Social Engineering the West: Alex Jones Show May 20, 2019

The CIA’s decades-long deliberate cultivation of trauma and radical militancy in the middle east has served a number of strategic purposes.   Initially this socio-religious weapon was aimed at the soviet union but apparently it was never intended to end there.

Like all tyrants, the puppet masters who control western foreign policy are perpetually utilizing divide-and-conquer tactics as a means of domination, but sometimes targeted populations are too educated or culturally homogeneous for standard propaganda techniques to provide the necessary level of control and harvesting.    In such cases genocide is sometimes utilized (cambodia for instance ) but such blunt instruments tend to create “collateral damage” which can hinder optimal labor harvesting and cultural engineering in the long run .

Although financially orchestrated mass starvation is in the works for the industrially depleted west, it seems the importation of culturally incompatible populations is also an important strategy for the last frontier of planetary domination.  Radical muslims, whose histories under the boot of western financial and military predation predisposes them to hate all things western (including the clueless middle classes of the west who have no idea what their governments have been doing in their name) fit this requirement to a T.

The importation of these traumatized and brainwashed victims of western foreign policy opens a new front in the money-changers’ war on the planet.    The war is finally coming home and we might as well admit it.    After all, we paid for it.

Anyway, listening to Alex can sometimes be difficult for an number of reasons, but his sources in government and the military are pretty much unparalleled.    Despite his blind spots, he’s well worth a listen.

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