China Still Obsessing Over Private Gun Ownership in USA

For obvious reasons, the CCP has serious problems with the private ownership of firearms, so it attacked America’s Second Amendment with gusto in the Global Times:

The right to bear arms is enshrined by the US Constitution. No official statistics are on record counting how many guns there are among the US people, but the number is generally estimated to be hundreds of millions. Who own these guns? Are certain people prepared to use them as murder weapons? These issues have not been tracked or supervised effectively. Various criminal motives exist in American society. From the perspective of gun murders, the US is beset with crises.

Private gun ownership is a tradition from the early days at the founding of the US. In a modern society, the problems created by this tradition have already exceeded the benefits. Crime is one of the increasingly prominent modern diseases in several societies in the 21st century, and the spread of guns enables crime to unleash greater killing energy.

American society has already seen serious problems caused by the private ownership of guns, but their massive number has contributed to an enormous inertia. Many interest groups have benefited from it and some ordinary people have truly gained a sense of safety. To change this habit which has lasted hundreds of years, tremendous political courage and a rearrangement of interests is required.

The Chinese paper called it a “fact” that the U.S. cannot handle guns and bemoaned the victims of crime as “helpless” because they can’t demand stricter gun control laws. “Everyone must accept the risk that a shooting may occur at any time anywhere,” the Global Times asserted….

More accurately, everyone must accept the human time bombs unleashed on the population by the FDA’s approval of SSRI-type psych drugs, which created the connection between “mental illness” and mass murder in the first place.

The state and its corporate courtesans create the problems that they always propose to fix by increasing their power.  Gun ownership is pretty much the last gasp of individual self determination and self-protection in this world, as the emergent luciferian technocracy  that colonized china long ago penetrates every last nook and cranny of human existence, including our bodies via toxic vaccine mandates.

This problem of overachieving skinner-boxed brainiacs resolutely convinced of the completeness of their linear extrapolations onto the world has gone beyond a novel form of delusion.    The aggressions of psychiatry, eugenics and  democide (such as china’s “cultural revolution”) are only logical outgrowths of the underlying pathology.  It’s as if they never grasped the idea of heliocentric astronomy.  But the system rewards the malignancy and so it continues to grow.

The official religion of the state is atheism, which makes the self-consistency of their ignorance complete.   Delusion, like ignorance and stupidity, is its own justification and reward.

Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China

In early 2014 Washington staged a blatant coup d’etat in Ukraine breaking the historic relationship with Russia and setting the stage for the subsequent NATO demonization of Russia. The one in charge for the Obama Administration of the Ukraine coup was then-Vice President Joe Biden. Today a bizarre Democrat impeachment attempt aimed at President Donald Trump has curiously enough put the spotlight on the dubious role that Joe Biden played in Ukraine affairs in 2014 and after. That Biden-steered coup had the unintended effect of causing a 180 degree geopolitical pivot of Moscow from West to East. The opening of a massive new gas pipeline now is only one of those unintended consequences .

On December 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in the official opening of the Power of Siberia natural gas pipeline to Asia, servicing the growing China gas market. It met the planned deadline punctually, to the month. This marked the first Russian pipeline gas deliveries to China. In a videolink with China President Xi Jinping, Putin remarked, “This step is bringing Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation in energy to a whole new level.” Xi called it “a milestone project for the bilateral energy cooperation.”

The opening, a huge engineering feat, completes a pipeline through Russia’s Eastern Siberia north of Mongolia to the border with China, running more than 2,200 kilometers across Russia’s east territories. It is the largest gas pipeline project in the world to date.

The pipeline is designed to deal with temperatures as low as 62 C minus, and withstand earthquakes along its route. It begins in the Chayanda gas field in Yakutia and completes the Russian section at Blagoveshchensk on the Russia–China border. There, via two underwater pipelines under the Amur River, it connects with a Chinese gas line going south to Shanghai, the 3,371-kilometer-long Heihe–Shanghai pipeline in China. The world’s largest market demand increase for gas fuel in recent years has been China.

In May 2014, Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) signed a $400 billion 30-year agreement for gas to be supplied via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. The Russian gas deliveries to China will be 38 billion cubic meters per year when it reaches peak in 2025. In 2018 China natural gas consumption was 280 bcm, so the Siberian contribution is significant. It will eventually supply some 10% of China’s total gas needs for electricity and heating, to China’s underdeveloped northeast regions and south as far as Shanghai. But the project is about much more than gas to China.


Completion of the major Power of Siberia pipeline to China involves more than a pipeline running through 2,200 kilometers of remote Russia. It is also being used as a catalyst to develop major industry in the economically underdeveloped Russian Far East as well, a priority of the Russian government in recent years…..

