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Vax vs Unvax – Why are the unvaccinated healthier?

So WHY IS IT that the unvaccinated are far healthier in every possible way over the vaccinated? I’ll tell you why: Because vaccines must use adjuvants and other toxins to OVERSTIMULATE the Humoral TH2 immune system (while bypassing the very important cell-mediated TH1 immune system) in order to FORCE the body to produce antibodies to injected antigens, and that UNNATURAL PROCESS has a plethora of severe CONSEQUENCES: autoimmune conditions, seizures, asthma, allergies, AUTISM, lifelong damage and death, among many others.

If you are going to be in this fight of a lifetime to prevent the government from forcibly injecting poison into your children it is extremely important you understand this entire vaccine topic! You can do this! Truly, you can. Just watch Vaccines Revealed, a riveting 9-part docu-series that takes you on the dark journey of vaccines and why they are neither safe nor effective. Over 20 vaccine experts speak out, and it is free.

Vaccines Revealed – FREE

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