YouTube is planning to delete all accounts that aren’t “commercially viable” starting December 10

Content creators everywhere are starting to panic about an upcoming policy change over at YouTube that threatens to eliminate all accounts and channels on the Google-owned video platform that are deemed to no longer be “commercially viable.”

In the “Account Suspension & Termination” section of YouTube’s “Terminations by YouTube for Service Changes,” guidelines, the company explains that, as of December 10, 2019, “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service, if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

In other words, if you have a YouTube channel that YouTube employees decide isn’t profitable enough for Google, then the company has now granted itself the option to completely shut down your account without warning or consequence.

What this means is that YouTube content creators who’ve built their entire livelihoods around the platform are going to need a backup option in the event that they end up being terminated. One such option is, which you can sign up for here.

It also means that YouTube has created for itself yet another legal loophole to continue targeting channels that disseminate politically incorrect content, which YouTube has been trying to silence from its platform for at least the past several years.

In essence, YouTube now has a blanket excuse to pull down all channels that it wants to see eliminated by simply claiming that these channels are no longer profitable. And there will likely be no way for targeted YouTube users to prove otherwise….

youtube-dl is a command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter (2.6, 2.7, or 3.2+), and it is not platform specific. We also provide a Windows executable that includes Python. youtube-dl should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like.

EXPOSED: Federal intelligence agencies covered up ’80s child sex cult

The FBI Records Vault recently released a treasure trove of declassified documents about a 1980s sex cult known as “The Finders” – and the details are sure to shock you.

What we’ve already learned from these documents is that United States intelligence agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) covered up an epidemic of child sex abuse, ritual sacrifice, and other horrific crimes against humanity that were being propagated by The Finders.

Under the cover of darkness and deception, The Finders were abducting women, children, and other victims as part of “a large, well organized scheme,” it has been revealed. Further, the US intelligence apparatus was covering for it all, failing – or more accurately refusing – to go after the perpetrators in order to bring them to justice.

A preliminary investigation has uncovered that prosecution against The Finders was declined as far back as the year 1987, which is apparently around the time that the FBI was trying to keep it all under wraps. Despite searches of properties owned by The Finders turning up extensive evidence of criminal activities, including tunnel systems underneath a fake preschool, the FBI chose to pretend as though nothing bad was happening.

This preschool was fake in that it had a fake fire alarm system installed that connected not to the local fire department, but to internal alert monitoring systems that kept a close eye on everyone inside. Further, more than 100 animal bones were found underneath the school’s floors, which suggests that the facility was being used for satanic ritual activity.

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Local police never would have even known about this were it not for a tip called in about six filthy, crying children who were strangely in a park in Tallahassee, Florida, with just one man. Police arrested the man for child abuse and determined that the children he had with him showed signs of malnourishment and abuse.

Strangely, each of the children was later recovered by different adults who claimed to be their parents or guardians, but all of whom had the same exact script denying any wrongdoing. They all insisted that the children were fine, that no abuse had occurred, and even that images of the children slitting the throats of goats wasn’t satanic, but rather “hands on” experience.

It was everything that law enforcement with integrity and honesty needed to seek justice for these poor, innocent children. But since our law enforcement agencies aren’t honest, nor do they act with integrity, authorities ended up declining prosecution. In other words, they simply went ahead and let these obvious criminals off the hook rather than try to get to the bottom of what was clearly going on: child abuse and ritual sacrifices.

None other than Robert Mueller shut down the FBI investigation into The Finders

We know from now-declassified documents that some members of The Finders were also CIA agents, including a woman by the name of Isabelle who worked for the CIA between 1951 and 1971. Records show that travel was made to everywhere from Moscow to North Korea to North Vietnam, though The Finders appear to have been based in the US.

Details divulged through search warrants show that The Finders had – and possibly still have – numerous properties throughout the US, including a farm in Virginia that was found to have cages that were used to “hold children” – will the Democrats speak out about these children in cages, we wonder?

It has also been revealed that The Finders had –and again, possibly still have – classified maps of underground tunnel and sewer systems leading in and out of Washington, D.C., which is interesting considering all of the controversy surrounding the “Pizzagate” scandal, which was said to have been based out of the DC pizza joint “Comet Ping Pong.”

Bizarrely, The Finders even had access to Andrews Air Force Base, which is where cult members were told that they could flee the country in an instant on military planes headed for China. This suggests that The Finders are definitive members of the “deep state” cabal, which is how they have access to these and other top-secret, “government”-only facilities.

Warranted searches have also brought to light the use of books on mind control by The Finders, as well as other evidence that young children are, in fact, being sexually abused by cult members.

It probably won’t come as a surprise, but none other than Robert Mueller of the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory is the guy who shut down all further inquiry into The Finders, which otherwise would have happened based on this cadre of evidence. And just what could have compelled him to make this decision, we wonder?

We’ll let you, our faithful readers, figure that one out on your own.

