Precedent Setting Case of Forced Gender Transition of 7 Year Old Child

In a court ruling delivered on Thursday, Judge Kim Cooks decided to allow James Younger to have a say in medical decisions being made for his 7-year-old son James, whose mother wanted to place the child on hormone blockers.

Additionally, Cooks placed a gag order on Younger, but Infowars was able to talk with the father three times before he was silenced.

Find out his side of the story in the following videos:

Medicine has expanded the use of proxy consent to encompass munchausen by proxy consent, as psychiatry brain damages and poisons abused kids and obstetrics sexually tortures infants on a wholesale basis with no concern for the blatantly obvious protestations of the victims.

Obviously this is not about the rights of the child, there are larger agendas here involving social engineering and population control.   If the pediatrician mother wins and sets a precedent, then in cases where the state itself is the legal guardian (e.g. foster children), it  will likely exercise such power (which includes surgery) as a tool of mass social control.

There’s every reason to believe such involuntary genital surgery will be as clueless about basic anatomy and erogenous nerves as the “standard of care” used in conventional gender reassignment surgery, which transforms infant boys into a third gender, ecstatically lobotomized and permanently traumatized males.

It seems a medical diploma is becoming a liability for any doctor seeking to establish a reputation in a community, as it implies megalomania and psychopathy.   At some point the impact on their revenue stream may force a showdown with the standard setters of medical convention.

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