MSM silence on NXIVM verdict betrays complicity with Deep State crimes against children

This is why I still have hope in Trump, for all his faults.  If he dismantles this satanic network the ramifications will do more for peace and human rights than all the diplomacy and activism of the past century put together.

You really have to be hypnotized to overlook the shrillness of the genocidal media’s treatment of Trump.  If you can judge someone by his enemies, he must be some kind of saint.

For those who still want to keep your eyes tightly shut to the horrific, indeed, nearly unimaginable ROT that has infected our entire global civilization, the Keith Raniere NXIVM guilty verdict, and how it has been either ignored or twisted by the MSM, should put to rest any suspicion of mere paranoid tin hat conspiracy theory.

And yet, let us remember: “The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.” –Solzhenistyn 

NXIVM: The First Domino Falls

The guilty verdict for Keith Raniere is the start of a mass justice process for the Deep State — and the media assets who help to cover up its crimes.

The conviction of Keith Raniere on all charges as the operating head of the NXIVM sex slavery network challenges a common belief: that the mass media exists to help protect the public from such predators. Many of these institutions are now provably covering for the wickedest of criminals, because it implicates them and their allies in further (and even worse) crime.

To recap, the NXIVM case involved international human trafficking, child pornography, forced labour, psychological abuse, body mutilation, false imprisonment, kidnapping, racketeering, blackmail, and more. You might have thought that such a lurid case — with connections to Hollywood stars and senior politicians — would be front page headlines and top of the nightly news.

That it is not tells you something is badly wrong. The most disturbing part of this story for me is how NXIVM was running 11 daycare centres for children — and the media is silent on this. Rather than importing victims from central America for abuse, it seems that NXIVM was “farming” their own (and this isn’t the first such case).

NXIVM’s elite sex crime network is now proven in court, and there is compelling evidence of far worse revelations to follow. The executive order in January 2018 declaring a national emergency in human trafficking and seizing assets is also a fact. The bulk transport of children and drugs across the US/Mexico border is a fact. The exceptionally high rate of arrest and conviction for crimes against children is fact.

Meanwhile, the concerted efforts of the mass media to persuade you that human trafficking is not a major issue — and indeed to normalise paedophilia — is also a sad fact. The deliberate under-reporting of these arrests and convictions, and emphasis of manufactured distractions and crude diversions, is also a fact. The difficulty of taking basic preventive actions against smuggling children — like a physically secure border — is also a tragic fact.

These facts all point to a very disturbing picture: not just of widespread sexual violence by a privileged class, but also of systemically corrupted justice and media institutions protecting them and their supply of victims. Journalism is meant to work for us the public, and direct justice to those who are most vulnerable. Clearly mainstream journalism has failed here.

That NXIVM has only come to light now — especially if you are first learning about this from me — should give us all the chills. Yet these revelations also give us hope that things are improving. Everything I see tells me that NXIVM is just the beginning of a revolutionary process of mass justice. This is going to roll out over the rest of this year and into next year.

For NXIVM is small fry compared to other cults and networks that are going to be exposed. NXIVM just happens to be the first to emerge from the darkness, giving the public a bitter foretaste for what’s about to arrive. The American justice system is being cleaned up, and corrupt law officers and judges removed. There are truly huge numbers of sealed cases in process — orders of magnitude above normal.

Something BIG is coming. The next step in this transformational process of reasserting the rule of law is tackling the corrupted mass media. The evidence I see suggests that the Fourth Estate was infiltrated and subverted by the same institutionalised crime networks that have allowed NXIVM to operate without impediment.

Now the head of NXIVM is convicted, it sets up a chain of evidence that allows for the customers of these trafficking networks to be prosecuted. What has gone on behind closed doors is a real-life horror show, with access to children being the currency of corrupt power. Many rich and famous people will be going to prison.

NXIVM is a wake-up call for everyone: the sick reality of our society is not going to be easy to accept, and the mainstream media is deliberately withholding it from us.

That’s a conspiracy fact.

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