Regional Development

The Amur GPP project when complete in 2025 will be the largest gas processing plant complex in Russia and second largest in the world, bringing major new economic activity to the underdeveloped Far East region, a priority of the Russian government. In August 2017 Russian President Putin was present for the first pouring of the concrete foundation for the complex. In his remarks he noted that, “In the past 50 years, our country has not seen anything similar. Neither the Soviet Union nor Russia have implemented projects of this scale. This plant’s capacity will be 42 billion, which is a breakthrough not only for the industry but also in the overall development of the Russian Far East.”

Putin added, “During peak periods, the construction will require several thousand people, or almost 25,000 workers, to be more precise. Once the plant is complete, it will employ 2,500 to 3,000 people, which will allow us not only to move forward in gas production but also to create conditions for building another giant plant in the country and one of the largest in the world.” The production from the Amur plant complex will be marketed for export to the Asian market as well as expanding the gas supply network for Yakutia and the Amur Region where until now commercial gas is almost non-existent.

The strategic partner of Gazprom responsible for the processing equipment and other engineering technology is the German company, Linde, a world leader in such specialized technology….

Pivot east

Ironically, we can title this the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline.’ Had the Obama Administration not launched their coup d’etat in 2013 at Maidan Square in Kiev, with the subsequent ouster of the elected president in February 2014 in favor of literal neo-nazi parties and corrupt oligarchs under a US puppet regime, the completion of the Power of Siberia pipeline to China would likely not exist today. Negotiations with Beijing for the pipeline had been dragging on for more than ten years when the Ukraine coup took place. After that coup a final agreement was secured by Moscow with Beijing in a matter of weeks as Putin engineered a geopolitical pivot to the East away from NATO.

Vice President Joe Biden was named by Obama to oversee the Ukraine coup and its aftermath, which apparently included some corrupt sweetheart deals for Hunter Biden and possibly Joe Biden with Ukraine gas company Burisma.

The coup, carried out by then CIA head John Brennan, using sniper mercenaries from neighboring Georgia, together with neocon US State Department official Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland, was one of the more foolish geopolitical blunders of Washington in recent decades. The pro-NATO coup was initiated when Viktor Yanukovich’s government had decided to accept generous Russian terms to join her Eurasian Economic Union rather than a vague promise of possible EU membership candidate status. Today Ukraine is treated with outcast status by the EU, and its economy is a shambles as a result of the break with Russia. In May, 2014, just weeks after the CIA toppled the duly elected government of Viktor Yanukovich in what Stratfor founder George Friedman called, “…the most blatant coup in (US) history,” Moscow signed the agreement with Beijing for the Gas Pipeline Deal of the Century, the Power of Siberia.

Another of many chinks in the armor of the petrodollar inflicted by washington’s compulsion to dominate the planet.   Americans have already paid dearly for washington’s many betrayals, but now it’s getting to the point where all the cheap lies churned out by our “free press” will no longer sustain the confidence needed to perpetuate a debt-based economy.

But it’s all just incompetence and stupidity, not a hostile takeover plan by disaster capitalists.

The Syrian War: America’s “War on Terror” Exposed

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem recently described the US as using the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) as “a scarecrow” the US uses to menace targeted nations all while secretly encouraging, protecting, and helping them “move from one area to another.”

Maullum’s comments perfectly encapsulate the twenty-plus year so-called “War on Terror” the US has used to expand itself across the globe militarily and to serve as a stand-in for legitimate economic and political development both within the United States and between the United States and the international community.

Maullum’s comments come at a time when – despite Washington’s collapsing machinations in Syria – the US is still working to undermine, divide, and destroy the Syrian nation by aiding its enemies while using all political, economic, and military options available to pressure Syria itself.

Muallem was also quoted as saying:

All nations that were victimized by this system need to join forces and resist those sanctions.

In many ways, this is already happening. Russia’s intervention in Syria from 2015 onward is part of growing international momentum working against US special interests, their collective hegemony, and the toxic impact it has had not only on international relations and development, but also on the US itself.

From Convincing Pretext to Obvious State-Sponsored Terrorism 

Following the events of September 11, 2001 the United States embarked on a multi-decade “War on Terror.” Its invasion of Afghanistan was seen and supported by many nations and their respective populations as a necessary and justified means of combating the scourge that allegedly carried out the deadly attacks on 9/11.

