Police Found Complicit in Conspiracy to Cover Up Massive Child Sex Ring in Catholic Church

Philadelphia, PA — For those who have been keeping up with the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church that erupted late last year in Pennsylvania, many have been wondering how it was allowed to go on for so long without anyone getting charged or arrested. Now, it appears that we have the answer—the police were complicit. But it wasn’t just in Pennsylvania, we are also learning it was elsewhere in places like Buffalo, New York.

“Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all,” according to the report of the Pennsylvania grand jury. And police went along with it.

During a grand jury report into the child sex abuse by priests in Pennsylvania last year, the state Attorney General, Josh Shapiro provided insight into how priests were allowed to go on for decades preying on children. He singled out the two groups responsible for covering up the crimes of the church.

One of the groups named by the AG was the Catholic Church hierarchy like the archbishops and cardinals who reacted to allegations of child rape by simply transferring the priest to a new church or failing to act at all. The other group Shapiro named was law enforcement, who he says acted in tandem with the abusive priests to keep their horrific habits from ever reaching the public eye.

“The abuse scarred every diocese,” he said. “The cover-up was sophisticated. The church protected the institution at all costs.”

Not only did the church protect pedophile priests, but the investigation revealed a “failure of law enforcement,” according to Shapiro.

According to the investigation, at the same time the church was covering up the abuse by protecting the pedophiles, it also had assistance from police or district attorneys who aided in covering it up as well. Sometimes this aid was in the form of looking the other way, while other times, it involved actively thwarting investigations.


via https://governmentslaves.news/2019/05/26/police-found-complicit-in-conspiracy-to-cover-up-massive-child-sex-ring-in-catholic-church/

And sometimes it involved police and judges actually committing the crimes in question.

Red pill: at its core, the infrastructure of power in the USA has nothing to do with politics or ideology or even money.   These are all social controlling mirages, to be conjured up or vaporized at the whim of our invisible masters.   The web of control is based on blackmail.  Seriously.   And if you’ve been a boy scout all your life, you will be forced to do something on video that they can use to control you, under threat of murder of yourself and/or your family.

Videotaped pedophilia seems to be the gold standard of the invisible economy.

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