For more related news about how the deep state controls our nation’s so-called “law enforcement” agencies, be sure to check out

Sources for this article include:

Elite Child Trafficking: The Finders

Twilight of Liberty: the State is Destroying Julian Assange

It should be obvious by now what the plan is for Julian Assange—psychological torture resulting in either a total breakdown or an untimely death, the latter supported by the psychopaths who claim they are our leaders. This psychological torture was noted, with standard corporate media disinterest, by Nils Melzer, an internationally recognized expert on torture treatment.

“Unless the UK urgently changes course and alleviates his inhumane situation, Mr. Assange’s continued exposure to arbitrariness and abuse may soon end up costing his life,” Melzer, UN special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, said in a statement last week.

Melzer demanded “that London immediately take measures to protect Assange’s health and dignity… However, what we have seen from the UK Government is outright contempt for Mr. Assange’s rights and integrity… Despite the medical urgency of my appeal, and the seriousness of the alleged violations, the UK has not undertaken any measures of investigation, prevention and redress required under international law.”

In America, the UK, and much of Europe, the financial elite and its political class consider truth-telling a cardinal sin, a crime punishable by death—not by lethal injection, but slowly and sadistically under a torture system tweaked by the CIA and put into action in rendition dungeons scattered around the world.

An article at Strategic Culture Foundation summarizes:

Assange has provided vital information to the international public which demonstrates systematic corruption by Washington and its allies. For telling the truth, he is now being persecuted, just as his whistleblowing colleagues, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden are. Manning has been repeatedly imprisoned in the US, while Snowden has had to seek asylum in Russia for fear of being summarily incarcerated as a “traitor” if he returns to the US.

In fact, all of us, those who look beyond the headlines and ferret out the truth, are half a dozen steps away from suffering Julian Assange’s fate.

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Cops Can Now Get Warrants for Entire DNA Websites

With just a single warrant, a Florida detective obtained access to the DNA profiles of more than a million people — and experts say the case sets a dangerous precedent. and 23andMe are the largest consumer DNA sites, holding genetic data on 15 million and 10 million people, respectively. However, they aren’t the only DNA sites out there — a smaller service, GEDmatch, currently has about 1.3 million users, each of whom is able to search the site’s entire database.

In May, GEDmatch changed its policies so that law enforcement officials could only search the profiles of people who opted into such searches, which GEDmatch co-founder Curtis Rogers recently told The New York Times about 185,000 users have done.

Prior to the change, police famously used GEDMatch to crack the case of the Golden State Killer, resulting in the arrest of a suspect in April 2018. Detective Michael Fields had also used the database to solve a case prior to the May change and was hopeful it might help with a new one he was investigating in July.

To that end, Fields decided to ask a Florida judge to grant him a warrant that would override the new policy, allowing him to search GEDmatch’s entire database, including users who hadn’t opted in — and Judge Patricia Strowbridge did just that, the detective announced at a recent police convention, according to the NYT….

Feds Collecting DNA “Kill Switches” from US Citizens

New artificial intelligence system automatically evolves to evade internet censorship

Internet censorship by authoritarian governments prohibits free and open access to information for millions of people around the world. Attempts to evade such censorship have turned into a continually escalating race to keep up with ever-changing, increasingly sophisticated internet censorship. Censoring regimes have had the advantage in that race, because researchers must manually search for ways to circumvent censorship, a process that takes considerable time.

New work led by University of Maryland computer scientists could shift the balance of the censorship race. The researchers developed a tool called Geneva (short for Genetic Evasion), which automatically learns how to circumvent censorship. Tested in China, India and Kazakhstan, Geneva found dozens of ways to circumvent censorship by exploiting gaps in censors’ logic and finding bugs that the researchers say would have been virtually impossible for humans to find manually.

The researchers will introduce Geneva during a peer-reviewed talk at the Association for Computing Machinery’s 26th Conference on Computer and Communications Security in London on November 14, 2019….

Needless to say such a system is increasingly needed in “the land of the free”.

Church of Science Examines Speed of Heresy in Society

The Beast Examines the Problem of Controlling Information Contagion

ABC & CBS Fire The ‘Leaker’ of Video Showing Anchor Amy Robach Commenting On Jeffrey Epstein

In the wake of a firestorm of criticism being heaped upon mainstream media companies ABC and CBS as a result of their response to a leaked video featuring ABC anchor Amy Robach, more and more people are awakening to the possibility that Mainstream Media is more in the business of hiding the critical truths humanity needs to know rather than reporting on them. Indeed, phrases like ‘the news you need to know’ is sounding more like a parent shielding children from information that would actually help them grow up….

‘Leaker’ Gets Fired

ABC’s efforts to ‘rectify’ the situation has only left them with more egg on their face. It is no surprise that they completely discount Robach’s claim that outside influence (Buckingham Palace) had any bearing on their decision not to air the interview, as well as Rorbach’s claim that this interview really ‘had everything’; but if Robach’s claims were just their anchor’s erroneous and self-inflating testimony about the integrity and value of her story, would the network really have reason to be so upset that this video came out?

