Home births as safe as hospital births, international study suggests

A large international study led by McMaster University shows that low risk pregnant women who intend to give birth at home have no increased chance of the baby’s perinatal or neonatal death compared to other low risk women who intend to give birth in a hospital.

The results have been published by The Lancet‘s EClinicalMedicine journal.

“More women in well-resourced countries are choosing birth at home, but concerns have persisted about their safety,” said Eileen Hutton, professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynecology at McMaster, founding director of the McMaster Midwifery Research Centre and first author of the paper. “This research clearly demonstrates the risk is no different when the birth is intended to be at home or in hospital.”

The study examined the safety of place of birth by reporting on the risk of death at the time of birth or within the first four weeks, and found no clinically important or statistically different risk between home and hospital groups.

The study, which is the first systematic review and meta-analyses to use a previously published, peer-reviewed protocol for the research, used data from 21 studies published since 1990 comparing home and hospital birth outcomes in Sweden, New Zealand, England, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Canada and the U.S. Outcomes from approximately 500,000 intended home births were compared to similar numbers of births intended to occur in hospital in these eight countries….


Amazingly, even at this late date, it seems to be literally impossible to convince doctors and medical researchers that newborn babies are sentient beings who imprint everything that happens to them and that “safety” includes the quality of that psychological imprint.   The toxicity of typical hospital procedures like pointless  and dangerous ultrasound, dysfunctional birthing positions, immediate cord clamping, pointless eye ointment which prevents visual bonding, mother/baby isolation, washing the baby, disrupting hormones and lactation with needless stress, pointless and dangerous vaccinations and the incessant marketing of circumcision to vulnerable and oxytocin-infused women makes hospital births inherently dangerous to the baby’s well being and its bond with its mother.   Medicine’s continued blindness to its own toxicity is a sufficient “evidence base” to birth at home unless there’s a very good reason not to.

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