Study finds transgender autism link

New research indicates that transgender and non-binary individuals are significantly more likely to have autism or display autistic traits than the wider population – a finding that has important implications for gender confirmation treatments.

The study, led by Dr Steven Stagg of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and published in the journal European Psychiatry, is one of the first pieces of research to focus on people who identify as non-binary.

It found that 14% of the transgender and non-binary group had a diagnosis of autism, while a further 28% of this group reached the cut off point for an autism diagnosis, suggesting a high number of potentially undiagnosed individuals.

These figures were primarily driven by high scoring amongst those whose assigned gender was female at birth, supporting recent evidence that there is a large population of undiagnosed women with an autism spectrum disorder.

The authors also found higher levels of systematising (a tendency to analyse, control and use rule-based systems) and lower levels of empathy amongst the transgender and non-binary group, characteristics often found in individuals with an autism spectrum disorder….

Medicine’s blindness to the most obvious suspect connecting these two conditions is autistic in itself.     Or maybe just hugely sociopathic and corrupt.   Either way, they have no business masquerading as authorities on anything.

Combining vaccine adjuvants with human hormones (either endogenous or included in the vaccine) can induce an allergic reaction and abnormal processing of those hormones.   This principle has been consciously utilized in covert mass sterilization campaigns in various countries, including the USA.   Injecting vaccine adjuvants into a pubescent child with veins full of gender-related hormones would probably have a similar effect.   The CDC’s aluminum-laden HPV vaccine schedule, given around puberty, would be an obvious suspect, and the gender difference above would be consistent with gender-related differences in vaccination rates and  possibly with the gender-related difference in the timing of puberty (see the article on sweden below).

Also, human fetal DNA from contaminated vaccines can recombine with the host’s DNA via homologous recombination, producing chimeric DNA resulting in autism, cancer, transgenderism and autoimmunity.  There are two fetal cell lines used in vaccine manufacture: WI-38 (a female fetus) and MRC-5 (a male fetus).    Mixing differing gender-specific genes within an individual (injecting WI-38 into a male, for instance) could wreak havoc on the affected organs, including the brain.

The classical theory of hormone differentiation points to gonadal hormone levels as the cause of sexual differentiation throughout the body. However, many studies have not only cast doubt on this theory but supported the genetic theory of differentiation—that the sexually dimorphic areas of the body—in particular the brain—differentiate due to direction by genetic information on sex chromosomes. Two genes in particular have been implicated in this process: SRY and Z. Additional studies have implicated certain areas of the brain as the most likely candidates for determining gender-specific behavior and therefore responsible for sex discordances when sexually differentiated in opposition to the individual’s primary physical sex characteristics. This paper presents possible methodology for how these sex discordances could arise, specifically pointing to dual-gender tetragametic chimerism or other possibilities such as chromosomal nondisjunction or translocation between the X and Y chromosomes, resulting in mislocation of either the SRY or Z gene among the DNA of individual cells, thus leading to a discordance between sexually dimorphic areas of the brain including the BSTc and the presumed sex of the individual.

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