Children’s Health Defense to Hold Nationwide “Freedom of Thought and Expression” Day on July 4th

July 4, Washington, DC – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD), announced the sponsorship of a nationwide event that aims to raise awareness of the increasing threats to freedom of thought and expression.

RFK, Jr. invites everyone to join CHD on, a new type of social media platform for media-rich conversations and video uploading.

The event comes in response to the censorship and de-platforming that CHD and others who dare to raise questions about vaccine safety and efficacy are experiencing.

“Freedom of thought and expression isn’t a liberal or conservative philosophy, “said Mr. Kennedy. “Rather, it’s a founding principle of our democracy and part of what defines us as Americans.”

Facebook, Instagram and other social media companies, have announced their commitment to removing any content that offers a different narrative vs. the official World Health Organization (WHO) position, which named “Vaccine Hesitancy” of parents as one of the “top 10 threats to global health in 2019.” Google will “counter” any non-official position with warnings and alternative materials.

Mr. Kennedy, who has led successful lawsuits against Monsanto’s Roundup product due to its links to cancer, emphasizes that citizens typically disagree on controversial issues. The danger today, however, is that extremely powerful interests are working with big-tech giants and mainstream media to silence their critics….

Technocrats and Neocons Respond to the Polar Silk Road

Over the past months, an unexpected world of economic activity has opened up across Russia’s Arctic frontier with the unveiling of the Polar Silk Road. While many western business and political interests have seen this incredible opening up of the last unexplored frontier on the earth as a chance for dialogue and peace, too many neo conservative warmongers and neo-liberal technocrats have chosen instead to view this development as a threat to be destroyed at all costs….

While the militarist/monetarist neocons on the “right” push confrontation and war, militarily impotent Canadian technocrats under the control of the Privy Council Office (currently managed by Rhodes Scholar Chrystia Freeland) have taken a slightly different anti-Polar Silk Road policy. This policy is essentially a religious commitment to doing nothing and demand that others join in this absence of all activity.

In the wake of the successful St Petersburg Arctic Forum on April 9-10, a non-partisan parliamentary Canadian study group published an incredibly positive white paper calling for Canada to respond to the polar silk road by reforming the entire 70 year Arctic doctrine from its Cold War mindset to becoming a zone of mass infrastructure development and growth in harmony with the Eurasian philosophy. The governing elite of the Anglo-Canadian establishment took one whole month to assess this remarkably sane proposal before deciding to go in the opposite direction….

Technocrats Dig their Heals into the Permafrost: Demand Stasis for All

The next phase of Canada’s anti-Polar Silk Road policy has now been unveiled in the form of Bills C-48, C-69, C-88 and a fourth Bill passed on June 17 declaring that Canada is officially in a “Climate Emergency”.

These three bills combined threaten to devastate the Canadian economy which heavily relies on resource development (especially since its manufacturing sector has been so viciously hollowed out over the course of 25 years of NAFTA outsourcing). Already, Alberta which is a hub of the Canadian Yellow vest movement, is on fire with thousands protesting the shutdown of employment and economic potential under the ideologically driven craze to “stop global warming” (which has a lot more to do with stopping Russia and China than many would care to admit). The beleaguered Trudeau/Freeland government which faces collapse in the upcoming October elections has now found itself in a paradoxical situation of 1) needing to resist the growth policy driven by the Russia-China alliance on the one side while 2) needing to appease the flames of mass revolt within the country on the other side.

For this reason, Trudeau also approved the Trans Mountain pipeline project which has been on the rocks for several years. The project will increase oil and natural gas output from Alberta to 890 000 barrels/day by connecting a pipeline from Edmonton Alberta to Burnaby, BC.

The Trudeau/Freeland green regime have justified this paradoxical decision by claiming that all profits from the pipeline will now be used to fund Canada’s transition to a zero-growth green energy infrastructure grid which will ironically prohibit all such major projects from ever being built again. If it sounds absurd, that is because all empires committed to a policy of Malthusian depopulation must somehow balance an agenda of killing human cattle on the one side while keeping those cattle happy enough to vote into power those political operatives assigned to cull the herd.

