Hillary Clinton For Vice President?

Last week, Hillary Clinton dispelled rumors that she might toss her hat in the ring in a “brokered convention” to run against President Trump – telling Variety  that while she has the “urge” to run, she’s “going to support the people who are running now and do everything I can to help elect the Democratic nominee.”

According to The Hill‘s Douglas MacKinnon, however, Clinton may be in negotiations with former Vice President (and current frontrunner) Joe Biden, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, or she may try to team up with whoever gets the Democratic nomination.

MacKinnon writes in a Saturday Op-Ed that Clinton “would add the gravitas, delegates and, eventually, millions of votes needed to get them over the finish line on Nov. 5. I am assured that Clinton is on every shortlist for that position,” adding “If I were in Trump’s world, this scenario would send chills down my spine.” …


If I was president, having a well connected gangster like hillary as my VP would send chills down my spine.   Supposedly when nixon was running for office he was approached by prescott bush for the VP position.   But nixon wasn’t an idiot, he knew such an appointment would be like signing his own assassination warrant (by a lone nut, of course).

I think it’s safe to assume that anyone who selected hillary for vp would be demonstrating their own incompetence and/or suicidality.

The Super Bowl’s Biggest Losers: The Boys and Girls Being Sold for Sex 20 Times a Day

Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.”—John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

There can only be one winner emerging from this year’s Super Bowl LIV showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, but the biggest losers will be the hundreds of young girls and boys—some as young as 9 years old—who will be bought and sold for sex during the course of the big game.

It’s common to refer to this evil practice, which has become the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns as child sex trafficking, but what we’re really talking about is rape.

Adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States.

It’s not just young girls who are vulnerable to these predators, either.

According to a USA Today investigative report, “boys make up about 36% of children caught up in the U.S. sex industry (about 60% are female and less than 5% are transgender males and females).”

Consider this: every two minutes, a child is exploited in the sex industry.

In Georgia alone, it is estimated that 7,200 men (half of them in their 30s) seek to purchase sex with adolescent girls each month, averaging roughly 300 a day.

On average, a child might be raped by 6,000 men during a five-year period.

It is estimated that at least 100,000 children—girls and boys—are bought and sold for sex in the U.S. every year, with as many as 300,000 children in danger of being trafficked each year. Some of these children are forcefully abducted, others are runaways, and still others are sold into the system by relatives and acquaintances.

Child rape has become Big Business in America….


I would argue that the medical mafia is the pioneer and by far the biggest player in this industry via infant male genital rape and the damaged men and broken families (i.e. lost children) that it produces.   But that’s just crazy talk, I’m sure.

Boys for Sale: Elite Child Slavery

“Deep Fake” Technology Filters Down to Street Level

Rule of thumb: the size of the media company is inversely related to its credibility due to conflicts of interest involving its parent company’s investments and subsidiaries, major stock holders, intelligence infiltration and the necessity of cultivating its privileged access to “government sources”.    That’s the stark reality.   The net is the last outpost of journalism, which is why it’s soon going to be full  of “deep fakes” to muddy the water.    You should always ask the question: who would benefit from a given hypothetically fake story and do they have the connections and resources needed to plant it.

Bird Flu Is Back – China Faces Yet Another Viral Plague

First, they faced food shortages (and soaring food costs) as African Swine Fever swept across the nation cutting China’s pork production in half and slaughtering hundreds of millions of their porcine pals.

Then, they faced total economic shutdown and social lockdown as the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus spread across the nation faster than a Buzzfeed ‘which cat suits your social justice needs best’ article, killing hundreds and leaving 10s of thousands sick.

And now, as if things weren’t bad enough, according to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, bird flu is back!

As Reuters reports, the highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak of H5N1 subtype of poultry occurred in Shuangqing District, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province.

The case reportedly occurred on a farm with 7,850 chickens, 4,500 of which have died of the bird flu.

Authorities have culled 17,828 poultry following the outbreak.

As a reminder, Avian influenza is deadly to most birds, and it’s deadly to humans and to other mammals that catch the virus from birds. Since the first human case in 1997, H5N1 has killed nearly 60% of the people who have been infected.

But unlike human flu bugs, H5N1 bird flu does not spread easily from person to person. The very few cases of human-to-human transmission have been among people with exceptionally close contact, such as a mother who caught the virus while caring for her sick infant.


Chinese Flu May Carry Fruits of NIH-Funded Bioweapons Research

FBI Reveals Murdered Arkansas Senator Planned to Expose Child Pornography, Child Sex Trafficking Syndicate

I am not shocked that Linda was killed, knowing that she was threatening to expose an Arkansas sex-trafficking ring. Child trafficking is big – international – business. I am shocked that they would charge Rebecca, the Arkansas Senator’s best friend, for her murder. I pray she will have a fair trial, for – what are the odds?…

Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was also killed. She too was outspoken about the corruption of Child Protective Services. From her report, “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”, dated November 16, 2007:

The Adoption and the Safe Families Act set in motion by [then] President Bill Clinton, offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sell and you must have plenty of them so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000 bonus for each child adopted and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child…

Ooops! Maybe she shouldn’t’ve tied Bill Clinton to the corruption. Back to the story of Linda Collins-Smith of Arkansas:

The FBI has intervened in the murder investigation of former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, according to federal agents who detailed what the Republican politician was investigating prior to her grisly murder.

