Intel Chief Nominee: “Mueller Report” was Written by Clinton Legal Team

At some point people will finally start asking the obvious question: why was a bipartisan alliance of politicians, bureaucrats, media and hollywood actors trying to obstruct, disrupt and distract trump at every turn and at any cost and for any expedient real or invented reason?   Obviously it can’t possibly be for the stated reasons, given their silence on such matters during numerous previous administrations.

My guess: Pedogate.    And the loudest voices are probably the most implicated.

Congress Needs to Interview the Real Author of the ‘Weissmann Report’

Mueller was obviously very confused and uninformed about the report he supposedly wrote…

Robert Mueller’s confused, garbled testimony made it abundantly clear that he was nothing more than a figurehead for the Special Counsel investigation that he ostensibly led for 22 painstaking months. The real mastermind behind this travesty of an investigation was Mueller’s second-in-command, Andrew Weissmann, and it’s time that he be held to account. – Written by Joseph diGenova, Hosted by Gina Shakespeare

Johnstone: What Progressives Hopefully Learned From Russiagate

The Robert Mueller hearing on Tuesday was widely regarded as a humiliating disaster, not just by critics of the establishment Russia narrative, but by mainstream Democratic pundits. We haven’t seen a US official look so befuddled and disorganized during a congressional hearing since that time John McCain started babbling gibberish at James Comey, and he had a tumor eating his brain.

“A frail old man, unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to answer basic questions,” tweeted liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore after the circus had ended. “I said it in 2017 and Mueller confirmed it today — All you pundits and moderates and lame Dems who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed Robert Mueller — just STFU from now on.”

“Much as I hate to say it, this morning’s hearing was a disaster,” tweeted virulent Russiagater Laurence Tribe. “Far from breathing life into his damning report, the tired Robert Mueller sucked the life out of it. The effort to save democracy and the rule of law from this lawless president has been set back, not advanced.”

“On the optics, this was a disaster,” summarized NBC’s Chuck Todd.

As you’d expect, this widespread sentiment is shared by Trump himself, who told reporters after the hearing that “We had a very good day today.”

It is entirely possible that the Democrats and their allied media outlets handed Trump a re-election in 2020 with their nonstop fixation on a fact-free conspiracy theory that was doomed to failure, and many progressives have been pointing this out.

“This whole setup has done more damage to the Democrats’ chances of winning back the White House than anything that Trump could ever have dreamed up,” former MSNBC host Kristal Ball said after the hearing. “Think about all the time and the journalistic resources that could have been dedicated to stories that, I don’t know, that a broad swath of people might actually care about? Healthcare, wages, the teachers’ movement, whether we’re going to war with Iran?”

“It’s a self-soothing fantasy that makes people like Hillary Clinton and her allies feel better, but in reality all of this stood to help Trump, which is why from the very beginning I thought that this was such a disaster,” journalist Aaron Maté told CGTN America’s The Heat regarding the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

“It’s great to see more leftists & liberals recognizing that channelling the anti-Trump Resistance into a stupid conspiracy theory was a massive mistake, but for next time: let’s try harder to voice that when it’s actually happening for 2+ years, not after it finally collapses,” tweeted Maté, whose unparalleled reporting on the gaping plot holes in the Russiagate narrative won him an Izzy Award earlier this year.

Maté can reasonably be described as today’s leading authority on the Russiagate narrative and the arguments for and against it, and he is right not to only single out liberals in his criticism. It is true that there have been plenty of leftists and progressives who’ve continuously opposed Russiagate right from the get go, at least in part for the reasons Maté offers, but it is also true that it wasn’t just liberals who got lost in the conspiratorial haze of Trump-Russia hysteria.

I always get people on the left arguing with me about this, but it’s true. Being involved in progressive circles in 2017 was like watching a zombie apocalypse, with more and more leftists and Berners contracting the mind virus with every shrieking “bombshell” mass media Russiagate report. Maybe in your own small circle you didn’t see anyone succumb to the zombie outbreak, but everyone who interacted with a large and diverse cross-section of America’s true left in early-to-mid 2017 knows exactly what I’m talking about. Not everyone hopped on the Russiagate bandwagon, but many did, likely due in no small part to the fact that Bernie Sanders himself was continuously and forcefully pushing the collusion narrative on American progressives.

But it wasn’t even that they all necessarily bought into the propaganda. When Russiagate first started I pushed back against it hard on social media, especially on Facebook, and during that time I had a few Bernie people (who comprised a majority of my audience back then) admit to me that they knew the Russia stuff was probably fake, but they were helping to push it in the hope that it could hurt Trump. They didn’t honestly believe he’d get removed from office for Russian collusion, but they hoped that pushing for an investigation would help turn up impeachable evidence of corruption, or at least cause him political damage.

What do such people have to show for that strategy now? A new cold war reignited by a president who has been able to escalate world-threatening tensions against Russia with no resistance from his ostensible opposition whatsoever, and a 2020 election that now looks orders of magnitude harder to win than it ever should have been.

There are a couple of lessons that I hope progressives have learned from all this….