In a move designed to clearly send a message to other would-be leakers of ‘sensitive’ internal information, ABC has worked hard to identify the employee suspected of leaking the Robach video to watchdog group Project Veritas.

Their investigation led them to Ashley Bianco, a former producer on ABC’s “Good Morning America” who joined “CBS This Morning” last month. After ABC executives informed their counterparts at CBS of their suspicions, she lost her job.

There’s just one problem, though. Bianco adamantly denies that she is the leaker….

ABC News Insider Leaks Hot Mic Video to Project Veritas – Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Spiked by Network – Implicated Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew

NBC, ABC And CBS Appear To Have Run Cover For World’s Most Powerful Rape Rings

If Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy In Order To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?

By now, it is exceedingly obvious that the global elite absolutely hate Donald Trump.  No president in U.S. history has faced such a relentless assault by the corporate media, and there have been attempts to sabotage his presidency at every turn.  Miraculously, Trump has survived all of these attacks so far, but now the specter of impeachment looms large over his administration.  The Democrats have a solid majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, they are working quickly toward drafting articles of impeachment, and they actually hope to have Trump impeached by Christmas Day.  But in order to have Trump removed from office, 67 votes will be needed in the Senate, and right now Democrats only control 47 of those seats.  It was always going to be tough for Democrats to get 20 Republicans in the Senate to turn on Trump, but they have bungled this process so badly that they might not end up getting any at all.

That scenario will become even more likely if House Republicans stand solidly united behind Trump, and at this point even the Washington Post is admitting that there is a possibility “that not a single House Republican” will vote for the articles of impeachment…

Congressional Republicans are sticking with their party leader in the face of thousands of pages of evidence showing President Trump leveraged foreign policy for political favors, raising the possibility that not a single House Republican will vote for his impeachment.

Of course it will only take a simple majority to impeach Trump in the House, and Democrats will be able to do that with no problem, but it appears that the effort to remove Trump will be completely dead when it gets to the Senate.

Yes, things could still change and this is a very fluid situation, but as things stand today it seems that Trump is safe.

So what are the elite going to do if impeachment fails?

They are facing the prospect that Trump could actually win again in 2020, and that would mean that he would remain in the White House until January 2025.

For many among the elite, such a scenario must be avoided at all costs.  And the quickest way to get the general public to turn on any president is for the economy to crumble.

This is one of the reasons why some prominent voices on the left have been openly wishing for a recession.  For example, just check out what Bill Maher said not too long ago

“I’ve been saying for about two years that I hope we have a recession and people get mad at me,” said Maher, a multimillionaire who would likely be well insulated from a financial downturn.

“I’m just saying we can survive a recession,” he continued. “We’ve had 47 of them. We’ve had one every time there’s a Republican president! They don’t last forever, You know what lasts forever? Wiping out species!”

Maher is literally wishing for economic pain for more than 300 million Americans just so that another four years of Trump can be avoided.

That is how obsessed some of these radicals are with getting rid of Trump.

And without a doubt, the performance of the economy could be Trump’s Achilles heel.  Whenever any piece of good economic news comes out, he eagerly takes credit for it, and he has publicly warned that there will be an economic crash if a Democrat wins in 2020……

Most likely it’s out of his control even if he remains in office.   He’s not even in control of his administration.   But in any case, friends won’t let friends believe Trump is responsible.   It has been carefully engineered, decades in coming  and the payoff will be astronomical if it goes as planned.

Externalization of the Hierarchy: Pile of Feces Making Social Debut

The invisible uberlords’ attempts to normalize and even idealize their compulsions and belief systems would be the stuff of comedy if it wasn’t so deadly serious.   This is why you should be very careful when your children might come into contact with strangers.   The network is almost unbelievably vast, well funded and acts with total impunity.    The most mind-blowing aspect of their social structure is that they are all enslaved to the system they inhabit.   Given the peasants’ predictable revulsion and hatred of their lifestyle, they are readily imprisoned by blackmail even if they want out.    This is why a truth and reconciliation approach is probably the only way to begin dealing with the problem.    And deal with it we must if we are to survive as a species.

Will Ferrell’s Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

In a deeply disturbing “comedy skit”, Will Ferrell rents clown children to people and jokes about molesting them. Pure Hollywood sickness.

Will Ferrell has been yelling in our ears for decades and has made tons of money doing so. He starred in about seven thousand movies where he played the same exact role of a loud-mouth rube and people laughed every time.

But not this time. This time, it was deeply unfunny. Because this is not a “comedy skit”, this is a window into their souls. It is an exposure of the true nature of Hollywood and those who run it. Here it is.

In this AdultSwim comedy skit, Will Ferrell is the owner of a “child clown outlet” who rents clown kids to people. Throughout this annoying skit, Ferrell says that the kids are “his seed” and jokes about “touching” them…..

Social Experiments in Child Abduction