Turn The Page or Lose Your Children to Indoctrination

Parents, protect your children’s bodies and minds. “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” Today’s children are under attack.

The education system is supposed to engage children to open their minds and expand their knowledge. Unfortunately, the “system” is one of indoctrination rather than education. Schools all across the country, and the world for that matter, have been teaching children social and political agendas to raise them with beliefs that are unfounded, oftentimes fear mongering and completely distorted from truth, while breaking down the family unit. Books that once contained a moral lesson in 16 out of 25 pages from 1810 have decreased to less than one page out of 25 in 1950. It’s tragic, and it’s not going to stop until parents pay attention, create change, and turn the page.

Turn The Page Before Your Children Have Nightmares & False Perceptions

please don't eat the children

In a charter school fifteen miles outside of Denver, Colorado, a young boy has suffered sleepless nights and nightmares because of books he’s read in school. His mother Meleah Rubio, took it upon herself to volunteer at the school’s library, and quickly discovered the shelves were filled with horror, witchcraft, sorcery, and monsters under the bed . . .

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Prepping tips for women: Natural birth control methods you can use in a post-SHTF world

… Natural birth control methods

The first thing to do in order to prevent pregnancy is to know your body. Every woman is different: each has different menstrual cycles and varying levels of fertility. To prepare for a disaster, it is best to first consult with your health care provider. Ask if there are any special conditions you need to know. By learning more, you will have a better idea of which birth control method will work best for you.

When disaster strikes, here are some natural ways to avoid getting pregnant:

Calendar/Rhythm method

This method will help you determine the days of your peak fertility and days that you are “safe” to have sex. For those who have a predictable cycle, this is an easy method to follow. However, this method requires you to know the schedule of your menstrual cycle beforehand.

Basal body temperature method

If you have an unpredictable menstrual cycle and you’re not sure of your schedule, you can always use this method. The basal body temperature method (BBT) is also called the “thermometer” method. Compared to condoms and pills, they can be used multiple times and you can buy a few back-ups.

The primary idea behind this method is that there are minute changes in body temperature when a woman ovulates. When the BBT is low, it is a safe day. If the BBT rises, the person is ovulating and more likely to get pregnant.

Follow the steps below to chart your BBT:

  1. Take your temperature once you wake up. For accurate data, it’s best if you take it at the same time every day.
  2. Record the temperature and lay them out on a chart.

The changes in temperature are extremely small, so it’s best to use a special large-scale basal thermometer. Once you get the hang of charting your BBT, you now have a better idea of your safe and fertile days.

Cervical mucus method

This method requires you to examine your cervical mucus. Changes in the cervical mucus’ color and consistency reflect the peak times of fertility. On safe days, women release a cloudy discharge. However, once a woman ovulates, the cervical mucus looks stretchy and clear, like a raw egg white. If the discharge becomes cloudy again, it means the ovulation is over.

In an SHTF situation, pregnancy is risky. If you’re currently pregnant, you must prepare a lot of things in case disaster strikes. Find out more at Preparedness.news….


Putin Derangement Syndrome: Craziester and More Craziester

Remember the Spinal Tap scene where the witless band member explains that because their numbers go to 11 they can always get that little bit extra? Putin Derangement Syndrome went past 11 a long time ago: we need a whole new set of superlatives, “craziest” just won’t do any more

After writing this compendium of nonsense about Putin from Western sources in 2015, I ran a short series on Putin Derangement Syndrome; I gave up when Putin Derangement Syndrome and Trump Derangement Syndrome merged into a crescendo of craziness, far past what I could have imagined.

(And Trump Derangement Syndrome is also passed 11 – “Why Ivanka Trump’s new haircut should make us very afraid“.)

In the past, American hysteria campaigns against the enemy-of-the-moment ended when their target did. Noriega went to jail, Milosevic died in jail, Hussein and Qadaffi were killed, bin Laden was killed, Aidid – but who remembers him? The frenzy built up and up and stopped at the end before it got to 11. But Putin is still there and growing stronger by the moment. And the frenzy therefore has to go past 10, past 11 and ever upwards. One of the craziest (to say nothing of disgusting) things was this absurd cartoon from the (formerly) staid NYT. But that was a whole year ago.

No longer bare chests, Aspergers, big fish, gunslinger walks – in 2015 they were laughing; today Putin has super powers. Two events sent it past 11. Somebody leaked e-mails from the DNC showing that it was rigging the nomination for Clinton and she lost a 99% certain election. Immediately, her campaign settled on blaming Russia for both.

That strategy had been set within twenty-four hours of her concession speech. [9 November 2016] Mook and Podesta assembled her communications team at the Brooklyn headquarters to engineer the case that the election wasn’t entirely on the up-and-up. For a couple of hours, with Shake Shack containers littering the room, they went over the script they would pitch to the press and the public. Already, Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument. (From Shattered, quoted here.)

The bogus – bogus because most of the people on his team were part of the conspiracy and knew there was no collusion – Mueller investigation dragged on until – despite the endless “bombshells” – it finally stopped. But the crazies insist… not guilty but… not exonerated! And Trumputin’s principal conspiracist rants on. …


AAP goes limp on use of nonnutritive sweeteners by children

Itasca, IL – Nonnutritive or artificial sweeteners are a growing part of U.S. diets, now consumed by at least one in four children. A new American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement offers a summary of the existing data around nonnutritive sweeteners and recommends future research into how they affect children’s weight, taste preferences, the risk for diabetes, and long-term safety.

The AAP policy statement “The Use of Nonnutritive Sweeteners in Children” published in the November 2019 Pediatrics (published online Oct. 28), recommends that the amount of these no- or low-calorie sweeteners be listed on product labels so families and researchers can better understand how much children are consuming and any possible health effects.

“Looking at the evidence, we found there’s still a lot to learn about the impact of nonnutritive sweeteners on children’s health,” said Carissa Baker-Smith, MD, MPH, FAAP, lead author of the AAP policy statement and an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “We need more research into the use of nonnutritive sweeteners and the risk for obesity and Type 2 diabetes, especially in children. Considering how many children are regularly consuming these products – which have become ubiquitous — we should have a better understanding of how they impact children’s long-term health.”…


I have a better idea.   Instead of standing by and waiting to see what happens, why not do what’s right for kids and issue a statement on the inadvisability of this grand experiment, addressed to government and industry as well as parents.   They’re so busy “protecting” babies from breast milk and foreskins they can’t be bothered to practice a little precaution and protect them from random hazards in their food, many of which have already been linked to hyperactivity and obesity.

For some reason parents continue to rely on organizations like the AAP to help them navigate the complexities of raising children under a covert eugenics regime, although of course its never admitted as such, especially by its institutional pillars such as the AAP.    The sooner parents wake up to the reality, the better off their kids will be.

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