is flu shots are big business and vaccine injuries aren’t rare.

This video is a quick review of the flu vaccine facts.

The Bottom Line:

  • Flu shots are big business–a market to be worth $7.5 Billion in the next 5 years.
  • Vaccine injuries aren’t rare.
  • Vaccine injuries from flu shots at the most commonly reported and compensated.
  • Influenza Product inserts state, “Available data on influenza vaccines administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnant women.”
  • Many states are mandating flu shots for children and adults. The shots come with risk, especially for those most susceptible. Everyone should retain the right to say NO to what enters their body.


Fake herd immunity: But think of all the vaccinated kids that unvaccinated kids would infect!

Real herd immunity: Don’t think about the logic of fake herd immunity.   Just keep getting your shots and eventually you’ll be immune from logic.

But think of all the kids who can’t be vaccinated because their doctor thinks they might be injured!   You want to protect them don’t you?

Don’t think about the far more numerous kids who don’t have such official paperwork but would be injured by vaccination

 Think of all the epidemics caused by unvaccinated people

Don’t think about vaccine induced shedding, short term immunity or no immunity.

But think about the babies!   You like babies don’t you?   Aren’t they cute and cuddly?   Their mother-provided immunity will wear off a few months after birth!

So why wreck the natural immunity that would be provided by breast milk by messing with mothers’ immune systems with vaccines, and why remain largely mute on the essential requirement and birth right to breast feeding itself?    Where is the AMA’s breast feeding lobby?   For that matter, where is the AMA’s organic food lobby?

They are practicing munchausen by proxy consent for profit.   And not just wrt vaccines and the chronic diseases they cause.

How much longer must we endure this cruel hoax of a medical establishment?

Here is the medical version of breast feeding:

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