Prozac Maker Paid Millions To Secure Favorable Verdict In Mass Shooting Lawsuit

  • The Facts:It was recently disclosed that Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly paid millions of dollars to the victims of a mass shooter to cover up the connection between the mass shooter and Prozac.

  • Reflect On:Why are all mass shooters, past and present, always on some similar type of prescription drugs, most notably antidepressants.

Everybody should know by now that pharmaceutical companies are extremely unethical, and that they have a very tight stranglehold over government health regulatory agencies like the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., pharmaceutical companies have more lobbyists in Washington D.C. than there are congressmen and senators combined. They are even more powerful than big oil and gas, so you can just imagine the power they exercise over politicians and our federal health regulatory agencies. It’s also important to point out the revolving door that exists between big pharma and federal health regulatory agencies. Julie Gerberding, the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association ‘Woman of the Year,’ is a prime example of someone who has gone through the revolving door between government regulatory agencies and the corporations they are supposed to be regulating. She was once the Director of the CDC before moving over to an executive position at Merck.

This is no secret, multiple scientists from within these organizations, like the CDC, have even “blown the whistle.”

A group called the CDC Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research, or CDC SPIDER, put a list of complaints in a letter to the CDC Chief of Staff and provided a copy of the letter to the public watchdog organization U.S. Right to Know (USRTK). [Excerpt:]

“We are a group of scientists at CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at our agency.  It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests. It seems that our mission and Congressional intent for our agency is being circumvented by some of our leaders. What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception. Some senior management officials at CDC are clearly aware and even condone these behaviors.

There are so many examples of pharmaceutical fraud, it’s truly unbelievable how they are able to operate. One of the latest examples comes from the drugmaker that produces Prozac. This is an antidepressant that Joseph Wesbeker’s victims claimed was responsible for his shooting rampage 30 years ago at Standard Gravure. The maker of the drug quietly paid $20 mllion to help “ensure a verdict exonerating the drug company…”


Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma Owns Congress

  • The Facts:Robert F. Kennedy Jr emphasizes how pharmaceutical companies have a large hand in how the American government creates healthcare policy and recommendations.

  • Reflect On:At the end of the day, awareness is key, as we are the tools used by these corporations. Without US, they would not be able to sell their product. Do these companies have our best interest at heart? Or does business greed take over?

Those of you who have been involved in the past in the battle to protect our children from poorly made vaccines or toxic chemicals in our food or in our water know the power of these industries and how they’ve undermined every institution in our democracy that is supposed to protect little children from powerful, greedy corporations. Even the pharmaceutical companies have been able to purchase congress. They’re the largest lobbying entity in Washington D.C.. They have more lobbyists in Washington D.C. than there are congressman and senators combined. They give twice to congress what the next largest lobbying entity is, which is oil and gas… Imagine the power they exercise over both republicans and democrats. They’ve captured them (our regulatory agencies) and turned them into sock puppets. They’ve compromised the press… and they destroy the publications that publish real science. (Robert F. Kennedy Jr, from the video below)…

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The Storm: How to prepare for a global corruption purge?

It is arguable that we are seeing the decline and end of Globalism, together with many supporting institutions and doctrines. Whilst the counter-trend is labelled Nationalism by the media, it is better seen as anti-authoritarianism. The demand is for power be held closer to the people, rather than by an unaccountable political establishment.

Anti-globalism is the narrative that joins together otherwise seemingly disparate events — mass protests in Hong Kong, Brexit in the UK, a “cold” civil war in France, a new government in Brazil, and the Trump administration in the USA. Working people are tired of extreme wealth disparities, declining standards of living, and mass migration causing cultural upheaval.

Most of all, ordinary people demand and end to their exploitation through endemic corruption. Specifically, a two-tier justice system has evolved where a privileged class can easily evade consequences for their thieving behaviour. This powerful stateless mafia — which controls many important political, financial, media and industrial institutions — now faces removal and justice.

