Bernie Supporters Say DNC Sabotaging Him Again By Promoting Biden

Bernie Sanders supporters are getting that familiar feeling that the DNC is conspiring to screw their favorite candidate out of the Democratic nomination in 2020 – this time in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the Washington Examiner.

Biden’s early domination over the rest of the Democrats – when Sanders had consistently been polling as the lead contender – smacks of 2016, when the DNC and Clinton campaign worked together to ensure that Sanders was left in the dust. Sanders, as some may recall, came to heel and rallied behind the former Secretary of State in her losing bid to Donald Trump.

“The mainstream media and the DNC are colluding against the American people. That’s what it feels like. It’s the same thing all over again,” said Massachusetts neuroscientist and Bernie Sanders supporter Laurie Cestnick, who founded Occupy DNC in order to protest Clinton’s nomination during the party’s 2016 Philadelphia convention…

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