Medical Rocket Scientists Admit They Experiment on Newborn Babies

Of course this admission will certainly vanish down the memory hole.   Heaven forbid that it might interfere with the vaccine gravy train.  Nothing to see here:

As Scientists Probe the Mystery of How Newborns Develop Immunity, Order Rises from the Chaos

Much about the immune system has long been mysterious to scientists. Its activity is incredibly complicated and varies greatly between individuals; a deeper understanding of how the system works could lead to more and better vaccines, and even to a clearer distinction between health and disease.

Now three studies report finding new patterns amid the apparent chaos—including in the crucial days just after birth, when the immune system faces many threats from the outside world for the first time….

Threat #1: american medical meddling in systems they know virtually nothing about.   Starting with needlessly invasive monitoring, induced labor, imprinting with opioids, back birthing, total disregard for establishing some kind of supportive environment for the mother, premature umbilical clamping, infant-mother separation, interference with initiation of breastfeeding, circumcision, toxic vaccination and a send-off with toxic medical advice and scheduled future toxic injections.   But there’s no war on children in this country.   They’re just collateral damage in the battle for profits.

For some reason it’s necessary to re-reiterate again (and again) that these traumas are imprinted.   An imprint is not the same as an ordinary experience.   It’s a foundational perception that becomes a prop (or a trap door) in setting the stage for all future experience.   An adult suffering drug-altered asphyxiation, repeated traumatic physical violations, a seeming eternity of loneliness with no memories to fall back on, rape and sexual torture is certainly far better off than an infant suffering these abuses.    When that finally sinks in, try educating your doctor about it.   Good luck.

WTF they’re teaching about birth in medical school

“Pit to Distress” is the apparently common obstetrical practice of deliberately overdosing a birthing mother with the induction drug pitocin in order to create a medical emergency “necessitating” a cesarean.

Even in “normal” doses, pitocin very likely subverts the emotional bonding and lactation functions of the real thing, oxytocin:

Check out this horror show. A mailing list for ob-gyn’s detailing how they use cytotec (a drug approved for gastric ulcers, which was discovered to cause miscarriages) to force delivery on demand. Massive hemorrhages and uterine ruptures have resulted. These people have lost their minds.

Again, zero consideration is paid to the baby’s subjective experience of essentially suffering a miscarriage. Normal labor is initiated by the fetus, not the mother. Most likely even a “routine” induction would be imprinted by the baby as total maternal rejection…..

Administration of multiple doses of opiates, barbiturates and nitrous oxide to mothers during delivery were found to increase the occurrence of subsequent opiate (RR 4.7, 95% CI 1.8-12.0, p = 0.002) or amphetamine (RR 5.6, 95% CI 1.6-16.9, p = 0.005) addiction in the offspring as compared to when no drug was given [22, 23].”

Epidural During Birth May Negatively Affect Breast-Feeding

Epidural is usually given in combination with pitocin, a combination which may deprive the baby of oxygen by lowering maternal blood pressure while increasing intra-uterine pressure, inhibiting oxygen diffusion across the placental membrane. Early exposure to high doses of pitocin may also downregulate oxytocin receptors which are believed to play a role in autism. Pitocin use is associated with autism.

Many obstetrical drugs are being used “off label” and have never been evaluated for their impact on the fetus:

The majority of hospitals and obstetricians in this country (still) insist on a birthing position that quite literally makes the baby, following the curve of the birth canal, be born heading upwards. States Williams: “The most widely used and often the most satisfactory (position for delivery) is the dorsal lithotomy position on a delivery table with leg supports” (Cunningham et al. 1989:315). No reasons why this position is “the most satisfactory” are given, but a strong clue is provided in an earlier text:
The lithotomy position is the best. Here the patient lies with her legs in stirrups and her buttocks close to the lower edge of the table. The patient is in the ideal position for the attendant to deal with any complications which may arise (Oxorn and Foote 1975:110)
“This position, in other words, is the easiest for performing obstetric interventions, including maintaining sterility, monitoring fetal heart rate, administering anesthetics, and performing and repairing episiotomies (McKay and Mahan 1984:111).
“Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia, past president of the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, states unequivocally, “Except for being hanged by the feet, the supine position is the worst conceivable position for labor and delivery””
Lithotomy Position

Medical Research Rediscovers Harm of Immediate Cord Clamping

Cord Clamping & Vitamin K Shot

Effects of Early Mother-Infant Separation One Year Later

Child Abuse: CDC Suggests Mothers Delay Breastfeeding to Enhance Vaccine

The Alarming Hepatitis B Vaccine Studies Every Parent Should See

Doctors Caught on Tape Plotting to Take Custody of Newborns Whose Parents Refuse Vitamin K Shots

The Flawed Logic of Hepatitis B Vaccine Mandates

JAMA Study Confirms Whistleblower: Routine Hospital Vaccine Damage Happening to Infants

Male circumcision has been linked to severe child psychological trauma,
adult male violence, addiction and violence against women,
and brain damage.
Other research implies that the neurological impact of circumcision is likely to lead to adult violence, sadomasochism and addiction.

Contrary to popular belief, most american physicians who practice circumcision still don’t administer anesthetic of any kind, except for whatever residual obstetrical sedatives which might still be circulating in the baby’s blood.

Circumcision video:

The circumcision imprint:

Circumcision and the vagus nerve:

Circumcision adversely affects breastfeeding:

Circumcision HR primer:

The american way of birth (unfortunately spreading world wide) has now been linked to large increases in rates of mental ailments including depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and dependencies by at least 2 large well controlled studies, which both studiously avoided the most obvious conclusion.

This “paradoxical” anomaly in health statistics may extend to differences in cellular aging rates in US-born vs foreign-born hispanics:
See “Our small sample size precluded disaggregating the Mexican population by nativity for statistical analyses, but we note that Mexicans in the nonpoor group were disproportionately U.S. born, while those in the poor group were disproportionately foreign born.” at:

While long-debunked but expedient medical claims that infants are somehow “insensitive to pain” continue to provide endless fodder for ivory tower medical studies,
post traumatic stress reactions have been noted in american infants returning to hospitals, again while neglecting the obvious possibility that they were remembering birth-related trauma.
In fact these researchers actually call for more medical intervention to treat “mentally ill infants,” preparing the ground for the wholesale “mental health” screening, drugging and further brain-damaging of infants,
a pharmocorporate-funded initiative which is already well underway with teenagers.
The level of narcissism and denial going on in medicine surely deserves a DSM category all its own….


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