Corruption: The world’s biggest industry

We have seen a number of corruption scandals break recently, including:

  • Pharma — illegal pushing of addictive opiates to the public
  • Banking — LIBOR scandal, US mortgage fraud, 1MDB in Malaysia that may take down Goldman Sachs by the time it’s done
  • Industrials — huge accounting fraud at GE
  • Google — involvement in espionage and treason on behalf of China
  • Hollywood — Weinstein is a foretaste of its (child) rape culture being exposed
  • Social Media — large-scale rigging of elections
  • Catholic Church — cover-up of child abuse

Now that the Mueller investigation has collapsed into nothing of consequence, there are at least six major scandals about to break in Washington DC…


Doctors’ Vaccination Cash Incentive: $400 per 2-year-old

Within hours of the California Assembly’s 48-19 passage of SB 276, California Senators followed with their approval (28-11)—with all “ayes” in both chambers being Democrats—and the Democratic governor signed it along with last-minute companion bill SB 714. Illustrating the arrogant attitude prevailing among officialdom, the state health director (who recently resigned) casually dismissed the thousands who showed up to oppose the bill as “flat-earthers” and “booger-eaters.”

The editor of the independent news website California Globe called attention to the unseemly haste with which antidemocratic lawmakers “jammed through” legislation that essentially eliminates vaccine medical exemptions, quoting one dissenting Republican Senator as saying, “This Legislature is even scaring our medical community.” Is the Senator right? Just what doCalifornia doctors think about the unprecedented legislation that disses their sacrosanct relationship with patients and allows state bureaucrats to “illegally practice medicine over the top of the doctors”?

Some physicians were clearly concerned, turning out to testify against SB 276 or writing letters to ask the governor to veto the legislation. One physician wrote that the two bills “have created a climate of fear and anxiety,” leaving practicing physicians “afraid to speak up for fear of retribution, of being targeted by the state, for public censure and loss of professional respect.” Another doctor agreed that the legislation imposes “tremendous risk and liability—personally, professionally and financially”—on physicians who write valid medical exemptions, yet physicians bear “NO liability for giving contraindicated vaccinations, even if they cause foreseeable yet preventable harm.”

The climate of intimidation is one consideration. However, vaccination also offers doctors numerous financial incentives to toe the line. In fact, the majority of physicians appear to be willing participants in the U.S. vaccine program, no matter how many vaccines the CDC tells them to administer and no matter the evidence of vaccine damage that may be playing out before their eyes. Why not, when—as a private-practice physician affiliated with the CDC wrote a few years ago—nationally recommended vaccinations not only furnish “steady revenue” but can also improve a practice’s “financial viability.”

Follow the money

In 2015, the physician then serving as liaison to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on behalf of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) wrote an article reminding fellow AAFP members that “minimizing costs and maximizing reimbursement can make immunizations profitable.” In addition to offering tips on how to be a “savvy vaccine shopper” and obtain manufacturer discounts for ordering multiple vaccines, the doctor discusses how physicians can make money on administration fees for pediatric vaccines by “properly coding for the service.”

Every two-year old is worth $400 if they meet the “Combination 10 Criteria” (View full size graph.)

As he explains, “proper coding” involves not just billing for the vaccine itself (and including a diagnostic code that “reminds the insurance company that this is part of the routine immunization schedule”), but also billing for the fee that “is supposed to cover the time, energy, and supplies required to administer the vaccine as well as the overhead associated with managing the vaccines.”

The good doctor then goes on to describe the pediatric vaccine administration codes that he considers the “most important” from a “financial point of view”:

These codes, which include a counseling component…can be used only for patients 18 years old or younger. The reason these codes are so valuable is that they pay per vaccine component. For example, if you administer an MMR vaccine, you may bill for three components (measles, mumps, and rubella). If you administer a DTaP/IPV vaccine (Kinrix) you may bill for four components (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and polio).

He notes that the codes were new as of 2011; prior to that year, combination vaccines actually resulted in lower rather than higher physician reimbursement.

