Even the fetus has gut bacteria, study shows

A study in humans and mice demonstrated that a fetus has its own microbiome, or communities of bacteria living in the gut, which are known to play important roles in the immune system and metabolism. Researchers also confirmed that the fetal microbiome is transmitted from the mother. These findings open the door to potential interventions during pregnancy to stimulate the fetal microbiome when a premature birth is expected, to help the baby grow faster and be better equipped to tolerate early life infection risk. ….


Or conversely and predictably, the door is also open to doctoring the mom’s microbiome to induce chronic illness in children.   Are the owners of food and vaccine/drug companies sufficiently cross-linked that motive and means are merged?   What do you think?

The toxic vaccine business model is obvious in retrospect, but this level of financial concentration is turning the country and the world into one big company town.

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