By 2003 – after a time of reflection and in the face of an America eager to spread its “War on Terror” across the globe – it became clear that this “War on Terror” was merely a stand-in to continue America’s hegemonic designs pursued during the now concluded Cold War. This included a pretext for NATO’s continued existence and the alliance’s use by Washington as a means of exerting control over Europe as well as using Europe, its people, and resources to exert influence and control across Africa and Eurasia.

By 2011 and the US interventions in Libya and Syria – it was abundantly clear that not only was the “War on Terror” a false pretext, but it was one artificially created and deliberately perpetuated by Washington itself.

This included revelations that the US had been arming and directing the very Al Qaeda terror network and its affiliates allegedly responsible for the 9/11 attacks – using them as a virtual mercenary force to target nations the US sought regime change within.

The so-called “rebels” in Libya were little more than Al Qaeda affiliates – poorly dressed as freedom fighters seeking “democracy.” These same literal terrorists the US armed and aided in overthrowing the Libyan government in 2011 would be shipped to Syria where the US sought to replicate its “success” in Libya against Damascus.

The war in Syria however failed to produce Washington’s desired results – and as the conflict dragged on – through the growth and influence of alternative media – the true nature of America’s “War on Terror” emerged.

It is now common knowledge that the United States and its Saudi, Turkish, and Qatari allies deliberately armed Al Qaeda militants and their affiliates in a bid to destabilize and overthrow the Syrian government. It is now also common knowledge that when this bid failed – the US and its allies created ISIS to serve as both an additional pressure point against Damascus as well as a pretext for direct US military intervention.

Today, the US “War on Terror” exists as a mostly empty narrative long-since exposed. Washington’s continued efforts against Syria have resulted in even its own allies during the early stages of the war abandoning them – including Turkey – a key NATO member – which now is working closer with Russia and increasingly pursuing a foreign policy independently of Washington.

What Lies in the Future

For Washington – a lack of of a better alternative and its insistence on doubling down on a now exposed and impotent narrative reveals to the world a circle of special interests that are desperately and dangerously spiraling out of control.

Nations eager to do business with the United States as a nation are increasingly frustrated by the handful of special interests occupying Wall Street and Washington – preferring to create an alternative global order that either excludes the US or at the very least – leaves it behind as the rest of the world moves on without it.

For nations like Syria – their decision to stand by their allies – including Russia and Iran – has paid off. And because it has – other nations facing similar threats from Washington’s belligerent foreign policy are faced with the easy choice of likewise building ties with reemerging powers like Russia or rising powers like China rather than continuing to capitulate to US pressure.

Growing global momentum means that not only will current US foreign policy continue to fail to produce positive results for the interests directing it – it will fail at an increasingly expotential rate.

For nations like Russia and China who serve as alternative focal points of global power – their success owed to a different forumla of creating and brokering a global balance of power should serve as encouragement to continue in a multipolar direction rather than cave in to the temptation of seizing a hegemonic position as the US did both after the conclusion of World War 2 and again at the end of the Cold War.

The world finds itself at yet another critical juncture where the very face of global relations and international order stand to be redefined. This time it is not Washington who gets to decide – but rather those who have long suffered under US hegemony.

Only time will tell if this alternative global order will learn from America’s mistakes – or merely repeat them.

The collapse of America’s “War on Terror” is a microcosm within the greater collapse of American global hegemony in general. It is a collapse that will cost the US as a nation dearly. It should serve as a stark warning and example driving emerging global powers to learn from America’s mistakes rather than repeat them.

This was all to be expected after decades of such machinations leading up to sept 11.   The biggest surprise for me was the ease with which the so-called “peace movement” was co-opted by the empire.   The infiltration must have already been well advanced by the time the al qaeda sock puppet was brought onstage.

Question ALL “authority”.

STUDY: CDC Vaccine Schedule Likely Induces Aluminum Toxicity in Newborns

New Research Proposes Individual Aluminum Toxicity Limits for Children

When it comes to vaccines, nobody ever wants to talk about the aluminum element, and now we understand even better why that is.

A new study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology concluded the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) vaccine schedule was 15.9 times over the recommended safe level of aluminum when researchers adjusted for body weight.

Study researchers also estimated that a child who followed the vaccine schedule would be in a state of “chronic toxicity” for 70% of the child’s first seven months of life, 149 days from birth to seven months.

The new study builds on prior work that established a “safe” baseline of aluminum in vaccines for infants. This baseline is derived from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limits for adults, corrected for body weight per dose.

Deemed ‘settled science,’ the current rationale for injected aluminum has been based on a broad-brush approach ignoring age, weight, and individual considerations such as genetics and environmental influences on detoxification.