Collins-Smith was gunned down and her body was discovered outside her home about two hours northeast of Little Rock on June 4. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds [other reports state she died of multiple stab wounds].

A friend of the beloved Arkansas state senator has been formally charged with the murder. Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, 48, was charged with capital murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence in the death of Collins-Smith. O’Donnell, of Pocahontas, was arrested in the death of Collins-Smith.

Documents in the case have reportedly been sealed and police have released few details about the circumstances surrounding the death of Collins-Smith, who was elected to the state senate as a Republican in 2014 but lost a re-election bid last year. The former senator’s body was found in an “advanced state of decomposition” and it took authorities two days to identify the remains using dental records, the paper reports, citing a statement by prosecuting attorney Henry Boyce.

With a murder suspect already in custody, however, federal law enforcement sources revealed Collins-Smith, at the time of her death, was probing child pornography cases linking to a child trafficking syndicate in Arkansas.

“She had developed this information through contacts and people very close to her,” a law enforcement source said. “The plan was to go public with all of it or hand it to law enforcement outside of Arkansas…”

Rule #1: Don’t threaten the authorities & never announce your plans to go outside their jurisdiction; just DO it.

Please read more at https://truepundit.com/fbi-reveals-murdered-arkansas-senator-planned-to-expose-child-pornography-child-sex-trafficking-syndicate-feds-probe/

New [strange] development:

What was strange has gotten stranger in a high-profile murder case in northeastern Arkansas.

Without warning or explanation, the attorney prosecuting the death-penalty case of the woman accused of killing former state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith dropped out of the proceedings altogether this week.

The unexpected move comes a week after the judge in the case asked the state Supreme Court to replace him. Two weeks ago, the accused, Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, was placed under strict jail segregation without legal justification….

More at https://abcnews.go.com/US/prosecutor-drops-case-involving-murdered-arkansas-state-sen/story?id=67533753

Could the shift in prosecutors be due to the current administration’s agenda to drain the swamp and end child trafficking worldwide? Over 28,000 sealed indictments are slowly being unsealed; resignations and suicides have been rampant among the very highly placed.

Harvard Professor, BU Researcher Among 3 Arrested For Ties To Wuhan, China

BOSTON (CBS) – Three people tied to universities and a hospital in the Boston area were indicted on charges they lied about their ties to China or tried to help the Chinese government. Among them was Dr. Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Prosecutors said Lieber had a contract with Wuhan Institute of Technology. He also ran a group that had contracts with the Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health.

Federal agents said Lieber lied about his ties to China when he bid on those contracts.

“It appears China paid Lieber hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for his involvement with the Chinese entities and for his work on research for Chinese gain,” said U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling….


Weinstein Accuser Jessica Mann Testifies at Rape Trial

Jessica Mann testified in a Manhattan courtroom Friday that Harvey Weinstein engaged in forced oral sex and raped her in early 2013 and alleged that she was in a twisted relationship with him because of her sexual inexperience.

As Mann tearily described alleged incidents, she also made the bombshell claim that Weinstein doesn’t have testicles and appeared to have a vagina, saying she thought he was “intersex” the first time she saw him naked.

Weinstein faces charges in New York City for allegedly raping Mann, and for an alleged sexual assault on former actress Mimi Haleyi. Prosecutors have used Sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra’s allegation that Weinstein raped her around late 1993 to bolster their claim that Weinstein has a pattern of predatory behavior. Weinstein has maintained his innocence.

“He would talk very dirty to me about fantasies and things, and compare me to the other things actresses that he said were doing kinky, dirty things with him,” Mann testified. “He always wanted to film me. I never gave him permission.”

“He would say, ‘Do you like my big, fat, Jewish dick?’” claimed Mann, 34.

“The first time I saw him fully naked,” she said, “I thought he was deformed and intersex. He has an extreme scarring that I didn’t know, maybe [he] was a burn victim …”

“He does not have testicles, and it appears that he has a vagina,” she claimed, saying she had oral sex with Weinstein.

As Mann claimed that he had deformed genitals, Weinstein dropped his head.

“He also peed on me once,” she also said of Weinstein, who is 67.

Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi asked Mann to describe Weinstein’s hygiene.

“It was very bad,” she said. “He smelled like shit — excuse me, sorry, like poop. He just was dirty.”…


The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich

A persistent American lawyer has uncovered the undeniable fact that the FBI has been continuously lying, including giving false testimony in court, in response to Freedom of Information requests for its records on Seth Rich. The FBI has previously given affidavits that it has no records regarding Seth Rich.

A Freedom of Information request to the FBI which did not mention Seth Rich, but asked for all email correspondence between FBI Head of Counterterrorism Peter Strzok, who headed the investigation into the DNC leaks and Wikileaks, and FBI attorney Lisa Page, has revealed two pages of emails which do not merely mention Seth Rich but have “Seth Rich” as their heading. The emails were provided in, to say the least, heavily redacted form. …

Before I analyse these particular emails, I should make plain that they are not the major point. The major point is that the FBI claimed it had no records mentioning Seth Rich, and these have come to light in response to a different FOIA request that was not about him. What other falsely denied documents does the FBI hold about Rich, that were not fortuitously picked up by a search for correspondence between two named individuals?…