Jeffery Epstein Network Graph

After over a month of work on my part, I have now published the Jeffrey Epstein network map that combines thousands of hours of research from numerous individuals and teams around the world. The data sources include the pieces published by Whitney Webb via Mint Press News and numerous mainstream media and government sources that can be verified and tracked.

Explaining the content of this map requires many hours, but in summary we can see:

– Epstein was connected directly to more than one nation’s intelligence agency.
– He was in business with the world’s largest arms dealers.
– He was directly involved in the business of CIA front companies.
– The Maxwell family, including Epstein’s partner Ghislaine were also heavily connected in with intelligence agencies. Robert Maxwell and some of his daughters were instrumental in the distribution of compromised software (PROMIS) that was used by numerous governmental agencies to store and track sensitive information.
– Donald Trump’s disgraced mentor ‘Roy Cohn’ was directly involved in sexual blackmail operations going back decades. Trump then took over one of the hotels that had been used and continued running parties there.
– There are clearly many questions that need to be answered regarding CIA and Israeli secret service activity in the US and globally, plus just how many of the world’s political figures are being blackmailed into supporting policies under the threat of having compromising images of them released and their careers and families destroyed.

Clearly the nature of this information means that some of it is hard to corroborate and we must always maintain an open mind that some if it is incorrect. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It is also important to understand that accusations of human trafficking and child abuse are themselves used as weapons to discredit innocent people.



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