Vitamin D affects key immune system cells

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have discovered a new way that vitamin D affects the body’s immune system. The study, published in the Frontiers in Immunology, showed that vitamin D can potentially help manage autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin D’s role in the human body

Despite its name, vitamin D is not a true vitamin; it is a pro-hormone. Vitamins need to be consumed from food because the body cannot produce them by itself. Vitamin D, on the other hand, can be synthesized by the body from sunlight, on top of dietary sources:

  • Egg yolks — Most of the protein is found in the egg whites, but the nutrients are found in the yolk. Compared to chickens that are raised indoors, pasture-raised or free-range chickens produce eggs that have higher amounts of vitamin D.
  • Mushrooms — They are the only plants capable of converting sunlight into vitamin D, making them the only plant source of this nutrient.
  • Fatty fish and seafood — Some examples of seafood rich in vitamin D are salmon, shrimp, and herring.

Vitamin D has a key role in multiple functions of the body. It helps maintain bone and teeth health, aside from regulating insulin levels and aiding in diabetes management.

Vitamin D is also important for the brain, immune system and nervous system. It regulates cell growth and cell-to-cell communication. In fact, some studies have suggested that calcitriol, an active form of vitamin D, can potentially inhibit cancer progression. (Related: Vitamin D Halts Growth of Breast Cancer Tumors.)

Vitamin D and the immune system

The list of research backing up vitamin D’s role in the immune system is long. In the Edinburgh study however, the researchers wanted to explore vitamin D’s influence on autoimmune diseases. Previous works have observed an inverse relationship between vitamin D and the susceptibility to autoimmune diseases. Some of these include Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis….

Flu Vaccine Facts: What You Need to Know for 2019-20

The Children’s Health Defense team has pulled together these resources to help you make informed decisions about the flu vaccine in order to protect you and your family from harm. For instance, mercury is a neurotoxin and contained in some flu vaccines. It has been linked to neurodevelopmental disorders and many diseases. Please download and copy or print the flu brochure below to share with your family, friends, doctors and community leaders.

Download the 2019-20 Flu Brochure

Know The Facts

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and pharmaceutical companies mount an aggressive campaign in the mainstream media to persuade Americans to get their flu shots. Flu shots are big business: industry analysts estimate that within the next five years, the U.S. flu vaccine market will be worth approximately $7.5 billion annually, up from $5 billion in 2018.

The CDC has advised the industry to hike demand through the use of a “recipe” of messaging to get your flu shot now through advertisements that include “…statements of alarm by public health authorities…prediction of dire outcomes from influenza…continued reports that influenza is causing severe illness affecting lots of people…repeated urging of influenza vaccination…” that bombard consumers.

Roughly half of the claims compensated in the NVICP (6,883 claims) have been for influenza vaccine injuries. The total compensation to date (paid for by consumers) is over $4.2 billion. As the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a voluntary surveillance system, is acknowledged by the government to capture as little as one percent of actual adverse events, the flu vaccine injuries and deaths could be as high as 320,000.

The following are Children’s Health Defense articles and video, chart showing Thimerosal in the flu vaccine supply, and peer-reviewed published references:

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Hasty “Burial At Sea” & Other Baghdadi Raid Details Eerily Parallel To Bin Laden Death Mythology

Years after the 2011 Navy SEAL raid on the Abbottabad, Pakistan compound which killed Osama bin Laden, a bombshell investigation published in 2015 by legendary reporter Seymour Hersh debunked key elements of the Obama administration’s narrative of the hit, especially related to the hasty disposal of bin Laden’s body, claimed by the Pentagon to have been buried at sea within 24 hours (after DNA identity confirmation) “in accordance with Islamic tradition”. But according to Hersh’s sources, there was no burial at sea given “there wouldn’t have been much left of bin Laden to put into the sea in any case” as the al-Qaeda leader had been “torn apart with rifle fire”. Instead, pieces of the corpse were “tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains” by Navy SEALs during the chopper flight out of Pakistan, according to Hersh’s sources. It was but one detail contradicting a broader Washington narrative meant to in part conceal the shocking fact that close American ally Pakistan had for years been hiding Osama bin Laden “in plain sight” — with knowledge at the highest levels of Islamabad intelligence officials  even as US special forces combed the mountains of Afghanistan in a futile manhunt .

And now here we are, days after another epic raid on another world’s #1 terror leader’s compound, with the exact same hasty “burial at sea” story from the Pentagon. In the case of ISIS terror chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s body, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley announced Monday during a Pentagon briefing: “The disposal of his [al-Baghdadi’s] remains has been done and is complete and was handled appropriately.” ABC and other outlets were then quick to report that

The remains of ISIS leader and founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were disposed at sea after he died during the U.S. military raid that targeted his compound in northwest Syria over the weekend, a U.S. official confirmed Monday.”

“Authorities would not reveal details about which U.S. Navy ship was used for the burial or in which body of water it took place, but they told ABC News that the procedure was similar to the one used to dispose of the remains of al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden,” ABC continued. In bin Laden’s case, the body was taken to the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson, which had been stationed in the North Arabian Sea. Gen. Milley had indicated Monday of Baghdadi that before being disposed of his remains were “transported to a secure facility to confirm his identity with forensic DNA testing.”

