Chickenpox Vaccine & Shingles

Is the chickenpox vaccine effective at significantly lowering the incidence of chickenpox? Yes. Due to the vaccine, there is a significantly lowered incidence of chickenpox.

However, the most important question to ask is, “Has the chickenpox vaccine (along with the other 70 doses of vaccines given) improved the lives of our children and the rest of the population? The answer to that question is easy: No.

Yes, our children have less chickenpox due to the vaccine. However, shingles, a painful re-occurrence of chickenpox, has become an epidemic illness affecting both children and adults. The rapidly increased incidence of shingles is directly related to the use of the chickenpox vaccine…

According to the study, 3% of the adverse reactions were classified as serious. Serious adverse reactions included anaphylaxis (83), meningitis (5), encephalitis—inflammation of the brain (16), cellulitis (52), chickenpox (6), shingles (6), and death (7).

Keep in mind that only 1-10% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are thought to be reported to VAERS. So, the numbers of adverse reactions may be multiplied by 10-100 to achieve the true numbers. The CDC estimates that around 100 people died per year due to chickenpox infection before the vaccine. However, the vast majority of those that died had other serious medical issues. When you factor in the under-reporting to VAERS, the chickenpox vaccine does not look so good. In fact, it is a perfect example of the metaphor, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”…


Down the Rabbit Hole: A Crash Course in State Sponsored Child Abuse

The first link is one person’s story.   Follow the threads and you’ll get an idea of what we’re up against as a society.   Medical mayhem/malevolence/incompetence and satanic pedophilia/blackmail.   This country is a WAR ZONE for children.   Also see her bombshells about John McCain, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see the investment possibilities in directing blackmail operations against the medical hierarchy.

Birth at home.

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Honduras: A Narco State Fueled by the United States

First she says that the US is largely responsible for the situation (which is true), then she calls for the continuation of US “aid” to honduras.  Honduras is the product of a carefully orchestrated multi-decade destabilization campaign by the CIA under cover of “aid”.   She’s well adapted to the culture at the NYT.

She says the corruption starts at the top, and that’s true. The top in honduras is the US embassy.

When a society is not allowed to organically self-organize an authentic government which serves the needs of the people, they are forced to self-organize in other ways.    The political paralysis created by the vacuum at the top serves the needs of wall street and the US state department to a T.   Professionals at work.

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