Giving a “real life” example and again emphasizing that “the results are most dramatic for vaccines with multiple components,” the AAFP member describes billing for a two-month well-child visit at which the baby receives a five-component combination vaccine (DtaP/IPV/HepB) as well as three other vaccines—Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), pneumococcal conjugate (PSV13) and rotavirus.

Without any vaccine counseling, the practice would only be able to bill for $125 total, but with additional billing codes for “brief counseling,” the total reimbursement (as of 2015) would shoot up to $300—an extra $175 for a few minutes’ effort. Noting that the counseling codes do not cover counseling provided by nurses, he adds that he can also make the extra $175 by providing “a short vaccine-counseling visit” himself, when possible, in lieu of scheduling a nurse visit. Proudly, he notes that vaccine reimbursement often exceeds reimbursement for the rest of the visit.

When it comes to the number of vaccines, the sky’s the limit

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) is a leading vaccine front group that receives significant funding from both vaccine manufacturers and the CDC and lobbies for the removal of vaccine exemptions. On its “Ask the Experts” webpage, the IAC tells physicians, “There is no upper limitfor the number of vaccines that can be administered during one visit.” Even though researchers have never tested this assertion—with zero studies on the safety of the full vaccine schedule or the effects of so many simultaneous and cumulative vaccines—the AAFP rep’s description of the financial benefits accruing from “proper” coding provides one reason why so many physicians may be willing to pile the vaccines on without question.

At a time when Medical Boards are going after doctors who overprescribe opioids, one might expect doctors to have concerns about inflicting vaccine injuries through over-administration of vaccines. Not to worry, says the IAC, which reassures doctors (on the same “no upper limit” webpage) that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program confers medical professionals with liability protection for “all vaccines that are routinely administered to children.”

Bolstered by the Hippocratic oath, patients generally “trust that the physician will act in their interest, or at least will do no harm.” The first principle of the Nuremberg Code emphasizes voluntary consent and interventions free of “any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.” As Children’s Health Defense General Counsel Mary Holland writes, “SB 276 is a clear example of government overreach.” However, while doctors who support compulsory vaccination and the revocation of vaccine exemptions are on the wrong side of history where the Nuremberg Code and their Hippocratic oath are concerned—clearly the case for the physician-author of SB 276 who has never acknowledged vaccine-injured children—for many, the absence of liability and the financial payoffs appear to be acceptable tradeoffs.


And if he forcibly retracts a boy’s intact foreskin, he can rack up another few hundred for an iatrogenically indicated circumcision.   But most of it will go to paying off his medical “education” debt anyway.   Everyone benefits except the child.

Satanic Tyrants Stage Another Gun Massacre: Two Dead, Nine Injured in South Carolina

Of course the title of this article is only a guess, but it’s a pretty reasoned and educated guess given the (partially censored) history of these events and the genocidal agenda driving so much of the permanent transnational government’s covert policies.

It’s just undeclared war by other means.   And if you question it, you’re either a paranoid conspiracy theorist or you’re capable of logical deduction and remembering both old and recent history.

A tiny bit of logic applied to such massacres: psychiatric drugs are almost always involved (nearly as often as guns are) yet they remain invisible to our humanitarian, hand-wringing, innocence-protecting oh-so-free press.    How come?

This is nazi germany with lipstick.   Just ask a salvadoran peasant.

The shooting reportedly occurred at 02:42 local time at the Old Skool Sports Bar & Grill night club in Lancaster County.

Two people were killed and nine received injuries as a result of a shooting at a night club in South Carolina, Fox News reported, citing Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile.

According to the broadcaster, two adult males were fatally shot in the incident, while those injured were rushed to local hospitals for treatment. One person was hurt in a fall while fleeing the bar.  They have since been released from the hospital.

It is unclear whether there was more than one shooter in the incident.

“The shooter or shooters are out there. We need to talk with everybody who was at the club when the shooting happened, and I encourage those witnesses to contact us immediately so those responsible for these deaths and injuries can be taken into custody”, the sheriff told local reporters.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident.


