MailChimp blocks sending of all emails about vaccine awareness

(Natural News) Multiple sources are now telling Natural News that MailChimp, an online hosted email list sending service, is blocking all emails that seek to inform recipients about vaccine safety issues. This is affecting dozens of local vaccine awareness organizations who had built email announcement lists using the MailChimp subscription engine. Now they cannot send emails to their own lists.

Even worse, MailChimp is reportedly preventing email list owners from exporting their email lists, meaning that MailChimp is, according to our sources, holding email lists “hostage” as a kind of economic punishment for those who dared challenge the medical status quo and question the safety of any vaccine.

Effectively, MailChimp is now operating as a branch of the CDC’s “vaccine deep state,” enforcing its speech police to prevent anyone from questioning the official narrative on vaccines. This means MailChimp has now put itself into the “fact-checking” business, making it a publisher, not a neutral platform. Legally, this makes MailChimp legally liable for all statements made in all the emails it allows to be sent, since it is now clearly operating as an editorial publisher of email content rather than a neutral distribution platform….

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