The authors went beyond the limited and unscientific one-size-fits-all that drives the historic and current vaccine paradigm. Both the CDC and FDA are telling the public and the medical community that injected aluminum is not harmful to children. But a growing global body of work and common sense is pointing to a bigger story.

People are demanding answers. They are becoming increasingly aware that the official government channels have shown little intent to say anything different. This new research was supported by private donations from the public.

Aluminum has been found in the brains of patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and autism. Evidence is also growing that a host of chronic illnesses of unknown causes that are difficult to diagnose, such as PANDAS/PANS and chronic fatigue syndrome, may at least in part be due to vaccine aluminum intolerance.

It’s long been considered a medical taboo and probably career suicide to suggest any deviation from the CDC’s recommended schedule. Still, this study looked at three separate schedules:

  • The CDC schedule for 2019
  • A CDC schedule the researchers modified specifically choosing low dose aluminum for DTaP and no aluminum for Hib vaccines
  • Dr. Paul Thomas’s “Vaccine-Friendly Plan” schedule

For years, pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas (who is one of the study’s authors), has offered an alternative schedule he created, called the “Vaccine-Friendly Plan.” Not unexpectedly, Dr. Thomas received media blowback for daring to deviate from the CDC’s vaccine timing/schedule, despite the gaps in science to justify its use.

One gap to mind is a comparison of total health outcomes between vaccinated children adhering to the CDC’s schedule versus unvaccinated. It doesn’t exist. Earlier this year, Dr. Thomas commissioned an independent quality assurance project running a deep dive into the data from his practice. Identifying thousands of patients born into his practice over nearly eleven years, the analysis revealed some shocking truths about the health of his patients receiving various levels of vaccination.

The current FDA regulation allows for a wide range of aluminum. Anywhere from 25 μg/L (should we explain what this is?) to 1250 μg/single dose in vaccines. Body-weight is not considered. Nor does this regulation “consider cumulative doses from multiple vaccines received at one time.”

The CDC schedule permits many vaccines per office visit and thus per day, a practice recently supercharged by government-mandated ‘catch-up’ schedules. These schedules have been foisted upon families by a slew of legislation happening across the U.S., making vaccine compliance mandatory.

The study’s lead author, James Lyons-Weiler, says, “We are in the process now of another study determining what impact “catch up” vaccine schedules have on the safe limits of aluminum.”

The so-called “settled science” justifying aluminum adjuvants in vaccines for human use leaves much to be desired. 2004’s Priest study took measurements of retained aluminum covering a 12-year period of a single adult volunteer after a single injection with citrate solution containing aluminum. It also included a small study of six adult male subjects over a shorter period of time.

Yes, you read that right.

These studies have clear flaws. Citrate solutions are not used in vaccination, for one thing. Another is that the studies involved adults, not infants or children.

FDA scientist Robert Mitkus used a variety of equations from the Priest study and applied them to ingested aluminum in 2011. Mitkus’s study is used as the current rationale to justify injected aluminum’s safety for all ages, weights, genders, and individual genetic variations. Again, you read that right: an ingested aluminum study is used to justify injected aluminum.

To date, scientific literature has provided scant evidence to justify injected aluminum’s safety. To further complicate matters, it has been speculated that for at least some individuals, the body’s ability to clear aluminum might be slowed by previous exposure to the element. In addition, individuals have varying abilities to detoxify heavy metals and toxins in general, such as those with renal dysfunction, infants, and even more so, infants in neonatal units.

In the paper’s discussion, the authors state:

Under our modeled conditions, the highest expected %alumTox would occur in low birth or body-weight infants with a genetic or environmental detoxification deficiency, such as those born to low-income mothers or who are malnourished.

Lyons-Weiler provided a statement to The HighWire:

We’re calling for the FDA to do the right kind of study concerning injected aluminum. Regulatory bodies and advisory boards should not be adding more vaccines to the recommended schedule until the current schedule’s aluminum burden can be proven safe.

We’ll see what impact the paper’s findings and suggestions yield from notoriously stubborn and slow-to-change regulatory agencies. For now, the publicly funded findings remain open and transparent for parents and pediatricians to consider and researchers to build upon.

Coup plotters and CIA agents fill Pete Buttigieg’s list of national security endorsers

Why are so many intelligence veterans throwing their weight behind a young Indiana mayor with such a thin foreign policy resume?

Two questions continue to loom large over the 2020 Democratic primary field: Who is Pete Buttigieg? And what is he doing there?

Seemingly overnight, the once obscure mayor of Indiana’s fourth-largest city was vaulted to national prominence, pockets stuffed with big checks from billionaire benefactors.

