The Clinton Body Count Part 1/3: Mena

The term “The Clinton Body Count” has become a fairly common saying in today’s pop culture.

It’s based on the fact that scores of the Clinton’s critics, opponents, associates and criminal witnesses, have died in mysterious ways.

The saying first appeared when a young Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas, and at least 20 people connected to him died suddenly or mysteriously.

During that time, the CIA was highly active at a unknown airport in Arkansas, the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport, that was connected to the Iran-Contra scandal in which the agency was smuggling drugs and guns through the airport to fund a black ops revolution in Nicaragua.

However, the public is largely unaware of what was going on because even though the CIA’s activities were blown wide open during Clinton’s presidency, the scandal was easily overshadowed by news revolving around Monica Lewinsky, cigars and oral sex in the Oval Office.

Please watch and share this explosive mini-documentary which is just the first of many Infowars films coming down the pipeline!


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