Corrupt FBI covering up the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein

(Natural News) After decades of examples, leading all the way back to the Clinton administration, it should be obvious by now that the Deep State — the cabal of government officials, agencies, careerists, politicians, intelligence personnel, and even media types — have completely corrupted all government institutions while stacking the deck to keep ‘outsiders’ from power.

That all changed, of course, when Donald Trump upset the apple cart and managed to capture the will of the people and defeat the most corrupt, yet unindicted, presidential contender in the history of the country — Hillary Clinton.

The Deep State has been gunning for Trump ever since with one fake scandal after another. “Spygate” and “Russian collusion” were both designed specifically to depose the president like you would in a banana republic.

The latest iteration of this Deep State attempt to get rid of Trump is the “Ukraine scandal” in which the president has been accused of doing exactly what former Vice President Joe Biden did: Threaten to withhold aid from that country unless its government bent to his wishes and stopped investigating a company paying his son, Hunter, fifty grand a month.

One of the most corrupted government agencies, though, is the FBI and, by default, it’s ‘governing’ body, the Justice Department. We saw that in Spygate: Top-ranking FBI officials including Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok, and top lawyer Lisa Page were all involved in the attempt to prevent Trump from beating Hillary.

Now, according to John Mark Dougan, a former Florida deputy sheriff who fled to Moscow after federal agents raided his home, the FBI is covering for Britain’s Prince Andrew over his role in the child sex crimes of the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, Dougan says he has hundreds of hours of video footage from Epstein’s Florida mansion, where several women say they were paid to have sex when they were minors.

“I’m certain the FBI is involved in some kind of cover-up over Epstein,” Dougan told the Times of London, via The Gateway Pundit. “That could absolutely include Andrew’s role, or it could be that senior FBI people visited the house and don’t want to reveal that.”

Dougan, a former Marine, has been in Moscow seeking asylum so he can avoid being arrested in the U.S. for alleged computer hacking. He says he still has a lot of evidence despite being raided.

“The FBI got hold of all the data I have when they raided me. My copies of the files will never be released unless something untoward happens to me,” he said.

‘Insurance policy’

When asked by the Daily Mail what kind of information he still has, he responded: “Do I have dirt on Prince Andrew? I have lots of things.”…

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