Aside from the two excellent points listed in the article, let me chime in with this: everyone, including progressives, really really need to learn something about economics, banking and monetary policy.   All the reforms you can think of that might benefit the people are just impotent pipe dreams if you don’t know how to pay for it.   Printing money on demand is not going to work for the same reason that adding water to a draining punchbowl isn’t going to extend the party indefinitely.    Money represents physical things and services, not good intentions.

Banks really do create money out of nothing (the principal) and collect interest on it as a portion of the principal is “destroyed” with each payment by the borrower.   They contribute nothing except their own estimate of your ability to pay for their counterfeiting.    Putting the money creation function with the US treasury where it belongs would turn this economy around very quickly, not least because the principal of the total public and private debt is equal to the amount of dollars in circulation, and ownership of this principal would revert to the US treasury as the debt is paid off, which would do wonders for the “national debt”.   Also the rest of the world would react to the USA’s liberation from the bankster scam artists and start investing in the US economy as they recognize that it’s an oasis in a desert of systemic theft.   We might be able to physically survive long enough to reclaim some of our industrial infrastructure.   And if the US really has the gold hoard it claims to have, anchoring the dollar to it would take a lot of the guesswork out of future dollar value and international dollar stability.   (note, I’m not an economist, but this is my understanding of the situation.   Corrections welcome via the contact page.   The most credible authority I know of is )

The fed really is privately owned and controlled, mostly by foreign banks, whose business model is distaster capitalism.   Talk about letting a saber tooth tiger and a tornado into the henhouse.

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Treasury Secretary Seeks to Reassure Everyone About Ft. Knox Gold

MintCast Interviews Doug Valentine, expert on CIA covert operations

Douglas Valentine joins the MintCast to discuss his extensive work investigating CIA covert operations and current CIA efforts to undermine independent media.

MintCast co-host Whitney Webb interviews author, investigative journalist and poet Douglas Valentine about his extensive work on exposing the dark underbelly of the CIA and some of the agency’s most notorious covert programs.

Webb and Valentine begin the interview discussing how Valentine’s journalistic work on the CIA led him to be spied on and even threatened by the agency and how being a dissident journalist in the 1990s compares to being one now. Valentine argues that, in the present, efforts to outlaw criticism of the state of Israel are like a gateway that will soon lead to the prohibition of criticism of the U.S. government and its intelligence agencies, the CIA among them.

THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIMEValentine then touches on some of the themes covered in his book, The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World, including his assertion that the CIA operates as “the organized crime branch of the U.S. government” and his examination of how its activities have been influenced by its decades-long relationships with organized crime networks in the United States and throughout the world.

Lastly, Webb and Valentine discuss the CIA’s long-standing interest in manipulating the media and how those efforts also extend to alternative media, not just mainstream media outlets. Valentine discusses the methods the CIA uses to target alternative, independent media and how we are seeing its efforts take place in real time.

Follow Doug Valentine on Twitter or visit his website to learn more about his work.

MintPress donors and patrons: Stay tuned later this week for a patron-exclusive extension of this podcast with Doug Valentine, which will discuss his work on the War on Drugs and the Drug Enforcement Agency and how both are key to unconstitutional, covert CIA programs. You can become a patron via Patreon or through our website.

Julian Assange faces ‘TORTURE’ if extradited to US – UN rapporteur warns

Julian Assange will most likely be subjected to torture if he is extradited to the US, the UN special rapporteur on torture warned, revealing Assange’s current living conditions.

The UN special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, visited Assange at Belmarsh Prison in London with two medical experts in May to access the extent of the ill-treatment the WikiLeaks founder has been subjected to over the years. Following the examination, Melzer wrote letters to the American, British, Ecuadorian, and Swedish governments outlining his conclusions.

In the letters, made public over the weekend, Melzer appealed to the governments of the UK and Sweden not to surrender Assange to the US justice system, where the 48-year-old will likely be “tortured.” At the same time, he demanded a fair trial for Assange from the US.

Also on Exclusive: First VIDEO of Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison “Given the strongly perceptible public and official prejudice held against Mr. Assange in the United States, there are serious reasons to doubt that he would receive a fair trial before an impartial judicial body as required under human rights law,” Melzer wrote.

“I underscore my most serious concern that, if Mr. Assange were to be extradited or otherwise surrendered to the United States… he would be exposed to a real risk of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”….

The CIA’s “Intelligence Authorization Act” Would Criminalize Whistleblowers and Reporters

A CIA written Bill called the Intelligence Authorization Act (SB 3153) would criminalize whistleblowers and reporters.

Section 733 Sense of Congress on WikiLeaks:

“It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States.”

The Bill is also known as the Damon Paul Nelson and Matthew Young Pollard Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 2018, 2019, and 2020 (H.R. 3494).

Demand Progress warned,

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is once again putting the interests of the intelligence agencies in concealing their misdeeds ahead of protecting the rights of ordinary Americans by criminalizing routine reporting by the press on national security issues and undermining congressional oversight in his Intelligence Authorization bill,” Daniel Schuman, policy director, of Demand Progress said.

He added: “Schiff’s expansion of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act beyond all reason will effectively muzzle reporting on torture, mass surveillance, and other crimes against the American people — all at the request of the CIA. Schiff is clearly the resistance to the resistance, and he should drop this provision from his bill.”