Flashpoints 4/11/19: Assange Arrest

Today on the show: Julian Assange dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in Great Britain, facing extradition to the US. We’ll speak to former British ambassador and Assange friend, Craig Murray and Randy Credico, producer of the multipart radio series, Julian Assange, Countdown to freedom. Then, best selling author and BBC reporter Greg Palast will join share his thoughts on the Assange arrest and we’ll also dive into the fallacy and reality of Brexit.

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Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly wanted to drone Wikileaks founder Julian Assange when she was secretary of state.

According to True Pundit, Clinton and the state department were under pressure to silence Assange and Wikileaks in the months before the whistleblowing site released a massive dump of 250,000 diplomatic cables from 1966 up to 2010, dubbed CableGate.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” Clinton asked, according to unidentified state department sources.

Published by True Pundit on Sunday, Wikileaks posted a link to the story on their official Twitter account on Monday, along with a screenshot of the article.

Clinton and the state department held numerous meetings to discuss what could be done about Assange and his site which had already exposed damning military secrets about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq before the promised document dump was to come. The department was under pressure from both the White House and foreign governments to silence Wikileaks.

True Pundit reports the people in the room with Clinton on November 23, 2010 laughed at her comment, until it became clear that the then-secretary of state was serious. Clinton was reportedly fuming and referred to Assange as a “soft target.”