The Left’s Complaint that Trump Incites Violence is Pure Projectionism

Democrats and leftists love to describe President Trump as a crass bully whose words and tweets incite violence. But the reality of it is Trump doesn’t physically attack or assault anyone. The Democrats and the Left can’t make the same claim.

Democrats have given up all western values concerning decorum, civility, and decency. They’re about getting power at any cost. For example, there were anti-Trump protesters who immediately attacked Trump supporters leaving the Trump rally in Dallas, Texas last week. They were waiting outside the rally to pounce on them. How tolerant.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was eating lunch just the other day in a restaurant in California when two deranged self-described New Yorkers began harassing him.

A Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on a baseball diamond during a congressional game with the intention of killing as many Republicans as he could. That’s the incident here Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot and nearly lost his life.

Kathy Griffin, who claims to be a comedian, held up a severed head of President Trump during a bit she posted online, and couldn’t understand for the life of her why her career went down the toilet afterward…


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