China and Russia Understand Real Economics

In opposition to monetarists and Malthusians dominant across the Anglo-sphere, the leadership of Russia and China have demonstrated a clear understanding of the core principles of real economics and the moral/intellectual/financial bankruptcy of the derivatives-laden western banking system. Describing the collapse of the “each against all paradigm”, President Putin said on June 6th that the world was suffering under a “fragmentation of the global economic space by a policy of completely unlimited economic egoism and a forced breakdown. But this is the road to endless conflict, trade wars and maybe not just trade wars. Figuratively, this is the road to the ultimate fight of all against all.”

He went on to describe the need for “a more stable and fair development model. These agreements should not only be written clearly but should also be observed by all participants. However, I am convinced that talk about an economic world order like this will remain wishful thinking unless we return to the centre of the discussion, that is, notions like sovereignty, the unconditional right of every country to its own development road and, let me add, responsibility for universal sustainable development, not just for one’s own development.”

This positive approach is at the heart of the Belt and Road Initiative, and its Arctic extensions which are founded upon the respect of each participating nation, as well as the group of nations working on projects which satisfy common aims and interests of all people. Under this system, which uplifts the conditions of life of every individual as well as the productive powers of labour of each nation, private interests, and public good do not find themselves in contradiction since everyone aspires to make life better for their children.

Great projects rooted in scientific and technological progress satisfy that need brilliantly. Both China and Russia know that if the world is to embark upon great infrastructure projects as the foundation for the new order of constant progress and “win-win cooperation” then the Arctic’s vast resources will be vital in that recipe for success. If the west is intelligent then it will reject the zero-growth agenda which has designated Canada’s Arctic as untouchable as fast as they reject the zero-sum neocon agenda of militarism and unilateralism.

2013: Corbett: Bruce Levine Dissects the DSM-5

Author and practicing clinical psychologist Dr. Bruce Levine of joins us today to discuss the DSM-5, the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association. We address concerns about the DSM’s scientific credibility and detail the DSM task force’s conflicts of interest in their to the pharmaceutical industry.

Yellow Vests: Macron’s Assault on the French People

Coming to a “theatre” near you.  After all, the same interests are in charge here.

UK Column Insight Yellow Vests: Macron’s Assault on the French People launches a vital documentary interview of French Video Blogger and Lawyer Georgia Pouliquen who has stood up to provide powerful analysis of the brutal treatment of Yellow Vest protestors by President Macron’s French government. Using heavily armed paramilitary police, peaceful Yellow Vest protestors from across France, from all sections of society, from all age groups and all religious backgrounds, have been subjected to aggressive and lethal police action. The result has been death, thousands of injuries, lost eyes and hands, thousands of arrests and hundreds imprisoned – many held in locations unknown to their family and friends. Little of this French state brutality has been reported, and where reports have been made in French, British and wider European press, the thrust has been to brand Yellow Vests violent and extreme, and in some cases, and for whatever purpose, anti-semitic.

A former Gendarme herself and trained at law, Georgia recently travelled to England for the first time to give the UKColumn this powerful interview in order to help spread the truth about Macron’s assault on the French people. She has experienced first hand the brutality of treatment in police custody, has lost her job for speaking out against Macron, and is now being pursued by the might of the French state for continuing to speaking the truth. Often asked why she does what she does, her answer is …”because somebody has to do it.” We encourage you to listen and watch this powerful testimony to understand what is really happening inside France and to understand that unless we take actions to protect ourselves in UK, this same policing system can be used on the British public should they dare challenge their own government.

Georgia is to be congratulated for teaching herself English to help spread the Yellow Vest story.

Viewer discretion is advised as some images are of injuries sustained by Yellow Vests.

Georgia needs your support. Please consider contributing to her GoFundMe campaign.

Google alters search results to discredit nutritional supplements and natural health websites

(Natural News) As part of the company’s social engineering “fairness” agenda, Google is reportedly now populating its search engine “autocomplete” function with suggestions that aim to deter users from taking dietary supplements, eating organic food, and opting for naturopathic medicine rather than Big Pharma’s “sick care” system.

Following the removal of and many other natural health websites from its search results, Google is now upping the ante by trying to dictate what users search for by completing their queries with all sorts of anti-natural health propaganda.

GreenMedInfo, which was recently banned by Mailchimp for sending out newsletters containing vaccine science, recently conducted an experiment, type the words “organic is a” into Google’s search bar. Here are the autocomplete recommendations that came up:

• organic is a lie
• organic is always non gmo
• organic is a sham
• organic is a myth
• organic is a waste of money
• organic is a marketing gimmick
• organic is always non gmo logo …