The publication of a list of 218 endorsements from “foreign policy and national security professionals” by Buttigieg’s campaign deepened the mystery.

Some observers have raised questions about Pete Buttigieg’s intimate relationship with the national security state, after it was revealed that his campaign had paid nearly $600,000 for “security” to a Blackwater-style military contractor.

Buttigieg’s new roster of endorsements from former high-ranking CIA officials, regime-change architects, and global financiers should raise more questions about the real forces propelling his campaign. ….

Greenpeace Co-Founder: Global Warming ‘Is A Complete Hoax And Scam’

Members of the original green movement know that it was hijacked by charlatans who had another agenda than truly helping the environment: Technocracy dominated by the global elite. ⁃ TN Editor

Greenpeace co-founder and former president of Greenpeace Canada Patrick Moore described the cynical and corrupt machinations fueling the narrative of anthropocentric global warming and “climate change” in a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Moore explained how fear and guilt are leveraged by proponents of climate change:

Fear has been used all through history to gain control of people’s minds and wallets and all else, and the climate catastrophe is strictly a fear campaign — well, fear and guilt — you’re afraid you’re killing your children because you’re driving them in your SUV and emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and you feel guilty for doing that. There’s no stronger motivation than those two.

Scientists are co-opted and corrupted by politicians and bureaucracies invested in advancing the narrative of “climate change” in order to further centralize political power and control, explained Moore.

Moore noted how “green” companies parasitize taxpayers via favorable regulations and subsidies ostensibly justified by the aforementioned narrative’s claimed threats, all while enjoying propagandistic protection across news media”

And so you’ve got the green movement creating stories that instill fear in the public. You’ve got the media echo chamber — fake news — repeating it over and over and over again to everybody that they’re killing their children. And then you’ve got the green politicians who are buying scientists with government money to produce fear for them in the form of scientific-looking materials. And then you’ve got the green businesses, the rent-seekers, and the crony capitalists who are taking advantage of massive subsidies, huge tax write-offs, and government mandates requiring their technologies to make a fortune on this. And then, of course, you’ve got the scientists who are willingly, they’re basically hooked on government grants.

When they talk about the 99 percent consensus [among scientists] on climate change, that’s a completely ridiculous and false number. But most of the scientists — put it in quotes, scientists — who are pushing this catastrophic theory are getting paid by public money, they are not being paid by General Electric or Dupont or 3M to do this research, where private companies expect to get something useful from their research that might produce a better product and make them a profit in the end because people want it — build a better mousetrap type of idea. But most of what these so-called scientists are doing is simply producing more fear so that politicians can use it to control people’s minds and get their votes because some of the people are convinced, ‘Oh, this politician can save my kid from certain doom.’

It is the biggest lie since people thought the Earth was at the center of the universe. This is Galileo-type stuff. If you remember, Galileo discovered that the sun was at the center of the solar system and the Earth revolved around it. He was sentenced to death by the Catholic Church, and only because he recanted was he allowed to live in house arrest for the rest of his life.

So this was around the beginning of what we call the Enlightenment, when science became the way in which we gained knowledge instead of using superstition and instead of using invisible demons and whatever else, we started to understand that you have to have observation of actual events and then you have to repeat those observations over and over again, and that is basically the scientific method….

Looks Like Boomers Didn’t Get Hepatitis C From Youthful Drug Use After All

A new study challenges the prevailing wisdom that high rates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) among members of the baby boom generation are a result of their youthful experimentation with drugs, unsafe tattooing and risky sex, aidsmap reports. Publishing their findings in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, researchers analyzed 45,316 sequences of genotype 1a of hep C, which is the dominant strain in North America.

The scientists concluded that hep C saw its greatest infection rates between 1940 and 1965. These rates tapered at the end of this period and plateaued between 1965 and 1989. The 1990s saw falling infection rates, and starting in 2000, the rates rose modestly.

These patterns suggest that, in fact, unsafe medical procedures are the root cause of the virus’s spread among baby boomers. This generation was too young during the period of the epidemic’s vast expansion for members to have largely contracted the virus from behaviors—including injection drug use—that are more common among young adults. Furthermore, the post–World War II era saw a great upswing in the number of medical procedures. Proper safety measures, such as the introduction of disposable syringes during the 1950s, were slower to come onto the scene.

Blood transfusions were likely largely responsible for transmissions between 1965 and 1989 given that thorough screening for hep C in the blood supply did not begin until 1992.

Increasing rates of injection drug use and sexual transmission of hep C among HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) are likely behind the uptick in HCV transmission rates since 2000.

To read the aidsmap article, click here.

To read the study abstract, click here….

The same thing has been happening in africa: