Vaccines: Highwire: Enemy of the State?


95 percent of baby foods tested contain toxic metals, new report says

First evidence of immune response targeting brain cells in autism

CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

Producers of Vaxxed 2 in Studio

2 Month Old Baby Dies 12 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines – Pediatrician Denies Link

A young couple speaks about how their healthy 2 month old baby died 12 hours after receiving 8 vaccines in one visit to their pediatrician.When the infant was pronounced dead at the hospital, and the parents mentioned during the investigation how the baby had received 8 vaccines that day, no one at the hospital allegedly investigated further to look for a vaccine connection. They talked to their pediatrician the next day, and she refused to link the death to vaccines, instead calling it SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

The medical professionals would not even report the death to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), the government database to report vaccine injuries and deaths. It was the coroner who reported it to VAERS…


Poll: Majority of Americans Want to Re-write First Amendment to Stop “Hate Speech”

A new poll has found that a majority of Americans want to re-write the First Amendment to “reflect the cultural norms of today” in order stop “hate speech.”

The survey indicates “free speech is under more threat than previously believed,” according to The Campaign for Free Speech, who conducted the poll.

51 per cent of Americans want to see the First Amendment rewritten while more than 60 per cent agree with restricting free speech in some way.

Nearly 60 per cent of Millennials agreed that the Constitution “goes too far in allowing hate speech in modern America” and should be done over, compared to 48 percent of Gen Xers and 47 percent of Baby Boomers.

Most Millennials also support laws that would make “hate speech” a crime and 54 per cent of those support jail time for offenders.

Almost 60 per cent of respondents also thought that “government should be able to take action against newspapers and TV stations that publish content that is biased, inflammatory, or false,” with 46 per cent supporting possible jail time.

“The findings are frankly extraordinary,” executive director Bob Lystad told the Washington Free Beacon. “Our free speech rights and our free press rights have evolved well over 200 years, and people now seem to be rethinking them.”

The numbers are shocking and reflect a total lack of understanding of the concept of free speech, which is that the very worst speech must be upheld for free speech to exist at all since what’s considered “offensive” or “hate” is entirely subjective.

The Supreme Court has ruled that so-called “hate speech” is part of free speech but the majority of Americans, and especially younger people, have no grasp of this.


Russia and Clinton’s Election Plan B

America is an insular nation, exceptional only in its willful ignorance of the rest of the world. Many Americans, undoubtedly a majority, know very little about what is really going on in the world.

Millions of Americans are unable to see Hillary Clinton for what she is—a “pay-to-play” corrupt psychopath and warmonger. It is entirely fair to say she is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Libya and Syria. But, like most Americans, if you get your information from establishment sources, you’re not going to know about this. Only Benghazi briefly scraped away the patina and whitewash to provide a glimpse of the real Hillary Clinton, a glimpse long ago faded in the rearview mirror of controlled corporate media politics.

Social media meme-izes a conspiracy theory so weak, so transparently bogus and manufactured it is sincerely shocking anybody beyond a six-year-old believes it….

Transparency in all things