AAP Condemns Sharing Breast Milk

Women who are unable to produce enough breast milk for their children are increasingly turning to “mother-to-mother” informal milk-sharing, a potentially unsafe practice that is discouraged by the pediatric medical community, according to new research being presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2019 National Conference & Exhibition…..

“Informal milk sharing is becoming increasingly popular and widespread,” said Nikita Sood, researcher at Cohen Children’s Medical Center/Northwell Health in New York. “It is therefore crucial that physicians become aware of this practice and the associated risks so that they can educate patients and address this growing concern.”

More than 50% of 650 mothers who responded anonymously to a survey shared on Facebook said they did not have any safety concerns about the informally donated breast milk, and almost 80% did not medically screen the donors because they “trusted them.” AAP discourages the use of informally shared breast milk because of the risks of potential spreading of disease or exposure to medications, alcohol, illegal drugs or other contaminants…..


This is absurd.   Of course there will be a wider variance in the quality of breast milk among a group of lactating women than the uniform toxicity of the industrial effluent that they sell in supermarkets.,  but the mean is obviously going to be of higher quality.   They still don’t know or can’t synthesize everything in BM.    It was only recently that they started adding FATTY ACIDS for crissakes.  http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/MGM/blog/BFeedingIQ.txt

Think about the motivations of new mothers for sharing their BM.    Are they going to be out partying every night or doing drugs?   Not likely, unless they’re clueless enough to be doing pharmaceutical drugs.   But mothers who have excess milk likely  had a normal successful birth without traumatic intervention, which means they’re unlikely to be on antidpressants or the other potions dispensed to birth-traumatized and depressed women.   They’re also likely to be taking good care of themselves.

Contrast that with the motivations of profit-motivated food conglomerates (and medicine itself for that matter) who are often networked with pharmaceutical companies, a structural conflict of interest.   Which is a better bet?

The AAP recommends 6 months of BF.   Look at a growth chart (weight vs time) of a typical human baby.   It doesn’t even approximate linearity for at least a year.   There’s a good reason for high levels of nurturing hormones in new mothers: it makes them more attentive to the needs of the baby than the vagaries of convenience or the dictates of brainwashed doctors.   There are all kinds of nutritional, immunological and psychological reasons for BF for as long as the baby wants it.   That’s what it means to be a mammal.

It’s not at all unreasonable to automatically doubt any child care guidance coming from the american medical establishent until you’ve done your own research.   The vast majority of human evolution occurred without the “benefit” of medical meddling.   If the AAP thinks it has a better idea for human design and function, let them prove it to a higher standard than their bogus birth, circumcision and vaccination “science”.


This is a brief list of ways to make a big difference for the woman who is breast feeding. Do one, some, or all, everything matters.

1. When the breast comes out, you run to get a big glass of something for her to drink. (Trust me, the minute the baby latches on, her throat will go dry).
2. Find (or buy) a low foot stool for her. (Rubbermaid makes a good one and Ikea has a cheap, functional one). Putting her feet on a stool brings baby up to the breast so she doesn’t have to hunch forward.
3. Watch her shoulders, if they are hunched forward, she’s not relaxed. Find some soft pillows to bring baby up higher or support her arms. She’ll forget about this so you keep on top of it.
4. Tell her what you authentically appreciate about her feeding the baby. E.g. Thank you for all you do to make our baby healthy. You look so beautiful when you’re feeding the baby., etc etc.
5. Put a snack beside her, she needs extra calories to produce milk. A plate of sliced apples, toast with almond butter, cheese and crackers, etc.
6. While she’s feeding, scan the environment she’s looking at. When she’s sitting, you’re moving. Empty the trash, clear the clutter, mop the dust bunnies, water the plants.
7. Give her a shoulder massage.
The partner being an active participant in the breast feeding support can strengthen the family….


Gloria Lemay’s breastfeeding advice:


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