Police State Escalates War on Freedom of Speech

According to the MAGA nationalists, the “deep state” only persecutes “conservatives” while liberals get a free pass.

The Gestapo-style raid of liberal journalist Max Blumenthal earlier this week demonstrates quite vividly that the state does indeed attack leftist or left-leaning activists and journalists, not only MAGA supporters and “New Right” nationalists….


The transnational establishment is not political.   It will orchestrate and support whatever causes and puppets are conducive to its continued growth and empowerment.

The sheep have no idea of the nature of the beast.   The network is invisible but well consolidated and absolutely huge and wealthy because it’s been evolving and adapting for many decades.  It has tendrils in every business traded on the stock market, and then some.  Everything from baby food to the prison industrial complex.  It’s simply corruption on a massive scale, and it’s feeding on the economic, social and political destruction of the USA.   This is what you get when you allow private corporations to print money.

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