The proof, apparently documented by the Pentagon through numerous photos and videos detailing the body confirmation and disposal process, remains classified, with potential limited release of imagery surrounding the raid possibly days away after a “declassification process”. Gen. Milley said of such evidence, “We are not prepared at the time to release those.”…

Has he joined his friend John McCain in hell?   Or are they both in some tropical paradise befitting their services to the empire?

Pentagon Can’t Find, White House Won’t Release Records of bin Laden’s Death

Vaxxed2 Documentary: America’s hidden vaccine injury epidemic: “A war zone” of dead children

The producers of Vaxxed2 — the new vaccine truth documentary highlighted at — joined me at the InfoWars studios for an exclusive interview about the launch of this powerful film that’s set to blow the lid on the epidemic of vaccine injuries that are killing and maiming children across America (and around the world).

The full interview, shown below via, is a powerful must-see discussion about vaccines and the “war zone” of mass death they’re unleashing across America.

Children are being hospitalized, maimed and killed because of dangerous ingredients that are deliberately formulated into vaccines. And no one is allowed to talk about it.

The vaccine industry preys on children, deceives the public, aggressively hypes every outbreak (even the ones caused by vaccines) and pressures the tech giants to censor any truth about the dangers of vaccine ingredients. This is an industry dominated by a twisted combination of pure evil and mad science.

Vaxxed2 theater locations are being kept secret until 24 hours before launch

Vaxxed2 opens in theaters nationwide on November 6th. The theater locations have to be kept secret until 24 hours before the films play, due to extreme threats of violence and terrorism against the Vaxxed2 film producers. Sign up to be alerted to theater locations at

In mid-December, the full film will be available as a paid video on

Watch the shocking, full interview here and share everywhere:

They Live, We Sleep: Beware the Growing Evil in Our Midst

“You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.”They Live

We’re living in two worlds, you and I.

There’s the world we see (or are made to see) and then there’s the one we sense (and occasionally catch a glimpse of), the latter of which is a far cry from the propaganda-driven reality manufactured by the government and its corporate sponsors, including the media.

Indeed, what most Americans perceive as life in America—privileged, progressive and free—is a far cry from reality, where economic inequality is growing, real agendas and real power are buried beneath layers of Orwellian doublespeak and corporate obfuscation, and “freedom,” such that it is, is meted out in small, legalistic doses by militarized police armed to the teeth.

All is not as it seems.

This is the premise of John Carpenter’s film They Live, which was released more than 30 years ago, and remains unnervingly, chillingly appropriate for our modern age.

Best known for his horror film Halloween, which assumes that there is a form of evil so dark that it can’t be killed, Carpenter’s larger body of work is infused with a strong anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment, laconic bent that speaks to the filmmaker’s concerns about the unraveling of our society, particularly our government.

Time and again, Carpenter portrays the government working against its own citizens, a populace out of touch with reality, technology run amok, and a future more horrific than any horror film.

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Interesting report of pre-shooting activity October 2017 in Las Vegas

Another “lone gunman” shooting that wasn’t . . .

Here’s a firsthand account of Hooters garage filling up with black Suburban or SUVs govt hours before shooting. This seems to be the exercise scheduled that night . . .

The report below is not easy to read due to the caps and spelling, but it’s worth it. Occurs to me that the vehicles might have been connected to the Saudi prince who owned the top floor of Mandalay Bay. A Saudi prince could own even more vehicles than an alphabet agency. The ‘intelligence’ community would surely be more discrete – sending only a small crew to do the damage.

Dang. People were sitting ducks that night. Anyone have more information about this slaughter?

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was arrested in King Salman’s anti-corruption crackdown. This is the same Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who, together with Bill Gates, owns the Four Seasons Hotel that is located within the 5 top floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas… (from

See more information about the prince and his not especially prescient 2015 tweet to Donald Trump at – Maybe he was ticked that Trump won not only the candidacy but also the general election. Alwaleed owns millions of shares in He was arrested in November 2017.

And now for the report referred to in the title of this post:

PICKUPS WITH OFF ROAD TIRES, MUFFLERS , LIGHTS, ECT. Continue reading Interesting report of pre-shooting activity October 2017 in Las Vegas

“Liberal” Handwringing over Facebook Vaccine Algorithms

You just have to marvel at the level of delusion and manipulation which the establishment is capable of imposing.

Here’s a radical hypothesis: pre-nazi germans were no dumber than a typical american is today.  Probably smarter, given the neurotoxic chemicals that americans (especially kids) are exposed to.  Yet hitler took control.  How was this possible?  Through the big lies promulgated by the likes of this orifice:

Facebook promised to institute a stricter policy on anti-vaccination misinformation in ads back in February, a policy it expanded sitewide in March. That crackdown, however, appears to be penalizing some legitimate healthcare providers while letting some anti-vaccine conspiracies slide, even as the United States faces its largest outbreak of diseases preventable by vaccines in decades.

This month, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, the state’s official health department, bought 14 ads to promote a statewide program providing free pediatric vaccinations. Facebook removed all of them.