Staged Massacres: Important Links

Staged Massacres: Eyewitness Accounts Being Scrubbed from Internet

Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire

A sampling of search results from former CIA agent Ralph McGehee’s CIABASE database:

Soviet Propaganda Poster Relevant to Post-Constitutional USA

Former High Financier: At the Top, They’re all Luciferians

Google has become the anti-health search engine; now censoring nearly all natural health and nutrition websites

Luckily the corporo/medical establishment knows everything there is to know about biological systems and how to …. uhm ….  kill them?

The whole reason google came to dominate the net is that it was designed to trust the innate intelligence of the network itself, not the doctored “self-centric” algorithms of its programmers.    It has now become the readers’ digest of search engines.

Unfortunately it also dominates the scientific and library sectors via its scholar and book portals, with predictable results.    This is medieval-level oppression and tyranny in the information sphere.    The book burning has just begun, the info-inquisition is not far behind.

(Natural News) When you’re looking for information about a certain topic, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you head to Google and type in a query, then choose from the first few results it displays. In fact, looking for something like “natural diabetes prevention” might have been what originally brought you to Natural News in the first place.

All that is changing, however, and not for the better as Google has finally gone into full censorship mode, ensuring holistic health and nutrition websites aren’t shown to people seeking information about their health and their bodies. Their latest algorithm update appears to be the final nail in the coffin, burying previous top sites for such queries like Natural News, Green Med Info and Mercola in favor of results for the cancer establishment and Big Pharma.

Google often tweaks its algorithm with the supposed aim of bringing people the most relevant search results possible, but some of these adjustments seem to be motivated by something else entirely: bias and greed. It’s hard to reach any other conclusion about a “broad core algorithm update” that the search engine giant carried out on August 1.

Referred to in SEO circles as the “Medic update,” it has affected sites in the health and medical space disproportionately. Experts say they’ve never seen a specific category being impacted so strongly in past algorithm updates.

In a chart that was published on Search Engine Land of the top 20 losing domains in the U.S. after the update, you’ll find names like Very Well Health, Dr. Axe, and Organic Facts.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has a natural health site of his own, wrote that traffic to his website had dropped by 99 percent recently thanks to algorithm changes. He said the only way users can now find his articles is by typing “” before the topic in question, such as “ heart disease.” In the past, simply searching for “heart disease” could bring up one of his articles among the first few pages of results.

This is despite the fact that he is a board-certified physician and his articles are typically approved by medical and scientific experts prior to publication and contain full references to scientific studies. In other words, it doesn’t have as much to do with a site’s authority or honesty as Google claims.

Tell the truth, get demoted

Analysts believe that Google is demoting sites that disagree with what it deems to be standardized “facts.” That’s why sites that share information about vaccine dangers, like Natural News and Mercola, and sites promoting fasting, like Diet Doctor, are being hit. Of course, there’s also another factor at play here: Sites that tell people how to protect their health naturally and avoid illness (and vaccines) have the power to cut into the profits of pharmaceutical companies who spend big money on Google ads.

This is more than just a theory: YouTube, which is owned by Google, recently started demonetizing channels that speak out against vaccination or mention its dangers. As part of that change, they started placing an information panel with links to entries on Wikipedia about “vaccine hesitancy” that will appear before such videos air in an effort to combat what they’ve labeled “misinformation.”

At the time, YouTube stated that in addition to removing ads, they wanted to make “more authoritative content” about the benefits of vaccines easier for people to find – a move that was sure to please Big Pharma. Some companies had reportedly pulled all of their advertising until YouTube took action on this matter.

It’s only going to get worse

Natural News reported in July that a high-level source said that by the end of 2020, the Google Chrome browser will automatically block websites that discuss the risks of vaccines, chemotherapy and GMOs.

With half of the world’s population using Google each year and more than 40,000 search queries processed every second, the power Google holds over the flow of information in modern society is incredible. They are uniquely poised to ensure that people only see the information that will sway them toward whatever belief will benefit Google and its sponsors the most while suppressing anything that could stir up doubts.

Now, Google has essentially become the search front for Big Pharma, a massive racketeering scam that is prospering at the expense of people’s health.

Sources for this article include: