Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Online Mastering Vaccine Information Boot Camp

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is offering an 8 week intensive online course, Mastering Vaccine Information Boot Camp, October 7 through November 27, 2019.

Open Enrollment is September 26, 2019 through October 1, 2019, but people can Sign Up NOW here to be first in line.

The 8-week Mastering Vaccine Info (MVI) Boot Camp Course and Training is an intensive course that covers what you need to know to teach others about smallpox, polio, herd immunity, the schedules, the package inserts and the truth about what “safe and effective” really means.

Most importantly, you will learn the necessary language skills to communicate key concepts in sound bites, to confront bullies and how to stand your ground.

The course information coupled with the language training is what makes the MVI Boot Camp both unique and powerful.

The 8-week, Online course begins October 4 and through November 27, 2019. 

  • Modules: Each Saturday, you will receive access to one or two-course presentations (we call each presentation a module). The modules are available in both MP4 and prezi format (a prezi is a powerpoint presentation with a voiceover.)
  • Docbox: Each module has up to 15 documents (pdf files). These are the peer-reviewed medical references that support the module’s information. You are encouraged to download these references and print them for your course manual. This material is available in the public domain, but we gathered the references into one place, your Docbox, for your convenience and additional study.
  • Weekly Online discussion: Every Thursday night at 9pEST, Matt and Dr. Sherri host a LIVE class using ZOOM. The discussion will not be broadcast into the Facebook Group. We will discuss the current week’s module information and have on-going LANGUAGE training. The Thursday night class is really the most important part of the course!
    • If you can’t attend live, no worries! We have students enrolled from all over the world and time zones, so the discussions are recorded.
    • You can submit questions in advance if you cannot attend live.
    • The discussion is NOT streamed to Facebook. It’s private.
  • Communication: Matt and Dr. Sherri have open, active communication boards and email access during the 8-week course.


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