Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Stands Up for Press Freedom, Gets Jailed by US Gov’t

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA — After getting her life back less than two years ago following her release from prison in March 2017, alleged WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning was remanded back into custody this past Friday for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury. A subpoena sent to Manning earlier this year bore the same case number as that of a WikiLeaks grand jury convened over eight years ago in the Eastern District of Virginia, an indication that the U.S. government wants her to testify against WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange. If Manning continues to resist questioning, the government can imprison her for up to 18 months….


Do we still have a press given that the MSM isn’t standing up for press freedom?   Yes, it’s called the internet, and it’s being shut down by the electronic gestapo in front of our eyes.   But it’s ok, our authorities will tell us what to believe.

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