The Controlled Demolition of Seattle

The “fed”, the CIA, the medical establishment and much of the government have long been acting like tools of disaster capitalists, and seattle is one place where it’s all coming together.    Rampant homelessness, drug addiction, broken families and communities, government paralysis and complicity.    This is the globalist plan to bring the USA to heel, so that we beg to be subjects of the global financial aristocracy as a matter of survival.    Apparently they’d rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.

This is a well worn and exceedingly lucrative business model, the Shock Doctrine

We Have 3 Years Before The National Debt “DEATH SPIRAL”

According to the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Debt Management, the U.S. government is just five years away from the point of no return. With the national debt spiraling quickly out of control, there are only a few years left before every single dollar the government borrows will go toward funding interest payments on the national debt….

Leaked Document Pokes More Holes In Establishment Syria Narrative

“It is hard to overstate the significance of this revelation,” tweets former British MP George Galloway of a new report by the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (WGSPM). “The war-machine has now been caught red-handed in a staged chemical weapons attack for the purposes of deceiving our democracies into what could have turned into a full-scale war amongst the great-powers.”

“An important #Douma #Syria ‘Assad chemical weapon attack’ development and yet more evidence to suggest the ‘attack’ was staged, as it’s now revealed that @OPCW suppressed expert engineers report that found the cylinders were likely not dropped from the air,” tweets former Scotland Yard detective and counterterrorism intelligence officer Charles Shoebridge.

“The engineering assessment confirms our earlier conclusion,” the excellent Moon of Alabama blog writes. “The whole scene as depicted by ‘rebels’ and propaganda organs was staged. The more than 34 dead on the scene were murdered elsewhere under unknown circumstances.”…

There’s no end of evidence that the syrian “civil war” was a proxy puppet attack by nato on syria, a “pipeline war” in support of the petrodollar.   Most likely every single chemical attack there was staged by the so-called “rebels” to frame Assad and inflame western public opinion and support for a wider war.    Search for “syria” here and you’ll see what I’m talking about.   Here are a few examples:

Syrian Proxy Puppets Boasted of Access to Nerve Gas in 2012

Intercepts caught Assad rejecting requests to use chemical weapons

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad

Swedish Medical Associations Say White Helmets Murdered Kids for Gas Attack Videos

Democracy Now Demonstrates What It Means to Be a “Good German”

Gabbard Says She’d Drop All Charges Against Assange And Snowden

In midst of an interesting and wide-ranging discussion on the Joe Rogan Experience, Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard said that if elected president she would drop all charges against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange….

Monsanto ‘compiled dossier’ on political opponents

French officials are investigating after revelations that agro-chemicals firm Monsanto compiled a potentially illegal file on critics on chemicals and genetically modified crops.

The document was made by a PR agency working for Monsanto, which makes the controversial weed killer glyphosate.

Marketed as Roundup by Monsanto, the weed killer has come under fire in France with calls to ban it.

Its parent company Bayer has apologised over Monsanto’s dossier.

“This is not the way Bayer seeks dialogue with society and stakeholders,” Bayer said, adding that there was no indication of illegal activity.

The list of some 200 people included politicians, journalists and scientists who had raised concerns about Monsanto’s activities, including French MEPs and the environment minister at the time, Ségolène Royal.

It was compiled in 2016, ahead of a vote in late 2017 on whether to approve the use of glyphosate in the European Union for the next five years.

That vote passed. Glyphosate has been classified as a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization, but the US Environmental Protection Agency says it is unlikely to cause cancer in humans, and the European Chemicals Agency said there was not enough evidence to label it as carcinogenic….

Measles, Masterminds & Millions

In this 6-part Measles, Masterminds & Millions investigative report, it shows how the vaccine industry operates, delves into the lawsuits and new legislation reveals over 100 statistics the mainstream news doesn’t report, and breaks down how it’s ultimately being funded. The Clintons have played the long game in the vaccine industry, beginning with the free mandatory Vaccines for Children program back in 1994, and partnering with pharmaceutical manufacturers before, during, and after Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. Exceeding all of her rivals with big pharma donations during the 2016 presidential campaign, Merck alone has donated $250,000 – $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation. But it’s not just the Clintons, nor is it just Merck, the pharmaceutical industry has lobbied politicians on both sides of the fence for a long time, with pay-to-play schemes….

The Clintons masterminded the mandatory free Vaccines for Children program back in 1994 – paid for by taxpayers – while pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars from vaccine manufacturers over the years. While the MMR vaccine is dished out like candy over the “measles outbreak,” and the exclusive manufacturer Merck has increased revenues by 27% to $496 million, the media is pimping out doctored baby photos to create panic and claiming the “outbreak” is the fault of anti-vaxxers, as the CDC inflates numbers (again). Learn the facts behind the Measles, Masterminds & Millions in this 6-part series.

• In 1994, the Clintons masterminded the mandatory Vaccines for Children Program – The same year, was the last U.S. measles “outbreak” resulting in zero deaths and 30% of the 963 cases chose not to vaccinate citing religious or philosophic reasons
• Big discrepancies and misrepresentations in reporting by major news outlets and the CDC website pertaining to the measles outbreak
• The Gov. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has settled $4.1 billion in vaccine injury and death cases behind the scenes, paid for by taxpayers, and Obama added more vaccines to the compensation list in December 2016
• The vaccine industry is expected to hit $100 billion by 2025. The Clintons have collected their fair share.
• Merck & Co., the exclusive MMR vaccine manufacturer, is embroiled in a lawsuit against its own scientists who blew the whistle claiming Merck falsified the efficacy rate
• Mandatory MMR vaccines for measles with fines up to $2000 in NY, quarantines in CA, and countless new vaccine bills on the docket to eliminate religious exemption Took Down Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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