Democrats Promise Return to Green Medieval Serfdom

How long before questioning the objective science (or non-science) of “man made global warming” is treated as criminal hate speech?   Being accused of “hating the earth” by its real destroyers would be the ultimate irony wouldn’t it?

I have an idea for a more sustainable civilization: shut down fictional reserve banking, which has done more harm to the environment, human rights and sustainability than any other profitable fraud in history.   But such talk is universally verboten, which is a “bipartisan” tribute to the real powers of the world, the invisible transnational government.

Imposed poverty is mass social control.    That’s what this is about.    Seriously, did you think the establishment actually cares about the environment?    Where is the evidence for that??   Have they ever told the truth about anything?   Isn’t it time to start asking who benefits?

If Joe Biden had been inclined to take a middle-of-the-road approach toward climate change, he’s abandoned it, judging by the proposal he unveiled Tuesday — an aggressive $1.7-trillion, 10-year plan to combat warming that goes considerably further than the environmental agenda of the Obama White House.

Climate change got relatively little attention in the 2016 campaign. By contrast, this year, there is almost a race by Democratic candidates to outdo one another in environmental ambition.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee argues that climate action must take precedence over everything else and has styled himself as the climate candidate. He calls for the U.S. to have an economy running 100% on renewable energy by 2035. Beto O’Rourke, trying to regain some forward motion in a seemingly stalled campaign, turned hard to climate action and swore off any fossil-fuel related campaign money after activists took note of all the oil industry workers who have donated to him.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders echoed the sentiment of many in the party at last weekend’s California Democratic Party convention when he declared that “we have got to make it clear that when the future of the planet is at stake, there is no ‘middle ground.’” The remark was a shot at Biden after a campaign aide to the former vice president suggested to Reuters last month that a middle ground on climate was exactly what Biden sought.

No one in the Biden campaign is saying that now.

In joining the scrum of prominent 2020 hopefuls who have made far-reaching climate action a central focus of their campaign, Biden, the front-runner for the party’s nomination, proposed cutting emissions of greenhouse gases to zero by 2050, a goal set out in the Green New Deal, the policy framework championed by the most progressive Democrats….

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed to close all U.S. coal plants during a campaign stop in Virginia on Friday.

What a great way for Bloomberg to assure American voters that he is not just another rich, elitist, liberal who is completely out of step with the public [and the science -rw].

The Daily Mail reports:

Bloomberg boasts he’ll shut down EVERY US coal plant within a decade if he becomes President – but fails to say how he’ll help communities that will be impacted

Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg has unveiled a radical plan to completely eliminate coal-fired power plants by 2030.

The New York billionaire, 77, vowed Friday that he would close the country’s 251 coal plants within the next ten years should he become Commander-in-chief. However, he stopped short of revealing how he would help communities severely impacted by such closures.

Bloomberg made the announcement during a campaign stop in Virginia – a surprising choice given the state is considered the heart of coal country.

During the announcement, he also boasted that he had already ‘helped to close more than half the nation’s dirty coal plants.’…

In addition to eliminating coal-fired plants, Bloomberg vowed Friday to halt construction of 150 new gas facilities. Both plans are part of a bid to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Haven’t Americans seen this movie before? Why yes. Yes, we have:

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