During the same time period, Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine nonprofit founded and chaired by the nation’s most prominent vaccine conspiracy theorist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., successfully placed more than 10 ads stoking unfounded fear about vaccines and other medical conspiracy theories. Some of the ads skirted around their intent, and some did not: One promised to reveal the truth about the “MMR Vaccine’s Poison Pill”—the commonplace vaccine against mumps, measles, and rubella. It reached between 10,000 and 50,000 people, and Facebook took in between $100 and $500 for the ad.

Another page promoted a link to a website called without issue in June. The group Michigan for Vaccine Choice, which advocates for exemptions from mandatory vaccines, is still running an ad that began mid-July. All of the ads draw ideas from a debunked web of conspiracy theories arguing that vaccines pose hidden dangers and the risk of “vaccine injury” means children should be denied potentially life-saving immunizations. …

The vaccine discovery that destroyed Judy Mikovitz’s career

What A Democratic Socialist Convention Is Like

Oxford University Bans Clapping At Student Union Events To “Stop Triggering Anxiety”

Soros Says Warren “Most Qualified To Be President”

George Soros, like Barack Obama, has passed over former Vice President Joe Biden when it comes to the 2020 US election.

In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times, the progressive billionaire predicted that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts will become the Democratic nominee who will face Trump in 2020.

She has emerged as the clear-cut person to beat,” he said. “I don’t take a public stance, but I do believe that she is the most qualified to be president.

Soros quickly added that his comments were not an endorsement of Warren, saying “I’m not endorsing anybody because I want to work with whoever, ” adding “I don’t express my views generally because I have to live with whoever the electorate chooses.”

When the Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin pointed out that the ultra-wealthy, including his Wall St. peers think Warren’s taxation of the rich and tight regulatory plans for banks would be a giant threat to the “capitalistic system in which he made his riches,” Soros said he disagreed – reiterating his support of a wealth tax.

“I am in favor of taxing the rich,” said Soros, “including a wealth tax.”…

Soros is as “progressive” as a medieval catholic inquisitor progressing his victims to salvation.   Can we have our language back please?

He obviously didn’t amass his wealth by giving it away.   It’s buried beneath mountains of legalese and corporate fronts.  That’s why he’s all for a wealth tax: it will only affect his most powerful enemies, those whose wealth isn’t sufficient to buy such financial camouflage.

All these “philanthropic” gestures are in fact investments in social engineering which will pay off handsomely if the NWO project is successful.

It appears warren is a puppet.

PILGER: Assange Railroading: Did This Happen in the Home of the Magna Carta?

The worst moment was one of a number of ‘worst’ moments. I have sat in many courtrooms and seen judges abuse their positions, This judge, Vanessa Baraitser—actually she isn’t a judge at all; she’s a magistrate—shocked all of us who were there.

Her face was a progression of sneers and imperious indifference; she addressed Julian with an arrogance that reminded me of a magistrate presiding over apartheid South Africa’s Race Classification Board. When Julian struggled to speak, he couldn’t get words out, even stumbling over his name and date of birth.

When he spoke truth and when his barrister spoke, Baraister contrived boredom; when the prosecuting barrister spoke, she was attentive. She had nothing to do; it was demonstrably preordained. In the table in front of us were a handful of American officials, whose directions to the prosecutor were carried by his junior; back and forth this young woman went, delivering instructions.

The judge watched this outrage without a comment. It reminded me of a newsreel of a show trial in Stalin’s Moscow; the difference was that Soviet show trials were broadcast. Here, the state broadcaster, the BBC, blacked it out, as did the other mainstream channels.

Having ignored Julian’s barrister’s factual description of how the CIA had run a Spanish security firm that spied on him in the Ecuadorean embassy, she didn’t yawn, but her disinterest was as expressive. She then denied Julian’s lawyers any more time to prepare their case – even though their client was prevented in prison from receiving legal documents and other tools with which to defend himself.

Her knee in the groin was to announce that the next court hearing would be at remote Woolwich, which adjoins Belmarsh prison and has few seats for the public. This will ensure isolation and be as close to a secret trial as it’s possible to get. Did this happen in the home of the Magna Carta? Yes, but who knew?

More Important Than Dreyfus

Julian’s case is often compared with Dreyfus; but historically it’s far more important. No one doubts — not his enemies on The New York Times, not the Murdoch press in Australia – that if he is extradited to the United States and the inevitable supermax, journalism will be incarcerated, too.

Who will then dare to expose anything of importance, let alone the high crimes of the West? Who will dare publish ‘Collateral Murder’? Who will dare tell the public that democracy, such as it is, has been subverted by a corporate authoritarianism from which fascism draws its strength.

Once there were spaces, gaps, boltholes, in mainstream journalism in which mavericks, who are the best journalists, could work. These are long closed now. The hope is the samizdat on the internet, where fine disobedient journalism is still practised. The greater hope is that a judge or even judges in Britain’s court of appeal, the High Court, will rediscover justice and set him free. In the meantime, it’s our responsibility to fight in ways we know but which now require more than a modicum of Assange courage.